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Philip Athans

Author: Philip Athans

Philip has been a writer since he first put crayon to paper. An avid role-player since the 70's, he credits Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and R. A. Salvatore as inspirations for his fantasy style.

His professional career began with a short story published in the science-fiction magazine Starshore and moved on to novels. Most recently, and with only minor plying of the whip by his editor, he wrote Baldur's Gate, a novelization of the much anticipated computer game. He enjoys being a part of the Forgotten Realms community and is already hard at work on a sequel.

Despite being a talented writer, Philip is somewhat shy when it comes to writing personal biographies, which is why we find ourselves with so little to say about him.



Baldur's Gate Series


The Watercourse Trilogy

War of the Spider Queen

Realms of the Arcane

Realms of Mystery

Realms of Shadow

Realms of the Elves

Realms of the Dead

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