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Victor Milan

A former cowboy, former rock D.J., and current Yale dropout, Victor Milan says, "What I mostly do is write." Referring to that occupation, The Washington Post calls Victor a "contender for major stardom" in science fiction. Victor has published over sixty novels, including Runespear, co-authored with Melinda Snodgrass, and the award-winning The Cybernetic Samurai and its sequel, The Cybernetic Shogun. He has recently published the technothriller Red Sands, the Wild Cards novel Turn of the Cards, and the Star Trek novel From the Depths. A charter member of the New Mexico-based Wild Cards Mafia, Victor helped create the acclaimed SF shared-world anthologies of the same name. His house is infested with dogs and ferrets. He enjoys birding, playing games of various sorts, walking by the Rio Grande, and exploring on his mountain bike the ancient network of irrigation ditches in Albuquerque's North Valley. He also studies tae-kwon-do.




The Nobles Series

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