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Forgotten Realms chronology, 1 - 99

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

1Year of Sunrise
  • The Standing Stone is raised by the elves of Cormanthyr and the Dalesmen, starting the Dalereckoning Calender.
  • Empire of Shoon (Iltkazar) in Calimshan.
2Year of the Smiling Hag
3Year of the Faded Flower
  • Rise of the sahuagin empire of Aleaxtis. The sea devils emerge from a century of war with the merrow of the Alamber to claim more than half of that sea as their own.
4Year of the Slaked Blade
  • Ioulaum is reportedly slain in a spellbattle with a cabal of alhoon (illithiliches).
  • Ashtukzu II, son of King Ashtukzu I and a Turami noblewoman, besieges Westgate with a force of mercenaries from Alaghôn. The inhabitants of Westgate rise up in open rebellion, and King Thunn is drowned in the small river that drains into Westgate's harbor and forever after bears his name.
  • Laranla Imdalace of Ardeep disappears and rulership of Ardeep passes to her kinswoman Embrae Aloevan.
5Year of the Clutched Emerald
  • The syl-pasha establishes gates between various sites in Calimport and his new imperial capital rising at Shoonach.
6Year of Firestars
  • Chapter 6 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Ondeth Obarskyr and his family settle in the forest of Cormyr.
7Year of the Vampires' Sun
8Year of Spellspheres
9Year of the Falling Wall
c. 10
  • The city of Suzail is founded.
10Year of Dreams
  • The Netheril region is renamed Anauroch after the greatest of its two survivor states.
11Year of the Mellifluent Sphinx
12Year of Wistful Looks
  • Rise of the Triton Protectorate of Vuuvax beneath the waters of the Inner Sea.
13Year of the Sweet Songs
14Year of the Unknown Beloved
15Year of Glittering Glory
  • Amahl III (-14 to 50), son of Amahl II, becomes Emperor of the Shoon Empire.
  • The syl-pasha of Calimshan moves his court and much of the empire's power to Shoonach. As Calimport remains the primary port for his empire even though it is no longer the capital, Syl-Pasha Akkabar Shoon establishes a tightly controlled puppet dynasty on the Caleph's Throne.
16Year of Distant Thunder
17Year of Crashing Glee
18Year of the Lasting Wonders
19Year of the Blessed Beast
1 SM
Year of Fallen Fury
  • The human Calendar of Harptos adopts the elven holiday of Cinnaelos 'Cor ("The Day of Corellon's Peace") and renames it Shieldmeet, celebrating it every four years since.
  • Iljak grows into a major trade city. Few villages remain outside a 50-mile radius of the expanding city.
21Year of Lamenting
22Year of the Empty Fist
23Year of Falling Arrows
24Year of the Evasive Hare
25Year of Many Runes
  • Church of Deneir founded.
1 CR
Year of Opening Doors
  • Chapter 10 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • The human realm of Cormyr is founded by Obarskyr family; the Elder Kings begin their reign. 1 CR (Cormyrean Reckoning).
  • Faerlthann (? to 55), 1st King of Cormyr.
27Year of Shadowed Blades
  • The syl-pasha of Calimshan dies under mysterious circumstances while enchanting magical items in his chambers deep beneath the Imperial Mount of Shoonach. King Amahl III succeeds his great-great-grandfather as ruler of Calimshan and Tethyr. After establishing another puppet regime on Tethyr's throne, Amahl III crowns himself Qysar ("emperor") Amahl Shoon III of the Shoon Imperium.
  • Rahman (4 to 63), son-in-law of Emperor Amahl III, becomes King of Tethyr.
  • End of the Shoon Dynasty in Tethyr; beginning of the Cormal Dynasty (Shoon Traitorum).
