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ASM Edit: Various tips & tricks

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ASM Edit and external Assemblers

Especial disassembling can produce HUGE assembler source code files. These files (e.g. a file with 98000 lines and 2.4 MByte) are handled by ASM Edit in a correct and fast way. However, you can get into serious trouble with your favourite Assembler. Here is a brief list with known problems and workarounds:
Can't handle files larger than the DOS main memory. (about 400 KByte)
Use "TASMX.EXE" instead. You may have to increase the hash space to 65000 entries.
Error line numbers are wrong after the first 65565 lines. (internal MASM word counter :-) ).
Use another Assembler.
Handles all files regardless of length. But can't understand TASM or MASM style. See WASM problem below.
Not tested yet.
Not tested yet.

ASM Edit and Watcom Assembler (WASM)

Prior versions of ASM Edit to v1.8 had no native support for Watcom Assembler. With v1.8, however, full support of the Watcom Assembler is build-in. Just choose under Options|External|Assembler the entry "WASM" from the list and adjust the path via "Edit".

ASM Edit and OS/2 Warp

ASM Edit works just fine under OS/2 Warp, in windowed or fullscreen session.
Most DOS preferences are uncritical. You may want to disable the background execution because this slows down your system. You can give ASM Edit as much DPMI memory as you like, but EMS or XMS memory are not used. So turn them off if your external Assembler/Tool/Linker doesn't need them.

The "keyboard is dead" bug:
Sometimes DOS sessions loose their ability to respond to keyboard input. This is not a bug of ASM Edit. However, it is possible to close ASM Edit with the mouse, and restart it. You can also try to press down all [Alt], [Shift] and [Ctrl] keys simultaniously. Sometimes one of them is permanently ON thus creating silly keyboard codes.

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Created on October 19, 1995 by Tels - last update: November 9, 1996