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The Lady Penitent

Sacrifice of the Widow

Halisstra Had Failed in Her Quest

Halisstra Melarn, convert to the cause of the goddess Eilistraee, was sent to the deepest depths of the Outer Planes to kill the demon goddess she once worshiped, but instead was transformed into a hideous creature bent to the vengeful will of her former mistress. For the Queen of the Demonweb Pits not only survived her Silence but evolved into something greater than she was before -- something that no longer needs to share the domain she calls her own.

Could it be that the War of the Spider Queen has just begun?


Halisstra Melarn failed in her mission to kill the Spider Queen, but was denied the redemption of an easy death. In the twisted, demonic form of the Lady Penitent, she returns to Faeûrn to do Lolth's bidding and destroy the last hope of the drow race. Halisstra Melarn has been a priestess of Lolth, a repentant follower of Eilistraee, and a would-be killer of gods, but now she's been transformed into the monstrousus Lady Penitent, and those she once called friends will feel the sting of her venom.


Storm of the Dead

Drow god vs. Drow god!

When Lolth and Eilistraee, two drow goddesses, compete for control of the dark elves of Faerûn, more than just the drow are caught in the middle. Though the drow will survive their game, what's at stake is the very nature of what it means to be a dark elf.


As the followers of Eilistraee fall one by one to Halisstra's wrath, Lolth turns her attention to the other gods.


Ascendancy of the Last

On one side Lolth, the dreaded Queen of the Demonweb Pits. On the other side Eilistraee, the Lady of the Dance. In between, every dark elf on Faerun. The Lady Penitent kills in the name of Lolth, and suffers every drop of blood. Qilue dances for Eilistraee, and finds a demonic partner to join her.

All of the pieces are set, the strategies in place, and all that's left is for the servants of dark gods to make their final alliances, say their last prayers, and help choose a future for the drow.


Is it the end for the Lady Penitent? Is it the end for Lolth?

Lolth has come out of hibernation with a plan that may seem too ambitious even for her, and to pull it off she'll need the help of a drow who's betrayed her at least once already -- a drow she's transformed into the demonic Lady Penitent. The shocking conclusion to a trilogy that will change the Forgotten Realms world forever.


The dark elves of Faeûrn must finally choose between a goddess that offers redemption and peace, or a goddess that demands sacrifice and blood. We know what a humam would choose, but what about a drow.


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