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The Druidhome Trilogy

Prophet of Moonshae

The Ffolk have forsaken their goddess, the Earthmother, and have turned to the new gods to protect them. Now, capricious and malevolent, one of the new lords has turned the worship of the Ffolk against them. It falls to the royal daughters of High King Tristan Kendrick to confront the evil that now threatens their land.

Douglas Niles is the author of the immensely popular Maztika and Moonshae Trilogies. The Druidhome Trilogy is the much-anticipated sequel to the Moonshae Trilogy.


The Coral Kingdom

An epic sea voyage... a daring rescue...

The Earthmother has returned to the Moonshaes. Now her mightiest druid, Robyn Kendrick, faces the greatest challenge of her life. Aided by a courageous Northman prince, her own daughters, and a crew of heroes, Robyn wages a desperate battle against the savage Claws of the Deep.


The Druid Queen

Restored to his throne, King Tristan Kendrick must confront the fearful costs of his rescue from the Coral Kingdom. One of his daughters suffers tragically from the curse of an evil god, while the other must face a decision that will chart the destiny of the kingdom.

At the same time, near the hart of Gwynneth, a new evil stirs, ...


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