Forgotten Realms: The Library

Artists' pages
This is Todd's homepage.
The homepage of Brom.
Clyde Caldwell Online
Clyde also did some of the book covers.
The Art of Fred Fields
Fred is another FR artist.
Welcome to Keith Parkinson's On-Line Home
The first two covers of the Moonshae books were done by Keith.
The Art of Matthew Stawicki ::
Matt did some older covers as well as the ones of the Year of the Rogue Dragons.
The Art of Duane O. Myers
This is the official site of illustrator Duane O. Myers. It features galleries of his art and contact information.
Personal homepage of Mark Zug.
the Art of Terese Nielsen
Personal homepage of Terese Nielsen.
Adam Rex
Personal homepage of Adam Rex.
TARGETE ART The art of J.P. Targete
Personal homepage of Jean-Pierre Targete.
Carl Critchlow gallery site
Homepage of Carl Critchlow.
Homepage of Erik Gist.
Raymond Swanland
Homepage of Raymond Swanland.
Homepage of Wes Benscoter.
Homepage of Android Jones.
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