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Shandril's Saga


The Fire That Burns

It can lay low a dragon or heal a wounded warrior.

It is the most sought-after magical power in all Faerûn.

And it is in the reluctant hands of Shandril of Highmoon, a young, orphaned kitchen-lass.

Now she's on the run from half of the evil sorcerers in the land, not to mention their relentless minions. But with the help of a handsome young wizard, some rough-and-tumble Knights of Myth Drannor, and a certain old mage of Shadowdale, she just might manage to stay alive.

At least until tomorrow.


One of Ed Greenwood's most popular novels, Spellfire is being rereleased in an all-new trade paperback edition. This version has been completely reedited and contains added text and material that bring new excitement to the story. This edition also features new cover art and is classified as the first title in the brand-new Forgotten Realms series Shandril's Saga.


Crown of Fire

Adventurer on the Run

Once Shandril was a humble kitchen maid. Now she's one of the most powerful magic-users in the land. And a lot of people want her dead.

The evil Zhentarim, the powerful Cult of the Dragon - all of them want her spellfire, and they'll kill whoever they must to get it. Theres only one thing for Shandril to do: run. With the aid of Elminster of Shadowdale, the Knights of Myth Drannor, her lover, and a determined dwarf, she'll wield her magic for the cause of good. But if her magic becomes too powerful, her friends won't have a choice.

They'll kill her themselves.


The heroic tales of the now-famous Shandril Shessair, wielder of spellfire, from two Forgotten Realms novels have been recovered and combined into a series. Crown of Fire is the second of these two books. A third, all-new novel will follow to finish the trilogy written by the highly popular creator of the Forgotten Realms universe.


Hand of Fire

Be careful what you wish for.

Spellfire is the most powerful magic in the land.

Its a dangerous weapon in anyones hands.

In the wrong hands, it can destroy the world.

Shandril Shessair wanted a taste of adventure. She got spellfire, and now she's fleeing for her life across Faerûn, searching for somewhere to hide. More evil wizards, warriors, and priests than she can count are trying to get it from her, and theyll kill or enslave her without hesitation. Her last, desperate hope is to take refuge in the sheltered city of Silverymoon.

If she makes it that far.


The forces of the Zhentarim and the terrifying Cult of the Dragon converge on Shandril, but there may be a worse fate in store for her.


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