Forgotten Realms: The Library

Book List, ordered by date of publishing

The following list is only a compilation of all publishing dates. It is in no way a suggested order of reading.


Godslayer, Paul S. Kemp


Prophet of the Dead, Richard Lee Byers (February 2013)
Godbound, Paul S. Kemp


Masked Witches, The, Richard Lee Byers (February 2012)
Venom in Her Veins, Tim Pratt (March 2012)
Rose of Sarifal, The, Paulina Claiborne (May 2012)
Gilded Rune, The, Lisa Smedman (July 2012)
Charon's Claw, R. A. Salvatore (August 2012)
Elminster Enraged, Ed Greenwood (September 2012)
Shadowbane: Eye of Justice, Erik Scott de Bie (September 2012)
Godborn, Paul S. Kemp (November 2012)
Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils, Erin M. Evans (December 2012)


Best of the Realms, Book IV, The, R. A. Salvatore (January 2011)
Sandstorm, Christopher Rowe (March 2011)
Sword of the Gods, Bruce R. Cordell (April 2011)
Dawnbringer, Samantha Henderson (May 2011)
Spectral Blaze, The, Richard Lee Byers (June 2011)
Unbroken Chain: The Darker Road, Jaleigh Johnson (July 2011)
Bury Elminster Deep, Ed Greenwood (August 2011)
Shadowbane, Erik Scott de Bie (September 2011)
Neverwinter Wood, R. A. Salvatore (October 2011)
Brimstone Angels, Erin M. Evans (November 2011)
Cry of the Ghost Wolf, Mark Sehestedt (December 2011)


Realms of the Undead, miscellaneous (January 2010)
The God Catcher, Erin Evans (February 2010)
Avenger, Richard Baker (March 2010)
Captive Flame, The, Richard Lee Byers (April 2010)
Circle of Skulls, James P. Davis (June 2010)
Unbroken Chain, Jaleigh Johnson (July 2010)
Key of Stars, Bruce R. Cordell (August 2010)
Elminster Must Die!, Ed Greenwood (August 2010)
Gauntlgrym, R. A. Salvatore (October 2010)
Whisper of Venom, Richard Lee Byers (November 2010)
Hand of the Hunter, Mark Sehestedt (December 2010)


Fanged Crown, The, Jenna Helland (January 2009)
Unholy, Richard Lee Byers (February 2009)
Corsair, Richard Baker (March 2009)
Downshadow, Erik Scott de Bie (April 2009)
Restless Shore, The, James P. Davis (May 2009)
City of the Dead, Rosemary Jones (June 2009)
Crystal Mountain, The, Thomas M. Reid (July 2009)
Edge of Chaos, The, Jak Koke (August 2009)
City of Torment, Bruce R. Cordell (September 2009)
Ghost King, The, R. A. Salvatore (October 2009)
Fall of Highwatch, Mark Sehestedt (November 2009)
Wrath of the Blue Lady, Mel Odom (December 2009)


Realms of War, miscellaneous (January 2008)
Undead, Richard Lee Byers (March 2008)
Obsidian Ridge, Jess Lebow (April 2008)
Shield of Weeping Ghosts, The, James P. Davis (May 2008)
Swordmage, Richard Baker (May 2008)
Ascendancy of the Last, Lisa Smedman (June 2008)
Sentinelspire, Mark Sehestedt (July 2008)
Blackstaff Tower, Steven E. Schend (September 2008)
Mistshore, Jaleigh Johnson (September 2008)
Pirate King, The, R. A. Salvatore (October 2008)
Fractured Sky, The, Thomas M. Reid (November 2008)
Sword never sleeps, The, Ed Greenwood (November 2008)
Plague of Spells, Bruce R. Cordell (December 2008)
Shadowrealm, Paul S. Kemp (December 2008)


