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Note: You don't have to pay for ASM Edit any longer. As of 2002-04-06 ASM Edit is freeware.

Paying methods

If you want to order a product from us, you can choose your way to pay:

Send your money and order form to:

O Love & Tels

c/o: Olaf Krusche
Sportlerweg 7

Our bank account

Bank name: Deutsche Bank 24
Bank number: 87 07 00 24
Account number: 53 29 40 4

You HAVE TO send us an order form via snail mail or via e-mail, too! We will delivering ASM Edit to you as soon as the money is on our bank account AND the order form arrives.

Paying via Credit Card

Not ready yet.

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As soon as your money and your order form arrive, we will ship the ordered product. Please allow some days for oversee delivery. Please notify us, if you don't get your package after three weeks.

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Created on November 24th, 1996 by O Love & Tels - last update: April 06, 2002