Forgotten Realms: The Library

Troy Denning

Author: Troy Denning

Troy Denning resides in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, though he spends most of his time wandering through the various fantasy worlds mysteriously locked inside his computer's video monitor. Needless to say, his life has been much more colorful since the advent of super VGA.

When he isn't roaming the Athasian deserts or tramping through the forests of Toril, Troy enjoys many hobbies, including all forms of skiing, hiking, mountain-climbing, and Kyuki-do -- a form of tae-kwan-do incorporating judo, boxing, and hapki-do. He has worked in molybdenum mines, seedy nightclubs, and other high-risk jobs such as game design and editing.


The Avatar Trilogy

The Cormyr Saga

The Empires Trilogy

The Harpers

Lost Empires

Return of the Archwizards

The Twilight Giants Trilogy

The Best of the Realms, Book I

Realms of Valor

Realms of Infamy

Realms of the Deep

Realms of Shadow

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