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Forgotten Realms chronology, 100 - 199

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

c. 100
  • The nomad human followers of Uthgar begin to join with other nomad humans groups descended from the Netherese that followed the Bey of Runlatha and scattered across the North after his death.
100Year of the Greybeards
  • The city of Athkatla is founded.
  • Year 0 in Amnreckoning (little used except in official documents)
101Year of the Smiling Moon
  • Josidiah Starym is born to the gold elven House Starym of Myth Drannor, to his gold elf father and moon elf mother. He has his father's features and golden hair, but has his mother's uncanny sapphire-blue eyes, a strange combination for a noble gold elf child.
102Year of the Ormage
103Year of the White Hound
104Year of the Preying Griffon
105Year of the Tattooed Mistress
106Year of the Adamantine Spiral
  • Rhiiman "The Glorious" (? to 131), King of Cormyr.
107Year of the Fledglings
  • "Bones of the Beast (Webstory for "Son of Thunder")
  • Qysar Shoon II dies and is succeeded by his first grandnephew, Qysar Shoon III. Hazamir el Aktorral, Syl-Pasha of Calimshan, is made riqysar (regent-emperor). Aktorral moves some of the Imperial Court back to Calimport and the surroundings he trusts rather than live in Shoonach.
108The Year of the Mortified Monk (NOTE: FR10 Old Empires gives the name of this Year as the Year of the Flood)
  • First great flood of the River Alamber nearly destroys Unthalass.
109Year of the False Ghost
110Year of the Quirt
111Year of Fallen Guards
  • The kingdom of Anauria falls to an orc invasion, though it ensures the mutual destruction of the horde, and orc numbers are reduced for centuries in this area. (NOTE: The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting mistakenly gives this date as c. 200 DR)
112Year of the Tusk
  • Cormyrean cartographers create the first recognized map of Cormyr, Cormanthor, and the Dalelands.
  • Height of the Western Kingdoms (Asram, Anauria and Hlondeth).
113Year of the Belching Boggle
  • Leodom II (85 to 136), 1st son of Hazam, King of Tethyr.
114Year of the Jagged Leaves
115Year of the Morning Glory
116Year of the Mortal Promise
117Year of the Swinging Pendulum
118Year of the Monkey
119Year of the Mountain's Fire
120Year of the Remembered Pain
121Year of the Embroidered Button
122Year of the Mourning Armsmen
123Year of the Icy Axe
  • With the death of el Aktorral this year, all governmental control of Calimshan and the Imperium moves to Shoonach until the fall of the Imperium. Calimport becomes merely the largest port, and its northern quarters become more and more deserted. During the next centuries, the walls around the port wards rise higher than ever to defend against intruders as more rogues take residence in the nearly empty upper city. Calimport Below also becomes larger and more populous during the Imperium, as neglect sees the collapse of many buildings and the rise in monstrous populations down below is a direct result of fewer garrisons in the Old City (as upper Calimport becomes known for 300 years).
  • Uthgar dies from wounds received in battle with Gurt, Lord of the Pale Giants, at the present-day site of Morgur's Mound. His nomad human followers call themselves the Uthgardt in his honor and form tribes based on the beast spirits he was said to have tamed in his lifetime.
124Year of the Biting Frost
125Year of the Ironwood
  • The city of Ormath is established on the Shining Plains.
  • Hlondeth's population soars as a trade road - the Pikeman's Folly - is built between the two cities.
126Year of the Cinnamon Haze
127Year of the Defiant Stone
  • The settlement of Grath's Hold (Modern: Port Llast) is founded by Grath Erlkar, a Northman raider and explorer.
128Year of the Addled Arcanist
129Year of the Mummy's Amulet
c. 130
  • The Eshowe of Chult unleash Eshowdow the Shadow Giant.
130Year of the Dwarven Twins
131Year of the Cockatrice's Stare
  • The Silver Swordpoint, a mercinary company led by the warrior Flaerivus Grevauldyn, is chartered in Athkatla.
132Year of Thirteen Prides Lost
  • Dempster Turmish declares himself Mayor of Alaghon. He sends his mercenaries against his rivals. A brief, bloody civil war erupts in Alaghon, and Dempster emerges as undisputed leader.
  • The official founding of Turmish.
  • The mages of the Circle of Flames begin to record the Scrolls Ardentym this year.
133Year of the Arduous Journey
  • The Barony of the Steeping Falls is founded by Artor Morlin "the Baron of Blood", an outlaw hailing from the lands of the Shoon.
134Year of the Impassable Chasm
135Year of the Halfling's Dale
  • Arrabar's military forces wipe out the city of Mimph.
136Year of the Stalking Beholders
  • Yusuf (109 to 136), 10th son of Leodom II, King of Tethyr.
  • King Leodom III (117 to 175, original name Ali), 17th son of Leodom II, King of Tethyr.
  • Shornthal Imynster becomes Magister (reigned 136-148DR).
137Year of the King's Destiny
  • On the twelfth day of Flamerule, the army of Iljak engages the forces of Mussum along the Sandshore. The battle rages for a fortnight until early Eleasius, when Samran forces sack the city of Iljak and attack its forces on the unprotected left flank. Iljak surrenders, and the twin forces of Mussum and Samra enslave the survivors.
