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Douglas Niles

Author: Douglas Niles

Dougles Niles is a former high-school teacher who is now a free-lance author and game designer. He has written and designed many books and games for TSR, Inc. He lives and works at his home in the woods of southern Wisconsin. He and his wife, Christine, have two children, Allison and David, and two large dogs.

Niles is the author or designer of over fifty titles, including his first three novels, the best-selling Moonshae Trilogy, and the Maztika Trilogy and games for the Forgotten Realms game world. His game design credits include numerous Dragonlance modules, the Top Secret/S.I. game, and board games based on two Tom Clancy novels, The Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising.




The Druidhome Trilogy

The Maztica Trilogy

The Moonshae Trilogy

The Best of the Realms, Book 1

Realms of Valor

Realms of Magic

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