Sacrifice of the Widow, Lisa Smedman (February 2007)
The Depths of Madness, Erik Scott de Bie (March 2007)
Unclean, Richard Lee Byers (April 2007)
Best of the Realms, Book III, The, Elaine Cunningham (May 2007)
The Gossamer Plain, Thomas M. Reid (May 2007)
Scream of Stone, Philip Athans (June 2007)
Howling Delve, The, Jaleigh Johnson (July 2007)
Shadowstorm, Paul S. Kemp (August 2007)
Swords of Dragonfire, Ed Greenwood (August 2007)
Storm of the Dead, Lisa Smedman (September 2007)
Orc King, The, R. A. Salvatore (October 2007)
Stardeep, Bruce R. Cordell (October 2007)
Crypt of the Moaning Diamond, Rosemary Jones (November 2007)
Neversfall, Ed Gentry (November 2007)


Son of Thunder, Murray J. D. Leeder (January 2006)
Realms of the Elves, miscellaneous (February 2006)
Vanity's Brood, Lisa Smedman (March 2006)
Bladesinger, Keith Francis Strohm (April 2006)
Ruin, The, Richard Lee Byers (May 2006)
Final Gate, Richard Baker (June 2006)
Blackstaff, Steven E. Schend (July 2006)
Bloodwalk, James P. Davis (July 2006)
Swords of Eveningstar, Ed Greenwood (August 2006)
Darkvision, Bruce R. Cordell (September 2006)
Lies of Light, Philip Athans (September 2006)
Road of the Patriarch, R. A. Salvatore (October 2006)
Shadowbred, Paul S. Kemp (November 2006)
Frostfell, Mark Sehestedt (December 2006)


Rite, The, Richard Lee Byers (January 2005)
Viper's Kiss, Lisa Smedman (March 2005)
Resurrection, Paul S. Kemp (April 2005)
Realms of the Dragons 2, miscellaneous (May 2005)
The Best of the Realms, Book II, Ed Greenwood (June 2005)
Maiden of Pain, Kameron M. Franklin (June 2005)
Farthest Reach, Richard Baker (July 2005)
City of Splendors: A Novel of Waterdeep, Elaine Cunningham & Ed Greenwood (August 2005)
Emerald Scepter, The, Thomas M. Reid (August 2005)
Master of Chains, Jess Lebow (September 2005)
Queen of the Depths, Richard Lee Byers (September 2005)
Promise of the Witch King, R. A. Salvatore (October 2005)
Ghostwalker, Erik Scott de Bie (November 2005)
Midnight's Mask, Paul S. Kemp (November 2005)
Whisper of Waves, Philip Athans (November 2005)


Extinction, Lisa Smedman (January 2004)
Yellow Silk, The, Don Bassingthwaite (February 2004)
Venom's Taste, Lisa Smedman (March 2004)
Rage, The, Richard Lee Byers (April 2004)
Elminster's Daughter, Ed Greenwood (May 2004)
Dawn of Night, Paul S. Kemp (June 2004)
Lady of Poison, Bruce R. Cordell (July 2004)
Annihilation, Philip Athans (July 2004)
Forsaken House, Richard Baker (August 2004)
Realms of the Dragons, miscellaneous (August 2004)
Two Swords, The, R. A. Salvatore (October 2004)
Ruby Guardian, The, Thomas M. Reid (November 2004)
Mistress of the Night, Dave Gross & Don Bassingthwaite (December 2004)


Lord of Stormweather, Dave Gross (March 2003)
Condemnation, Richard Baker (May 2003)
Windwalker, Elaine Cunningham (June 2003)
Alabaster Staff, The, Edward Bolme (July 2003)
Twilight Falling, Paul S. Kemp (July 2003)
The Black Bouquet, Richard Lee Byers (September 2003)
Lone Drow, The, R. A. Salvatore (October 2003)
The Best of the Realms, Book I, Miscellaneous (November 2003)
The Sapphire Crescent, Thomas M. Reid (November 2003)
Crimson Gold, The, Voronica Whitney-Robinson (December 2003)


