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Paul Kidd

Author: Paul Kidd

Paul either lives clinging to caves roofs and walls, following a largely carnivorous existence eating glow worm larvae, OR he lives in Perth, writing screen plays, animated series, novels, computer games and comic books.

It is possible that his recent novel releases include White Plume Mountain (WotC), Descent into the Depths of the Earth (WotC), A Whisper of Wings (Vision), The Rats of Acomar (Vision) and The Fangs of K'aath (United Press UK).

Up and coming novel releases may include Lilith (Vision), Petal Storm (Vision), Neue Europa (Vision), Mus of Kerbridge (2nd release by Streamline) - and the Petal Storm graphic novel series.

Alternatively: His ability to survive total freezing and emerge with even his chitinous exoskeleton intact is the source of much speculation in scientific circles.


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