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Lisa Smedman

Lisa Smedman

Lisa Smedman is the author of five Shadowrun novels: The Lucifer Deck, Blood Sport, Psychotrope, The Forever Drug and Tails You Lose. She also wrote the novel The Playback War, set in FASA's VOR: The Maelstrom universe.

Lisa was one of seven authors selected by TSR/WOTC to write a short story and novel for The Halls of Stormweather, an anthology set in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe. The character in that short story is also featured in a novel, Heirs of Prophecy, which will be released in the summer of 2002. Lisa is currently working on her third Forgotten Realms project, the novel Extinction, due for publication in 2003.

Lisa has also had a number of short science fiction and fantasy stories published in various magazines and anthologies, and has had two of her stage plays produced. In 1993 she was a finalist in the Writers of the Future contest.

Lisa was one of the founders of Adventures Unlimited magazine. She has designed a number of adventures and written short fiction for TSR's Ravenloft and Dark Sun lines, and has designed gaming products for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Cyberpunk, Immortal, Shatterzone, Millennium's End, and Deadlands.

Lisa splits her week between working as an editor at a weekly newspaper and writing fiction. When not working or gaming, she enjoys hiking and camping with a women's outdoor club and collects stamps that illustrate the space race. She lives in Vancouver with her partner, and spends much of her time catering to the needs of their "blended family" of four cats.




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A special 'Thank you' goes to Lisa Smedman. I copied the bio from her homepage.

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