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... to my humble abode!

You can check out two old projects of mine: One is a university project, it features all about The Art of Hypermedia, written in German. Everything you ever wanted to know about the history and people connected with information storage and retrieval is covered there. The other one is a useful program for all you assembler programmers out there, it is the graphical user interface ASM Edit.

You can also choose the fun path: Are you interested in a little fantasy world? Do you like to read books? So check out the Forgotten Realms! Do you like cute little pets? See some of my bunnies in the domestic animals section. Ever enjoyed the simple life of a farmer? Catch a glimpse of my yard.

So, here is a trimmed list, have fun!

ASM Edit (English)
The Art of HyperMedia (German only)
Forgotten Realms books (book list, English)
Domestic animals (German)
Gardening (German)

created January 29, 2000 - updated February 27, 2001
Olaf Krusche