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The following chronology was posted in the Forgotten Realms Mailing list on June 17, 1997. The authors are A. Jason Antokas (AJA's WWW site) and George Krashos, HTML by Olaf Krusche. The MS WinWord version was done by Jan Stephan Lundquist.


Below is some additional information that I've collected, just in case anyone's interested. (Just as an aside, normally I don't like long timeline postings, but the FR list has been so slooow lately, I thought that there might be something here to spark a discussion).

Anyway, here's the additional timeline. Let me know if anyone's got any additional dates.

-- AJA


As a service to the list, I thought it would be useful to post a revised timeline of the Realms that I have made. I stress that it is by no means totally and utterly complete, but I assure you that it is a sight more up to date than the one in the FR boxed set (Revised)! :) Please do not plague the list with "but you forgot..." or "you've misdated..." posts as my revised timeline is simply a template for you all to add in your own stuff and my omissions. Additionally, this timeline does not incorporate the timeline presented in the Netheril boxed set. Why? Because I don't have that particular product... yet! Anyway, enjoy my months of toil through dusty tomes and mouldering Dragon articles!

-- Krash

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