Forgotten Realms: The Library

The Rogues

The Alabaster Staff

She didnt want to steal it.
She didnt want to kill a Zhentarim agent.
She didnt want to double-cross the thieves guild.
She didnt want to owe a debt to the Red Wizards of Thay.
She didnt want to anger the followers of the dragon god Tiamat.
She didnt want to tie her fate to the dreaded Staff of the Necromancer.
But she did.


An item of great power draws the attention of even more sinister forces. In the ancient streets of the Old Empires, a young thief finds out the hard way that some things are better left unstolen.


The Black Bouquet

He thought it was a game.
He thought no one would get hurt.
He thought he could trust a tanarukk bandit.
He thought he was hired for his skill and cunning.
He thought it was just another victim, just another mark.
He thought he could do his job without turning the entire city against him.
He was wrong.


Give a man a potion, and you empower him for a day. Give him the formula, and he could rule the world.


The Crimson Gold

She wanted out.
She wanted a new life.
She wanted a trophy worthy of a master thief.
She wanted to find the source of the treasured crimson gold.
She wanted to face an undead emperor on his home ground and live to tell the tale.
Careful what you wish for.


Thazienne Uskevren leaves behind the streets of Selgaunt to challenge the Red Wizards of Thay, but even the priceless Crimson Gold might not be reward enough when all of Thay rises against her.


The Yellow Silk

He told stories.
He told even more lies.
He told people what they wanted to hear.
He told himself he wasnt doing anything wrong.
He told the mysterious stranger from Shou Lung that he'd help him.
He told the most dangerous man in Altumbel that he would deliver a fortune in gems.
He should have kept his mouth shut.


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