  • King Dalious Croam, after two short years on the throne of Westgate, sets sail for the eastern reaches of the Sea of Fallen Stars on an extended trade mission. The heirless king appoints a member of the city's nobility as Croamarkh, a title that means "Voice of Croam", to govern in his stead during his planned lengthy absence.
  • The Errant King, as King Dalious comes to be known, never returns to Westgate, although the nobility maintains the fiction that Westgate's absent monarch continues to wander the Realms long after he most certainly would have died of old age. For over a century, under the aegis of the absent Croam Dynasty, Westgate is governed by a series of Croamarkhs selected from the ranks of the nobility.
  • The warrior Flaerivus Grevauldyn rescues a priestess of Mystra from an orc raiding band. She begins to teach him the rudiments of magic.
138Year of Sparks Flying
139Year of the Resolute Courtesans
  • By this time, the deforestation of the Chondalwood is in full swing. The city of Shamph is established along the Emerald Corridor, a road stretching from Shamph to Arrabar.
140Year of the Executioner
141Year of the Impenetrable Mystery
  • The warrior-mage Flaerivus Grevauldyn defeats Thaerdimor, the self-styled Mage-King of Daerimathlor, in spell-battle.
  • Highlord Narandos, ruler of Illusk, sponsors a group of settlers who seek to reclaim the lost city of Gauntlgrym. By the year's end these settlers have established themselves within the uppermost level of the subterranean city, and cleared it of orcs and other foul creatures.
142Year of the Prowling Naga
  • Citadel Adbar is built by King Adbarruns of the dwarves.
  • Qysar Amahl Shoon IV is killed by his brother Amahl of the Nine Whirlwinds, who sweeps him off the Royal Mount at Shoonach with a gust of wind spell.
143Year of the Smiling Princess
  • Lumberjacks in the Chondalwood are halted by a large force of elves. Lord Anthony Illistine creates an alliance of the free cities of the region.
144Year of the Fear and Flame
  • Battle of Elven Tears. The alliance of free cities in Chondath attacks the elves. Ariel-Than, an elven city, is burned to the ground, and more than 2,000 elves die in the war. The survivors reportedly flee deeper into the wood to the city of Rucien-Xan, a mythical elven home.
  • Six months after the Battle of Elven Tears, Lord Anthony Illistine is named governor of Chondath, and the city-states are finally united under one leader.
145Year of the Pirates' Port
  • Dempster Turmish continues his campaign to conquer the Vilhon area. Hlondeth is besieged. Alaghonian forces are unable to mount an effective siege without closing off access to the Vilhon, and after six months Dempster ends the siege.
  • Lady Ahskahala Durothil is born at Semberholme to Lady Uschymna and Lord Phaendar Durothil of Myth Drannor.
146Year of the Risen Towers
  • Lord Dempster attempts a second siege of Hlondeth, but is again defeated, this time by the city's high walls and a powerful barrage of magic.
  • Avavae Irithyl is born, the first child of House Irithyl in centuries. Unfortunately, her mother dies giving birth, leaving tiny Aravae and the Coronal, her great-uncle, as the sole heirs of Irithyl. From birth, Aravae has a personal guard of three armathors whose sole purpose is to protect the child who will be the Coronal's heir.
  • Elembar is founded by settlers from Tavaray.
  • Uth Myrmoran, an exiled lord of Tavaray, erects the Uthtower and forms the realm of the same name.
147Year of the Iron Colossus
148The Year of Blue Ice
  • Drow construct the original Crystal Labyrinth in Undermountain as a training area for their young.
  • Shornthal Imynster falls in battle; the warrior-mage Flaerivus Grevauldyn becomes Magister (reigned 151-154DR).
149Year of the Dwarf
  • Dwarves of Ammarindar led by Iirikos Stoneshoulder build a stone bridge across the River Shining at the site of present-day Loudwater.
c. 150
  • An unknown dwarfhold in the Lost Peaks comes to a sudden end.
150Year of the Lost Library
  • Lord Dempster rebuilds his army for a third attempt at Hlondeth, but dies in his sleep before it is ready. His wife, Florentine, becomes ruler and immediately calls off the attack.
151Year of the Kraken
152Year of the Severed Hand
  • Illusk falls to the Severed Hand orc horde, its strength weakened by the attempt to colonise Gauntlygrym. The orcs take up residence in the ruins and establish a settlement of sorts known as Argrock, after their leader. Many citizens of Illusk flee south, swelling the populations of Grath's Hold and Eigersstor.
153Year of the Moving Ground
  • The humans of Gauntlgrym come under concerted assault by illithids and their lycanthrope thrall armies after they delve too deeply into the underground levels of that city. A few escape into the Savage North and are taken in by the wandering Gray Wolf Uthgardt tribe, who save them from orc raiders.
154Year of the Jealous Hag
  • Lady Florentine of Turmish is assassinated, setting off endless rounds of political maneuvering by various merchant houses. This 100-year gap in leadership becomes known as the Calmwaters, and the region flourishes.
