Forgotten Realms: The Library

The Watercourse Trilogy

Whisper of Waves

The Wizard Pledged to the Red Wizards of Thay from boyhood, he will do nothing for anyone who can give him more power. In a twisted dimension outside the walls of time and space, he plots and plans.

The Senator A genasi, he has fought his way up from the gutter and will never go back. Amid the tangled streets of Innarlith, he mixes ambition with thoughs of vengeance.

The Man A master builder, he walks the coast of Faerûn, and the waves whisper to him of a mighty work, a task worthy of his talents.


Lies of Light

The Wizard Furthering the plots of the Red Wizards of Thay while spinning his own webs, he works in the shadows, manipulating the highest reaches of power.

The Woman Tormented by the ghosts of the past and her own passions, she walks the fine line between sanity and madness, and her obsession may destroy the one thing she loves most.

The Man A visionary who cares nothing for the petty squabbling of those in power, his one desire is to accomplish his greatest work.


Powerful forces gather to stop the canal that will one day connect the oceans of Faerûn. The nagas begin to turn on each other. The black firedrakes escape their extradimensional prison to serve a new leader. And the ghosts that haunt a beautiful young woman may not only keep her from the man she loves, but help to destroy his greatest dream.


Scream of Stone

When the true mission of the Thayan Enclave is revealed, the richest man in Innarlith decides he wants to be the most powerful too, a once promising young man is transformed into a twisted undead assassin, and a quiet genius finally makes his stand, the explosive fury of decades of boiling rage explodes from the heart of a city at war with itself.


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