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James M. Ward

James M. Ward was born an May 23, 1951. He started out reading Hardy Boys and Tom Swift books and has since become a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy. When asked about becoming a writer, he always replies, "If you aren't witty, brilliant, and insightful, you have to be persistent, dogged, and not shy. I will have it to the world to figure out which one I am."

Jim has three genetically perfect male children and a charming wife. They live in a perfect two-story red brick home in a pleasant rural community.

Jim got his start in role-playing with the design of Metamorphosis Alpha, the first sience-fiction role-playing game. He has been designing games and helping others to design them ever since.

Jim credits his start in gaming to learning to play poker with his dad and his brothers. It wasn't long before he learned not to try for inside straights or to try bluffing his dad, he states rather ruefully.

When asked what he would like to do when he grows up, Jim always replies, "Commanding the starship Enterprise would be nice."

Jim has written, or colaborated in writing, numerous books for TSR.


Double Diamond Triangle Saga

The Pools Trilogy

Realms of Infamy

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