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Author: Christie Golden

I was born on November 21, 1963, and the next day Kennedy was assassinated. I swear there is no connection.

Though I was born in Georgia, most of my life has been spent in Virginia. In fifth grade a friend introduced me to a certain TV show then in reruns called Star Trek, thus beginning my love affair with speculative fiction. I attended Washington-Lee High school (a year ahead of actress Sandra Bullock-Sandy, if you're reading this, call my agent) and was fortunate enough to have several teachers who encouraged my, er, "habit". I began my first novel, an epic fantasy, when I was sixteen.

It never saw publication, but two books set in that world did: Instrument of Fate (Ace Books, 1996), which made it onto the Nebula Award preliminary ballot, and King's Man & Thief (Ace Books, 1997). I linked up with TSR when they were auditioning for authors and kicked off their Ravenloft line with Vampire of the Mists in 1991. I followed that up with Dance of the Dead in '92 and The Enemy Within in '94. It is a sad but true fact that due to deadline pressures I was writing parts of Enemy while on my honeymoon in Antigua. Nothing like trying to write a horror novel while sitting on white sands beneath swaying palms. Still, I managed.

Along about this time, my love affair with Star Trek was consummated; I wrote a Voyager novel called The Murdered Sun. I must have done something right, because I was invited to pitch scripts for the show. I met Jeri Taylor and got to tour the set -- quite a thrill for a long-time fan.

The Murdered Sun came out in 1996, the same year as Instrument, and in 1998 I had another two-fer, with the publication of King's Man and a second Trek novel, Marooned. Scattered throughout this timeline are over a dozen short stories in various anthologies.

1998 and '99 saw a couple of major projects for DreamWorks SKG and Roc Books. The novelization of the animated television show, Invasion America, and its prequel, an original book called On the Run, impressed producer Harve Bennett sufficiently that he invited me to come out and work on the show. Unfortunately, Invasion America was not renewed.

Later this year, look for a collaboration with Michael Jan Friedman, a Star Trek novel, Double Helix #6: The First Virtue.

In November, I'll have a new fantasy novel out under the pen name of Jadrien Bell. It's a major work called A.D. 999, a nice, big historical novel with all kinds of mythic overtones. I know you'll like it!

I now live in Colorado, with my husband, our white German Shepherd, and two cats, including one who fetches bottle caps, but that would be a whole other bio.




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