28Year of the Barren Fields
29Year of the Carved Cliffs
30Year of the Crushed Monument
31Year of the Garrulous Gargoyle
32Year of Errant Arrows
33Year of Slowing Sands
34Year of Purloined Power
  • The Melairkyn clan of Undermountain is decimated by a drow onslaught; dwarven rulership ends with death of King Melair IV (buried in the Lost Level).
35Year of Scaled Lightning
36Year of Consuming Ice
37Year of Dark Venom
  • King Ashtukzu II of Westgate is slain by assassins, although their employer is never discovered. The royal line of succession is thrown into dispute as the stepson and illegitimate half-brother of Ashtukzu II battle for the crown of Westgate. After three months of civil war, both men are slain on the very same night, mere hours after the arrival of a trade envoy from Unther, Great Lord Hurnmul. Fearing that Hurnmul seeks once again to impose Gilgeam's will on the city, Westgate's senior nobles blame Gilgeam's agents for the king's assassination and for fomenting the chaos that ensued. After a week of battles in the streets between the trade envoy's "bodyguards" and the nobles' private militias, Great Lord Hurnmul and his troops are driven from the city. Within the hour, the late king's seneschal, Kergaard Twinblade is crowned as king of Westgate. King Kergaard is universally acknowledged as a weak king, wholly beholden to the nobility. His reign marks the beginning of a period of decline for Westgate as royal authority slowly unravels.
38Year of Verdant Pain
39Year of Proud Flame
40Year of the Gaunt Wolf
41Year of the Branded Lady
42Year of the Charging Calvalry
43Year of Frostbrands
44Year of the Vow Manifest
  • The Night of Ringing Shields celebrates the creation of the three Demonbane Shields by Anachtyr's clergy in the Alimir mountains.
45Year of the Torpid Arms
46Year of the Hidden Fortress
47Year of the Crystal Orb
48Year of the Bloodied Pikes
49Year of the Deadly Joust
c. 50
  • The Vilhon Reach grows. By this time, Hlondeth establishes itself as both a port city and a major landmark along the Tunway. The cities of Mussum, Samra, and Arrabar spring up along the southeastern shores of the Vilhon. Daroush, Torl, and Asple are established on the northwestern shore.
50Year of the Barbed Wind
  • Qysar Amahl Shoon III dies and is succeeded by Qysar Shoon I.
51Year of the Red Pearls
52Year of the Thundering Horde
  • The first permanent farms are established in the Waterdeep area by locally settling tribes.
53Year of the Desert Kingdoms
  • Sundryl Aeravansel leaves the city of Cormanthor and never returns. The reason for this is some grudge that Sundryl held with the Coronal and Sundryl's attachment to the eastern woods.
54Year of the Forlorn Prince
55Year of the Caustic Blood
56Year of the Laughing Nightmare
57Year of Lamplit Nights
58Year of the Dazzling Dolphins
59Year of the Tangled Threads
60Year of the Pirate's Lost Eye
61Year of the Branded Mage
  • Qysar Shoon I decrees the establishment of the Wizard's Consortiums of all the cities of his realm, to which attendance is mandatory for all wizards. Those who resist are slain, and soon Shoon I knows of nearly every mage within his domain, which allows him better control over such forces.
62Year of the Lonely Daughters
63Year of the Winsome Trio
  • Leodom I (35 to 97), 5th son of Rahman, King of Tethyr.
64Year of the Boisterous Orc
  • Settlement of the Twilit Land, the coastal area between present-day Neverwinter and Waterdeep begins in this year by the Northmen.
65Year of the Foaming Wave
66Year of the Spellbound Heir
67Year of the Redolent Innkeeper
68Year of the Echoing Chasm
  • Saeval Ammath is born into House Ammath, and numerous portents indicate he will become the Archmage of the House later in life.
  • Drow raiding Mount Melairbode establish the prison adjoining the Lost Level of Undermountain.
69Year of the Lit Pathway
70Year of the Mournful Dance
71Year of the Entwined Sculpture
72Year of the Climber's Rest
73Year of Wise Council
74Year of the Fearful Mercinary
75Year of Clinging Death
  • Plague racks the civilized Realms (Empires of the Sands, Vilhon Reach). More than 50% of the total population of the Vilhon are killed in as little as 10 years.
