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What system do I need for running ASM Edit?

In short: almost any DOS system.
You need at least:
We recommend a 80486 with 4 MByte RAM and an VESA compatible SVGA card for normal assembler projects, users trying to work on MByte files (produced by a Disassembler:) will find a Pentium or better and 8 MByte RAM with a fast diskcache a must-have.
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Here is a list with all systems ASM Edit has been tested on:
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What other programs do I need?

You will need some more external external programs to use ASM Edit to it's full extend. Most of these programs are commercial and need to be purchased. They are NOT included in ASM Edit! Here is a brief list:

Product nameCompanyContact
Turbo Assembler (TASM), Turbo Linker (TLINK), TurboLibBorland Int.-
Microsoft Assembler (MASM), Microsoft Linker (ML, MLINK)MicroSoft Corp.??
Watcom Assembler (WASM), Watcom Linker (WLINK)Watcom Corp.-
A86 Assembler & D86 Debugger????
The TERSE compilerJim NeilJim Neil

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