Jewel of Turmish, The, Mel Odom (February 2002)
Wizardwar, The, Elaine Cunningham (March 2002)
Realms of Shadow, miscellaneous (April 2002)
Heirs of Prophecy, Lisa Smedman (June 2002)
Dissolution, Richard Lee Byers (July 2002)
Hand of Fire, Ed Greenwood (September 2002)
Thousand Orcs, The, R. A. Salvatore (October 2002)
Sands of the Soul, Voronica Whitney-Robinson (November 2002)
Sorcerer, The, Troy Denning (November 2002)
Insurrection, Thomas M. Reid (December 2002)


Summoning, The, Troy Denning (March 2001)
Floodgate, The, Elaine Cunningham (April 2001)
Shattered Mask, The, Richard Lee Byers (June 2001)
Elminster in Hell, Ed Greenwood (August 2001)
Temple Hill, Drew Karpyshyn (September 2001)
Baldur's Gate II - Throne Of Bhaal, Drew Karpyshyn (September 2001)
Pool of Radiance: The Ruins of Myth Drannor, Carrie A. Bebris (September 2001)
Sea of Swords, R. A. Salvatore (October 2001)
Black Wolf, Dave Gross (November 2001)
Siege, The, Troy Denning (December 2001)


Realms of the Deep, miscellaneous (March 2000)
Magehound, The, Elaine Cunningham (April 2000)
Sea Devil's Eye, The, Mel Odom (May 2000)
Baldur's Gate 2 - Shadows of Amn, Philip Athans (July 2000)
Halls of Stormweather, The: A Novel in Seven Parts, miscellaneous (July 2000)
Death of the Dragon, Ed Greenwood & Troy Denning (August 2000)
Nether Scroll, The, Lynn Abbey (September 2000)
Servant of the Shard, R. A. Salvatore (October 2000)
Shadow's Witness, Paul S. Kemp (November 2000)
City of Ravens, The, Richard Baker (December 2000)


Rising Tide, Mel Odom (January 1999)
Star of Cursrah, Clayton Emery (February 1999)
Glass Prison, The, Monte Cook (April 1999)
Dream Spheres, The, Elaine Cunningham (May 1999)
Baldur's Gate, Philip Athans (July 1999)
Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters, Ed Greenwood (August 1999)
Spine of the World, The, R. A. Salvatore (September 1999)
Under Fallen Stars, Mel Odom (October 1999)
Beyond the High Road, Troy Denning (December 1999)


Abduction, The, J. Robert King (January 1998)
Mercenaries, The, Ed Greenwood (January 1998)
Mortal Consequences, Clayton Emery (January 1998)
Paladins, The, James Ward & David Wise (January 1998)
Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad, Troy Denning (February 1998)
Errand of Mercy, Roger Moore (February 1998)
Lost Library of Cormanthyr, The, Mel Odom (March 1998)
Opportunity for Profit, An, Dave Gross (March 1998)
Conspiracy, J. Robert King (April 1998)
Evermeet: Island of Elves, Elaine Cunningham (April 1998)
Uneasy Alliances, David Cook & Peter Archer (May 1998)
Easy Betrayals, Richard Baker (June 1998)
Realms of Mystery, miscellaneous (June 1998)
Diamond, The, Ed Greenwood & J. Robert King (July 1998)
Thornhold, Elaine Cunningham (August 1998)
Shadow Stone, The, Richard Baker (September 1998)
Silent Blade, The, R. A. Salvatore (October 1998)
Faces of Deception, Troy Denning (November 1998)
Temptation of Elminster, The, Ed Greenwood (December 1998)


Finder's Bane, Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb (July 1997)
Tymora's Luck, Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb (September 1997)
Simbul's Gift, The, Lynn, Abbey (October 1997)
Elminster in Myth Drannor, Ed Greenwood (November 1997)
Realms of the Arcane, miscellaneous (November 1997)


