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Murder in Cormyr

Who killed Grodoveth?

A vengeful ghost is only the first suspect when the body of Grodoveth, the king's envoy, is found separated from its head. It seems that everyone in town had either motive or opportunity commit the ... Murder in Cormyr.

The wizard Benelaius wanted only to find a nice, quiet place to retire with his cats. The village of Ghars, close to the Vast Swamp, had little to recommend except seclusion. Even the legends of a vengeful ghost who haunts the moors doesn't bother the aged wizard. The corpulent, sedentary mage is content to let his servant, Jasper, do all the legwork.

Benelaius's studies are rudely interrupted when the ghost begins to make nightly appearances, frightening the townspeople out of their wits. Heads begin to roll when the local blacksmith is murdered ... but that corpse is barely cold when the decapitated body of the envoy Grodoveth is found in the ghost's tomb. As the most learned person in Ghars, how can Benelauis refuse to help his adopted town?

Axe-wielding ghosts give way to treachery and deceit as Benelauis, along with Jasper and the wizard's former apprentice, Lindavar, discover that even a sleepy, quiet village has hidden secrets.


Benelaius, tired of politics and his egotistical brethren, resigns from the College of War Wizardry and takes up residence in a sleepy town in a remote area of Cormyr. When a messenger from King Azoun turns up dead, it is up to the conjurer to solve the crime.


Murder in Tarsis

Who killed Ambassador Bloodarrow?

Time is running out for an unlikely trio of detectives. If they fail to solve the mystery, their reward will be death. This tangled plot unfolds in Tarsis, the once beautiful seaport city, landlocked by the devastating Cataclysm.


Murder in Halruaa

Darlington Blade is a down on his luck con man who comes upon a well dressed corpse on the outskirts of a remote town. Figuring that he can use the fine attire more than his mortel acquaintance, he approporates its clothing and accessories. Much to his surprise he receives a hero's welcome in the town and is immediately appointed guardian mage (to succeed his alleged tutor who died recently). The townsfolk have mistaken him for a powerful young wizard and expect him to act accordingly. Darlington, ever the con man and not wanting to forsake the cushy VIP treatment that he has been receiving, feels he can pull it off.


The Thin Man meets Terry Brooks in a fantastical whatdunnit by Edgar Award nominee Richard S. Meyers. Darlington Blade thinks he has hitched into an easy con when he passes himself off as a wizard, only to find he's now the target of an assassin!


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