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This list will contain any info we found on the web regarding assembler... Be sure to check back.

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This directory lists information about programs, home pages and tutorials in the assembly field.
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Home pages

Robert Collins
X86 Monthly Digest
Robert Collins is known for his knowledge of undocumented opcodes. Visit his site and get information about these. Be sure to take a look at his huge book and magazine articles list, too. He renamed his web pages due to some quarrels with Intel.
Christian Ludloff
Sandpile - x86 Informations
Christian is known for his famous 4P Package. On his site he collected all documented/undocumented stuff about x86 CPU's. He takes over from Robert Collins.
Jannes Faber
80x86 Assembly pages - Main menu
His page contains info about protected mode programming, lists helpful applications, good books and some links to other pages...
Raymond Moon
MoonWare Home Page
Ray Moon is the maintainer of the ASM FAQ. You will find the newest copy of this FAQ on his site, along with a large link section to other ASM pages.
Jim Neil
TERSE Home Page
Jim Neil is the inventor of TERSE, a new low-level programming language, which can be freely mixed with assembler providing you with many new features. He plans to build a TERSE version which allows you to mix C/C++ and Assembler freely.
Ralf Brown
Ralf's home page
Ralf is the maintainer of the interrupt list. This very huge list contains ALL known interrupts, both from the PC system and the programs, even undocumented things are found in it.
Frans' Decompiling & Disassembling Pgae
Frans has build a huge list of all decompiling & disassembling products & programs as well as some info about these topics.
Fravias Decompiling & Reverse Pgae
He has build a very good list of some underground links as well as topics about cracking/hacking/reverse engineering and some WWW security stuff.

On-line published programming info

Opcode list
Processor Information Intel (Opcodes)
All mnemonics up to 686 are listed with a short description and their opcode.
MMX list
Processor Information Intel (MMX)
All MMX mnemonics are listed with a short description and their opcode.
Pentium optimization
Agner Fog's Docu
Agner Fog collected a lot of Pentium information around the Net and wrote the interesting details in a much more understandable form than any other source we found...
Pentium timings
John Allen's timing tables
You will find here the timings for the normal instructions from the 8088 to the 80586 as well as these for the FPU instructions.

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