  • The Magister Flaerivus Grevauldyn is killed by rival mages. Malanthus Stormstaern, "The Dark-Eyed Storm", becomes Magister (reigns 154 to 177).
155Year of the Mellifluous Heaps
156Year of the Imaginary Foe
157Year of the Resounding Call
158Year of the Imploring Widow
159Year of the Lost Profit
160Year of the Smirking Knaves
  • Port Llast comes into common usage as the name for the swiftly growing settlement of Grath's Hold. The city becomes home to thousands of miners and explorers eager to find the mineral wealth of the Savage North.
161Year of the Hangman's Noose
162Year of the Great Dwarven Gate
163Year of the Screeching Vole
  • Last reported use of the Ring of Winter in Cormyr.
  • Founding of Altumbel by the Unther Empire.
  • Founding of Elmwood on the southern coast of the Moonsea, as a small waystation for ship traffic to and from the River Lis.
  • Founding of the city of Crimmor, in Amn.
164Year of the Fallen Temple
165Year of the Smoking Brazier
  • Rise of the Triton Protectorate of Pumana beneath the Inner Sea.
166Year of the Reremouse
167Year of the Deep Wellspring
168Year of Scattered Stars
  • Halaster's Hold, the wizard's tower and fortified ramparts, is built to the north and west of the farms in the Waterdeep area.
  • Ornoth is crowned king of Uthtower.
169Year of the Weary Warrior
170Year of the Bloodties
171Year of Unkind Weapons
  • The elves of Cormanthyr complete a two-year-long siege and running battle to destroy the sole surviving temple of Moander in the northern forest (at the site of modern Yulash). The elves raze the temple after slaying all of Moander's priests. The Coronal and sixteen of Cormanthyr's High Mages cast the binding High Magic that banishes the Jawed God from the Realms until it is freed by a nonborn child.
  • From this time foward, Moander remains a lurking evil trapped beneath the ruins of his final temple.
  • First of Halaster's Hunts against the drow in the Underhalls. These incursions by the Mad Mage continue until 308 DR.
172Year of the Great Debate
173Year of Screaming Sharn
174Year of the Windswept Plains
175Year of the Black Boats
  • Leodom IV (149 to 187, original name Kasim), 4th nephew of Leodom III, King of Tethyr.
  • Port Llast is assailed and sacked by the orcs of the Severed Hand who devastate the surrounding countryside and bring fire to the nearby woodlands. Much of its population travels south to Eigersstor and safety.
176Year of the Wyrmclaws
177Year of the Troublesome Vixen
  • The Magister Malanthus Stormstaern is killed by a "falling star". His oldest friend and onetime apprentice Dorgon "Stonecloak" Heamiiolothtar becomes Magister (reigns 177 to 241).
  • The elves of Iliyanbruen sally forth from their capitol Sharandar and destroy the orcs of the Severed Hand and Argrock at the cost of much of their strength. Within three years, this elven realm is no more as many of its moon elf inhabitants travel west to Evermeet or south to Ardeep. Isolated wood elf settlements remain in the depths of the Neverwinter Woods.
178Year of the Jealous Spouse
179Year of the Engraved Locket
180Year of Leaning Pillars
181Year of the Sinking Islands
182Year of the Quenched Stirges
183Year of the Murmuring Dead
  • Athalantar is founded by Uthgrael Aumar "The Stag King".
184Year of the Leucrotta
185Year of the Golden Elephant
186Year of Vestigal Wings
  • Moriann, King of Cormyr (? to 198).
187Year of the Twisted Tree
  • Tasiiva Cormal (124 to 193), wife of Leodom IV, Widow Regent of Tethyr.
188Year of Dissolute Drow
  • King Uthgrael Aumar (? to 216) marries Syndrel Hornweather (? to 216).
189Year of the Cowled Defender
190Year of the Apparition
191Year of the Broken Lands
  • The archmage Iniarv creates the Twinned Crown of Yarlith, companion to the Twinned Crown of Uthtower.
  • The realm of Yarlith is formed north of Uthtower to prevent dynastic squabbling between the twin sons of Ornoth and their supporters. They are crowned King Uth III of Uthtower and King Ornoth II of Yarlith respectively.
192Year of the Magnificent Equine
  • Elthryn Aumar (192 to 224), the father of Elminster, is born to Uthgrael and Syndrel Aumar.
193Year of the Raised Brow
  • Hazam II (178 to 209), 2nd son of Leodom IV, King of Tethyr.
194Year of Coiling Smoke
  • The Shadowdale temple of Eilistraee and its good dark elves are slaughtered by a new infestation of drow from below; the temple is restored as the Twisted Tower military garrison.
  • Completion of the Fountain of the Qysars in Calimport.
195Year of the Yeti
196Year of Yearning Elves
197Year of the Unseeing Priest
198Year of the Almond Eyes
  • Tharyann "The Elder", King of Cormyr (? to 231)
199Year of the Cold Enchanter
  • Hlondath instigates the Crown Against the Scepter Wars, intent on raiding Cormanthyr for magic. The skirmishes happen once every three years or so, and are more annoying than damaging, but they bleed away forces that could fight the drow of the Twisted Tower.

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