Forgotten Realms: The Library

Lost Empires

The Lost Library of Cormanthyr

The Lost Library of Cormanthyr.

Is it just a myth? Or does it still stand... somewhere in the most ancient corners of Faerûn?

An intrepid human explorer sets out to find the truth and what starts as an archaeological expedition soon becomes a race against time as an undying avenger is determined to protect the secrets of the ancient, xenophobic elven empire of Cormanthyr.


The Library of Cormanthyr -- is it a myth, or a lost piece of history? A contemporary explorer-scholar sets out to learn the truth, but what starts as a research project soon becomes a race against time as an undying avenger strives to keep the secrets of the elves hidden.


Faces of Deception

Atreus of Erlkazar

Hidden from his powerful family's enemies behind the hideous mask of his own face. Sent by the goddess of beauty on an impossible mission. Driven to find a way past his own flesh, into a soul torn between destiny and love.

Deep in the ancient valleys of the enigmatic Utter East, Atreus will finally look into the...

Faces of Deception


Return to the Utter East in a new Forgotten Realms story by veteran author Troy Denning! Atreus has come a long way to drink from the Fountain of Infinite Grace. Will the greed and prejudice of others stand in his way, destroying the fountain and its ancient guardians?


Star of Cursrah

Lurking in the ruins is a horrific tale of greed, power, and revenge.

The Protector crawls forth, the shade of a dead city whose rulers refuse to die, and young companions in two distant epochs learn of a dreadful destiny they cannot escape...

...and a deadly threat to all they hold dear.


The Nether Scroll

Ansoain has been murdered, and her son Galimer taken hostage.

Druhallen, a young magic user, must avenge the murder of his teacher and rescue her son from dubious fate. But not everyone is telling Druhallen the truth.

Druhallen and his companions must brave the ruins of Dekanter to find a missing artifact...

The Nether Scroll.

Without the Nether Scroll Galimer may die. With it Druhallen may go mad.


What lurks in the darkest corners of the haunted Weathercote Wood? A race for the possession of one of Faerûn's greatest artifacts is on, and the Beast Lord himself is in the running!


A young magic-user sets out to avenge the murder of his teacher and save her son from a similar fate. Facing evil and treachery, he must brave the ruins of Dekanter to find a missing artifact that might be a clue to the source of all magic in the Forgotten Realms.


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