  • More than half of Westgate's inhabitants fall victim to the deadly plague spread by sailors from the Vilhon Reach, including King Kergaard, who dies without an heir. Hygaarth Croam, an itinerant priest of Ilmater, is instrumental in organizing the city's priesthoods to combat the epidemic. By the first frost, the plague has run its course and Westgate's surviving populace demands that the humble Hygaarth assume the mantle of kingship, thus establishing the Croam dynasty. Seeing the duties of rulership as another trial to be borne in the name of the god of suffering, Hygaarth rules ably for two decades until his death in the Year of the Mournful Harp.
  • Qysar Shoon I of the Shoon Imperium dies and is succeeded by his third son, Qysar Shoon II.
  • Alaundo the Seer arrives in Candlekeep.
  • Moander the Darkbringer hurls his forces and the "creeping evil" against the elven city of Tsornyl, blighting much of the surrounding woods. The magic of Moander twists all life, both follower and victim alike, into corrupt monsters, including deepspawn and shambling mounds. While the evil could not be destroyed, High Magic severed the creeping evil from Moander and imprisoned the corruption at Tsornyl (soon to be called the Darkwatch). This weakened the Darkbringer's presence in Toril, though it cost the lives of thirty-two elves, including two High Mages, to sever and bind the power.
  • The elven realm of Rilithar is finally abandoned by its moon and wood elf inhabitants due to the encroachment of human settlers and unceasing orc and troll raids from the Sword Mountains and Dessarin Valley.
76Year of Windsong
c. 77
  • By this time, the dwarves are exterminated from all but three levels of Undermountain.
77Year of the Quivering Mountains
78Year of the Closing Darkness
79Year of the Whispering Woods
80Year of the Mordant Blight
81Year of the Vampiric Touch
82Year of the Preordained Youth
83Year of the Satyr's Adulation
84Year of the Monotonous Speech
85Year of the Orb Obsidious
86Year of the Eyeless Wraith
87Year of the Hoar Frost
  • Braerindra dies, becoming a baelnorn to protect Castle Cormanthor. She is known henceforth as the Watchnorn of Castle Cormanthor.
  • The settlement of Eigersstor (Modern: Neverwinter) is founded by the Northmen.
88Year of the Flood
89Year of the Faithful Oracle
90Year of the Moor Birds
91Year of the Scabbard Peace
92Year of the Vanished Tattoo
93Year of the Quiet Valley
94Year of the Multitudes
95Year of the Reluctant Hero
  • Uthgar, a Ruathym Northman, leads a reaver fleet against Illusk and succeeds in sacking this city. The Grand Cabal take refuge in the Host Tower of the Arcane. Most are soon brought low however by the furious beserker assaults of Uthgar's men, who ignore heavy losses to put them all to the sword. Others flee to magical safeholds or seal themselves in impenetrable chambers. The roused citizens of Illusk do succeed however in burning the raiders' ships, and the weakened reavers are eventually driven from the city by enraged citizen mobs.
96Year of the Mournful Harp
  • The warrior Stefan Blackspear proclaims himself Highlord of Illusk, and takes control of the leaderless city. Fearful that the members of the Grand Cabal may return to challenge his tenuous authority, Highlord Blackspear decrees that all wizards are exiled from Illusk and that it is forbidden for any citizen of Illusk to approach or enter the "evil" Host Tower of the Arcane. Following generations shun this tower as it is believed to be haunted and inhabited by fell and terrible creatures, some of whom include former members of the Grand Cabal who embraced lichdom.
97Year of Flickering Nyths
  • Hazam (64 to 113), 3rd son (adoptive; wife's son) of Leodom I, King of Tethyr.
98Year of Revealed Grimoires
99Year of the Dragonstar

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