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A short message before we begin: to avoid that you ever have to painfully find out our webpage has moved or our email has changed, we registered some aliases on Pobox. Please use these to access our pages or to send us e-mail. The new addresses are:


Thank you!


to the official ASM Edit pages. Please read our DISCLAIMER before you continue.
These pages are especially designed to use the Hypertext language in the proper way and to give a nice outfit without wasting bandwidth. You won't find some megabyte movies here.
But you WILL find the newest Shareware version of ASM Edit. But before you download something, read about known bugs in the current version. And after that, visit our links to other assembly pages..
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Created on October 16th, 1996 by Tels with OS/2 3.0 - last update: January 11th, 1997