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Elaine Cunningham

Elaine Cunningham

People frequently ask writers where they get their ideas. Sometimes inspiration is subtle, other times it smacks you over the head. The latter occurred about twenty years ago, when a beta reader tossed aside the first draft of a romantic suspense novel and announced, "Girl, you don't have a romantic bone in your body. Let's face it: you're weird. You should probably be writing science fiction or fantasy or something like that." A large, shiny light bulb appeared over my head. The very next day, I saw an ad in the back of Writer's Digest magazine regarding an open call for the Harpers, a new line of novels published in the Forgotten Realms. My first published book, Elfshadow, was the result.

I live in coastal Rhode Island with my high school sweetheart and the standard-issue complement of cats and books. When I'm not writing, you can probably find me in my garden or walking along the Narragansett Bay.




Canceled titles

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Counselors & Kings

The Harpers

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Songs and Swords

Starlight and Shadows

The Best of the Realms, Book I

The Best of the Realms, Book III

Realms of Valor

Realms of Magic

Realms of Infamy

Realms of the Underdark

Realms of the Arcane

Realms of Mystery

Realms of the Deep

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Realms of War

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