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The bug to bug the bug...

No software is clean of them. But you can help to discover them. A thanks go to all who wrote us...

Bug list

Bug name: CTRL-Y bug
Occurs when/because: if the cursor stands after the line end and deleting a line via CTRL-Y
Results in: runtime error #216 or wrong chars will be deleted
Status/Workaround: Fixed in v1.9 BETA1
Bug name: DOS Error # 4 bug
Occurs when/because: v1.82: when ASM Edit checks weather or not to reload a file, it doesn't close the file
Results in: Strange errors, like: can't open help, can't run programs, files are not saved, BAK files not created (the last two effects in conjunction ERASE your source file), DOS Error #4 etc.
Status/Workaround: Fixed in v1.82a and Registered v1.8
Bug name: Reload bug
Occurs when/because: v1.82: under DOS 6.22 or OS/2 v3.0: after autosave (e.g. before assembling!) ASM Edit checks weather or not to reload a file directly after saving, while the file is still open, but DOS doesn't update the file size/time before it is closed. Never occurred under DOS 5.0 or Windows 95, though...
Results in: Needless reloads, and increases the effect of the DOS Error #4 Bug
Status/Workaround: Fixed in v1.9 BETA1
Bug name: FSIN bug
Occurs when/because: v1.82: The opcode for FSIN in the Help is wrong
Status/Workaround: Fixed in v1.9 BETA1, the real one is D9h FEh.
Bug name: Blank Screen
Occurs when/because: v1.82: on start-up, when attempting to run ASM Edit after using an other video mode then 80x25 under DOS
Results in: Black screen
Status/Workaround: Fixed in v1.9 BETA1, please use only 80x25. If encountered, press TAB, then ENTER, then ALT-X to end ASM Edit.
Bug name: Wrong Desktop Colours
Occurs when/because: v1.82: when loading a desktop with modified colours for the IDE
Results in: Default colours are displayed
Status/Workaround: Fixed in v1.82a

We thank all people who offered their help for finding the bug(s) in ASM Edit...

Contact the authors

If you find other bugs neither mentioned above nor described in the bugs!.txt coming with your ASM Edit package, contact us immediately!
snail mail
Olaf Krusche
Sportlerweg 7
02692 Doberschau
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