Escape from Undermountain, Mark Anthony (February 1996)
Murder in Cormyr, Chet Williamson (March 1996)
Tangled Webs, Elaine Cunningham (April 1996)
Realms of the Underdark, miscellaneous (April 1996)
Sword Play, Clayton Emery (May 1996)
Veiled Dragon, The, Troy Denning (June 1996)
Silver Shadows, Elaine Cunningham (June 1996)
Cormyr: A Novel, Ed Greenwood & Jeff Grubb (July 1996)
Passage to Dawn, R. A. Salvatore (August 1996)
Mage in the Iron Mask, The, Brian Thomson (August 1996)
Murder in Halruaa, Richard S. Meyer (October 1996)
Stormlight, Ed Greenwood (October 1996)
Dangerous Games, Clayton Emery (November 1996)
Council of Blades, The, Paul Kidd (December 1996)


Giant Among us, The, Troy Denning (February 1995)
Shadows of Doom, Ed Greenwood (March 1995)
King Pinch, David Cook (May 1995)
Once around the Realms, Brian Thomson (May 1995)
Cloak of Shadows, Ed Greenwood (June 1995)
Masquerades, Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb (July 1995)
Daughter of the Drow, Elaine Cunningham (August 1995)
Titan of Twilight, The, Troy Denning (September 1995)
War in Tethyr, Victor Milan (October 1995)
All Shadows Fled, Ed Greenwood (October 1995)
Curse of the Shadowmage, Mark Anthony (November 1995)
Realms of Magic, miscellaneous (December 1995)


Elfsong, Elaine Cunningham (January 1994)
Crown of Fire, Ed Greenwood (April 1994)
Chaos Curse, The, R. A. Salvatore (June 1994)
Siege of Darkness, R. A. Salvatore (August 1994)
Ogre's Pact, The, Troy Denning (September 1994)
Realms of Infamy, miscellaneous (December 1994)
Elminster - The Making of a Mage, Ed Greenwood (December 1994)


Realms of Valor, miscellaneous (February 1993)
Druid Queen, The, Dougles Niles (March 1993)
Crypt of the Shadowking, Mark Anthony (April 1993)
Fallen Fortress, The, R. A. Salvatore (June 1993)
Starless Night, R. A. Salvatore (October 1993)
Prince of Lies, James Lowder (August 1993)
Pool of Twilight, James Ward & Anne K. Brown (November 1993)
Soldiers of Ice, David Cook (December 1993)


Pools of Darkness, James Ward & Anne K. Brown (February 1992)
Prophet of Moonshae, Dougles Niles (March 1992)
Sylvan Shadows, In, R. A. Salvatore (April 1992)
Night Parade, The, Scott Ciencin (June 1992)
Night Masks, R. A. Salvatore (August 1992)
Legacy, The, R. A. Salvatore (September 1992)
Coral Kingdom, The, Dougles Niles (September 1992)
Ring of Winter, The, James Lowder (November 1992)


Crusade, James Lowder (January 1991)
Song of the Sauriels, Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb (March 1991)
Feathered Dragon, Dougles Niles (April 1991)
Sojourn, R. A. Salvatore (May 1991)
Parched Sea, The, Troy Denning (July 1991)
Elfshadow, Elaine Cunningham (September 1991)
Canticle, R. A. Salvatore (November 1991)
Red Magic, Jane Rabe (December 1991)


Halfling's Gem, The, R. A. Salvatore (January 1990)
Wyvern's Spur, The, Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb (February 1990)
Ironhelm, Dougles Niles (March 1990)
Horselords, David Cook (April 1990)
Dragonwall, Troy Denning (July 1990)
Viperhand, Dougles Niles (August 1990)
Homeland, R. A. Salvatore (September 1990)
Exile, R. A. Salvatore (December 1990)


Streams of Silver, R. A. Salvatore (January 1989)
Darkwell, Dougles Niles (February 1989)
Shadowdale, Richard Awlinson (June 1989)
Tantras, Richard Awlinson (August 1989)
Waterdeep, Richard Awlinson (October 1989)
Pool of Radiance, James Ward & Jane Cooper Hong (November 1989)


Crystal Shard, The, R. A. Salvatore (March 1988)
Black Wizards, Dougles Niles (April 1988)
Spellfire, Ed Greenwood (July 1988)
Azure Bonds, Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb (October 1988)


Darkwalker on Moonshae, Dougles Niles (May 1987)
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