Forgotten Realms: The Library

The Empyrean Odyssey

The Gossamer Plain

Kaanyr Vhok's ears popped again, and the whole universe turned upside down.

The half-demon master of the Scoured Legion still stings from his defeat in Menzoberranzan, and he's turned that anger on the human city of Sundabar, and onward into the Plane of Fire.

Aliisza's head swam. She could remain alive, so long as she was a good girl. But it seemed too easy, too simple. The alu-fiend knew there was a catch.

She's been consort, spy, and soldier, all in support of Kaanyr Vhok, but when he sends her on a mission she only thinks she understands, she finds a secret inside herself, and the unlikeliest allies a demon could possibly imagine.


Ever wonder what could bring a demon to the gates of heaven?

Aliisza and Kaanyr Vhok have returned from their attempted invasion of Menzoberranzan and turned their sights on Sundabar. But before she can complete a mission in that besieged city, Aliisza finds herself in the one place a demon would never want to go, no matter how sure she is of her wits and cunning: the very heart of Celestia.


The Fractured Sky

Kaanyr Vhok's howl of anguish and betrayal made Aliisza clamp her hands over her ears.

The half-demon who once led the Scoured Legion finds himself exactly where he wanted to be -- in the heart of heaven -- under exactly the wrong circumstances -- bound by divine oath to the whims of an angel.

Aliisza laughed. "When all is said and done, I still serve one person only." Me, she silently added.

Tricked by her lover into a torturous imprisonment in heaven, the succubus Aliisza's learned the folly of depending on demons to keep her best interests at heart. Now she's looking forward to teaching him the same hard-earned lesson.


A demon surrounded by angels in a universe of righteousness? How did that become Aliisza's life?


The Crystal Mountain

What could bring heaven to the depths of hell?

Aliisza betrayed her lover, her mentor, and her son in order to try to stop the dark plot to kill the goddess Mystra. She failed. Now the goddess is dead, magic is malfunctioning, and Aliisza and her companions are trapped. Her only hope of escape lies is in convincing the angels and demons she just betrayed to trust her and work together -- before they kill each other.


What Aliisza has witnessed has changed her forever, but that's nothing compared to what happened to the multiverse itself. The startling climax will change the nature of the cosmos forever.


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