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Baldur's Gate Series

Baldur's Gate

Bhaal must be stopped!

Someone is sabotaging the iron mines of the Sword Coast, pushing powerful realms toward a bloody war, and a young mercenary toward an unimaginable secret.

Evil Gods, giant spiders, murderous doppelgangers, flesh-eating ghouls, and wicked Zhentarim come to life in the action-packed novelization of the Baldur's Gate computer game from Bioware and Interplay.


Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn

The heroes of Baldur's Gate set off on another action-packed adventure in this follow-up novel, based on Baldur's Gate II, the sequel to the record-setting computer RPG from Black Isle and Interplay. As the disciples of Bhaal, the god of murder, grow in numbers and in strength. Abdel and his allies must stop the fanatical horde from resurrecting their fallen deity, or the shores of the Sword Coast will be bathed in blood.s


Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal

Death to the children of Bhaal!

On the run and hunted by everyone in Faerûn, Bhaal's offspring are being wiped out. Instead of ridding the land of evil, each kill gives more power to a vicious group of Bhaalspawn intent on returning their father to the world.

Follow the ultimate battle of the children of Bhaal in this thrilling novel based on the computer game from BioWare and Interplay!


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