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The Apprentice of Shadowdale
Another one interested in Forgotten Realms books. Some of the descriptions are copied from his home page.
Forgotten Realms Mailing List
To be up-to-date join the list...
Cyric's Home Page
This is mainly a site for people who enjoy fantasy pictures, but are tired of looking all over the net for them.
Yet Another Forgotten Realms WebPage
Visit this site to learn all about the history of Faerûn. AJA is the keeper of the timelines...
krejna's realms
Text-only book list, but always up-to-date.
There you can find tons of info about gaming material, books, authors, etc.
Dlabraddath - Elves, Half Elves & Halflings of the forgotten Realms
Devil's Due Webstore - FORGOTTEN REALMS: Legend of Drizzt
A publisher of Forgotten Realms "Legend of Drizzt" comic books
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