Forgotten Realms: The Library

Timeline, Books

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

c. -25000
-7628Year of the Sapphire
-696476th Year of the Amethyst
c. -700
-646Year of False Hopes
-470Year of Perdition's Flames
-467Year of Emerald Groves
-461Year of Bold Pioneers
c. -400
-390Year of Enchanters
-365Year of Seven Tines
-339Year of the Sundered Webs
-205Year of Good Hunting
-75Year of Leather Shields (NOTE: Lands of Intrigue gives the name of this year as Year of the Fallen Guards)
-68Year of Discordant Destinies
-65Year of Monstrous Appetites
6Year of Firestars
16Year of Distant Thunder
1 CR
Year of Opening Doors
107Year of the Fledglings
212Year of Awakening Magic
224Year of the Flaming Forests
241Year of the Hippogriff's Folly
245Year of the Dun Dragon
253Year of Somber Smiles
261Year of Soaring Stars
376Year of the Leaping Hare
432Year of the Sea Princess
464Year of True Names
629Year of the Empty Hearth
666Year of Stern Judgement
714Year of Doom
c. 720s
759Year of the Missing Blade
767Year of the Awakening Wyrm
780Year of the Broken Crossbow
892Year of the Open Tome (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of Howling Winds)
900Year of the Thirsty Sword
902Year of the Queen's Tears
925Year of the Enchanted Trail
927Year of the Red Rain
c. 1000
1016Year of the Roaring Tempest
  • "In the Bleak Deepwinter" (Dragon 242)
1018Year of the Dracorage
1095Year of the Dawndance
1097Year of the Gleaming Crown
1100Year of the Bloodrose
  • "The First Notch": Early tale of Bruenor (Dragon 152)
1188Year of Soft Fogs (NOTE: Lands of Intrigue gives the name of this year as the Year of Dawn Moons)
1217Year of the Falling Moon
1227Year of the Wall
1269Year of the Moat
1286Year of the Rock
c. 1290s
1290Year of the Whelm
1293Year of the Talking Skull
1297Year of the Singing Skull
  • "Homeland" begins. First recorded mention of Drizzt Do'Urden.
1301Year of the Trumpet
1300Year of the Starfall
1308Year of the Catacombs
1324Year of the Grimoire
1325Year of the Great Harvest
1326Year of the Striking Hawk
1328Year of the Adder
1333Year of the Striking Falcon
1334Year of the Blazing Brand
1335Year of the Snow Winds (NOTE: The Waterdeep Boxed Set gives the name of this year as Year of the Shaking Serpent)
1338Year of the Wanderer
1339Year of the Weeping Moon
1340Year of the Lion
1342Year of the Behir
1344Year of Moonfall
1345Year of the Saddle
1346Year of the Bloodbird
1347Year of the Bright Blade
1348Year of the Spur
1350Year of the Morningstar
1351Year of the Crown
1352Year of the Dragon
1353Year of the Arch
1354Year of the Bow
1355Year of the Harp
1356Year of the Worm
1357Year of the Prince
1333 CR
326 NR
0 PR
Year of Shadows
1359Year of the Serpent
1360Year of the Turret
1361Year of the Maidens
1362Year of the Helm
1364Year of the Wave
1365Year of the Sword
1366Year of the Staff
1367Year of the Shield
1368Year of the Banner
1369Year of the Gauntlet
1370Year of the Tankard
1371Year of the Unstrung Harp
1372Year of Wild Magic
1373Year of Rogue Dragons
1374Year of Lightning Storms
1375Year of Risen Elfkin
1376Year of the Bent Blade
1377Year of the Haunting
1378Year of the Cauldron
1379Year of the Lost Keep
1380Year of the Blazing Hand
1384Year of Three Streams Blooded
1385Year of Blue Fire
c. 1390
1396Year of the Secret
1472Year of the Third Circle
1477Year of the Purloined Statue
1478Year of the Dark Circle
1479Year of the Ageless One
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