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Jeff Grubb

Author: Jeff Grubb

Jeff Grubb builds worlds for a living. A civil engineer by training and a designer of games by profession, writing is his avocation and (not-so) secret joy. He was one of the "First Four" - the initial co-creators of Dragonlance under Tracy Hickman, and was the co-founder, with Ed Greenwood, of the Forgotten Realms setting. In addition, he has been the founding father of such diverse game worlds as the original Marvel Super Heroes game, Spelljammer and Al-Qadim. From this base, he has branched out into comics, computer games, and, of course, novels.

Jeff Grubb has written the bulk of his novels to date in the Forgotten Realms setting with his wife, Kate Novak. Their books include the Finder's Stone Trilogy (Azure Bonds, The Wyvern's Spur, and Song of the Saurials) as well as the novels Masquerades, Finder's Bane, and Tymora's Luck. On his own he has written more comical Dragonlance short stories than one can shake a gnome at and produced his first solo book, Lord Toede, which is one of the funniest novels in the Dragonlance series (an honor akin of being a light, bouncy Wagnerian opera). He also worked with Forgotten Realms grand-master Ed Greenwood to set down the history of an entire fantasy nation in the Mitchneresque book, Cormyr: A Novel.

Most recently, Jeff has become the historian of Dominaria, the world of the Magic: The Gathering game. Beginning with the acclaimed The Brothers' War, Jeff has set out to record the origins of the world of Dominaria. His most recent book, The Gathering Dark, the first book in the Ice Age Cycle, is set in the Dark Ages. The brothers Urza and Mishra ruined the ecology of the world with their battles, culminating in a great ice age. Jeff is currently working on the second tale in the cycle, The Eternal Ice, and will finish his histories with a story of the world in the Age of Storms, when the world was flooded by melting glaciers.




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