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Double Diamond Triangle Saga

The Abduction

It's the most important wedding of the decade - and someone has kidnapped the bride! As the nobility of Faerûn gather in Waterdeep for the marriage of Piergeiron the Paladinson, Open Lord of the city, dark and mysterious forces are at work, threatening his happiness. But be careful; for in this world, nothing is ever quite what it seems.


(The first novel in a new series set in the best-selling Forgotten Realms world! Someone has kidnapped the fiancée of the Open Lord of Waterdeep on the eve of their wedding. Now the lord, Piergeiron the Paladinson, must go after her - but, of course, nothing is as it seems...


The Paladins

The bride of the Lord of Waterdeep has been kidnapped. Now the lord himself has fallen ill. His royal followers prepare to rescue the abducted woman, little knowing that their quest will take them into the far-off realms of the Utter East. Prepare for adventure in the company of ... The Paladins.


The Double Diamond Triangle Saga continues! Lord Piergeiron has fallen ill, but his loyal retainers prepare to rescue his abducted fiancée. Their quest takes them far beyond the areas around Waterdeep to the uncharted Utter East.


The Mercenaries

In the mysterious land of the Utter East, a shadowy figure hires a group of unemployed pirates to aid him in a dangerous mission. What is their connection to the kidnapping of a young bride that has taken place in the far-away city of Waterdeep? Behind the mission lies a hidden purpose. Yet secrets may be revealed as you follow their quest.


In the mysterious Utter East, a shadowy figure hires a group of unemployed pirates to aid him in a dangerous mission. But the mission has a hidden purpose, and somewhere behind the scenes it connects to the kidnapping of a young bride from Waterdeep.


Errand of Mercy

The paladins sent by Lord Piergeiron have arrived in a kingdom of the Utter East, only to find the area beset by menacing fiends. The warriors are welcomed by the king, but he is willing to aid their quest only if they first perform a service for him.


An Opportunity for Profit

The mercenaries are hot on the trail of Piergeiron's bride - but their task is less than honorable. On the shores of the Utter East, they face fiendish perils on a collision course with yet another interested party.



As the search continues in the Utter East for the kidnapped bride of Waterdeep, the forces of the paladins and the mercenaries converge. For the first time, the dark secret behind the abduction is revealed, and the searchers realize their quest is barely begun.


Uneasy Alliances

The paladins and mercenaries join forces to defeat an attacking army of fiends. When a powerful new weapon comes into their hands, they suspect their leader's plans for the weapon are less than honorable. Can they undermine his hidden motives while fending off the fiendish army?


Easy Betrayals

The paladins and mercenaries race after a doppleganger, now revealed as a threat to peace and order throughout the Realms. But the evil creature leads them on a chase that ends in the last place any of them suspected.


The Diamond

As the quest that began in The Abduction draws to a close, the heroes gather for a celebration. But amid the merriment, there are still a few loose ends to tie up. Don't miss the exciting conclusion!


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