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What the hell is ASM Edit??

In short: It is a DOS based assembler IDE for all you assembler freaks out there. OK, You already guessed that, didn't you?

If you have a fast connection, you can enter our Guided Tour into the world of ASM Edit.

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No pictures please, just tell me more!

Haven't you ever worried about the bunch of programs needed to get your assembler project done? And they are all in different directories, have complete different commandline switches to remember (and type!), and you end up hammering BATCH files together just to make a simple program. But no longer!

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ASM Edit seamlessly integrates your favourite assembling tools like Assembler, Linker and Debugger into one single workplace shell. While you edit your file, the syntax coloring makes the source code much more easier to understand, and the on-line help keeps you away from remembering dozens of parameters, opcodes and numbers. Then you just press ALT+F9 and ASM Edit calls your assembler to make an object file. The result window displays all errors and lets you browse to them with a single click. If your source code is free of syntax errors, just link and run your program. Then use your Debugger to find the remaining bugs.
But ASM Edit's most astonishing feature is the big on-line help. With its over 1300 topics it contains for every known 80x86 instruction (from 8088 up to 80686, including FPU and MMX) one help entry with mnemonic, opcode(s), timings, faults, possible operands and more. Help for an ASM instruction is just two keys away! But that's not all. There are help pages for interrupts, DOS based tables, VGA/VESA stuff and so on.
And ASM Edit gives you some must-have tools like a converter, a calculator and a ASCII chart.
Just have a look at the full feature list of ASM Edit to see what power it gives you.

OK, I'll give it a try, what do I need for that?

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Created on April 4th, 1995 by O Love & Tels - last update: November 30th, 1996