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Forgotten Realms chronology, 200 - 299

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

c. 200
  • Anauria noted as being destroyed by goblins.
  • Settlers from Elembar, Athalantar, Uthtower and Yarlith establish a series of frontier holds known as the Mlembryn lands in the region straddling both banks of the River Dessarin and stretching from eastern Yarlith to the western edge of the High Forest.
200Year of Leaping Flames
  • The Rogue Fires engulf all of northern and western Calimport as opposing underworld factions fight for control of the city.
201Year of the Student
202Year of the Fanged Gauntlet
  • Tribes of "barbarians" from the south invade southern Unther and Mulhorand.
203Year of Scattered Sands
204Year of the Avarice
205Year of the Greengrass
  • Mulhorand and Unther chase defeated barbarians back to their base settlement and exterminate them. A dying shaman prophesies that their empires shall soon crumble.
  • Illusk is re-founded by settlers from Uthtower, Yarlith and the Mlembryn lands led by Taman Steeldrake. A cousin of King Uth III and King Ornoth II of Uthtower and Yarlith respectively, Taman names himself Grand Prince and ruler of the city.
206Year of the Regal Doppleganger
207Year of the Majestic Mace
  • Fall of the dwarven realm of Ironstar. The near-final remnants of the clan are slaughtered on the Stone Bridge. The rest flee south and join with the Fallen Kingdom (Kingdom of Man).
208Year of Riven Realms
209Year of the Dying Eye
  • Tebalan Pahuk (158 to 211), Court Vizier and Tethyrian loyalist, Regent of Tethyr.
210Year of the Steelfall
  • Elthryn Aumar marries Amrythale Goldsheaf, a forester's daughter.
211Year of Spoiled Splendors
  • Drow assaults force the last dwarves of Clan Melairkyn to seal themselves within the Lost Level of Undermountain.
  • Moshafi Telerus (172 to 217), Court Vizier and Shoon loyalist, Regent of Tethyr.
  • Four tribes of barbarians fleeing the legions of Unther and Mulhorand settle in Dambrath and become known as the Arkaiun.
212Year of Awakening Magic
  • "Elminster: Making of a Mage" begins.
  • Elminster, son of Prince Elthryn and Amrythale Goldsheaf, is born in Heldon.
  • The port of Murann is created in Amn.
213Year of the Waking Wraith
214Year of Lost Voices
215Year of the Shadowsnare
216Year of the Battle Horns
  • The known Northlands erupt in battle as many orc bands vie for supremacy; countless thousands of goblinkin perish.
  • King Uthgrael of Athalantar "The Stag King" dies; his sons, the "Warring Princes", begin open battle for the throne.
217Year of the Giant Skulls
  • Cauln Aumar (191 to 217) of Athalantar is slain by a Calishite wizard in the employ of his brother Elthaun.
  • Matamid Korrunhel (180 to 251), Court Vizier and Shoon Loyalist, Regent of Tethyr.
218Year of Dancing Lights
  • Will o' Wisps are seen in profusion all over Faerûn this year; some sages believe this marks an invasion of the strange beings, perhaps through a Gate from another plane.
  • Belaur Aumar (189 to 240), 1st son of Uthgrael, King of Athalantar. He organizes the Magelords.
219Year of Old Danger
  • Birth of the great mage Mentor Wintercloak.
220Year of the Sword Violets
  • Coronal Eltargrim opens the forest of Cormanthor to N'Tel'Quess, primarily druids, great wizards, and demi-human craftsmen who can add to the glory of Cormanthyr.
221Year of the Melting Manscorpion
222Year of the Ghosthunt
223Year of Dark Dreams
  • Emyr (208 to 229), 8th son of Hazam II, King of Tethyr.
  • The city of Trademeet is established as the caravan mustering point for Tethyr and Amn.
  • Ilhundyl, the Mad Mage, is exiled from the Calishite city of Volothamp for his monstrous experiments and his inability to control creatures he summoned from the Abyss.
224Year of the Flaming Forests
  • "Not the Most Successful of Feasts" (The Best of the Realms, Book II Story I)
  • In the winter that opens this year, many forest fires rage across the Northlands.
  • Battle of Bloodrivers: At the site of present-day Yartar, the orc-chieftain Gluthtor emerges victorious and spends the year uniting the orcs under his command.
  • Elthryn and Amrythale Aumar killed by the archmage Undarl. The Lion Sword is broken.
  • Several Tethyrian garrisons in the Tejarn Hills are destroyed by Ilhundyl the Mad Mage.
225Year of Shattered Skulls
  • Gluthtor's great orc horde is turned back by the elves of the Sword Coast lands, at the cost of much of their strength, in the battles of Five Falcons (east of the Stone Bridge), and Hungry Arrows (southeast of present-day Everlund). The rise of archery among orcs is said to date from these slaughters, wherein the surviving orcs saw a few thousand elven archers slay hundreds of thousands of goblinkin.
226Year of the Empty Turret
  • Despite the lack of major wars, disease and widespread lawlessness take many fighting-men to their graves all over Faerûn this year.
227Year of the Raised Banner
  • Three small realms are founded this year. They are the halfling realm of Meiritin in what is now eastern Amn; the human realm of Shavinar north of present-day Baldur's Gate; and Tathtar at the western end of the Vilhon Reach. All have since vanished.
  • The dwarves of the Alaoreaum fight an epic battle with the red dragon Stormcrossing. The dwarves win, but the humans are alerted to their presence in the mountains.
228Year of the Loremasters
  • Several sages publish important histories of human magical achievements in the summer of this year, winning widespread fame.
  • At this time, Elminster is an outlaw in the Horn Hills, on the borders of Athalantar.
229Year of the Black Flame
  • A cabal of wizards calling themselves "The Black Flame" forms in Unther and destroys several armies sent by local rulers to slay them. They leave a legacy of powerful spells that later form much of the arsenal of the Red Wizards of Thay.
  • During this year, Elminster, using the name Eladar the Dark, is active as a thief in Hastarl, capital of Athalantar.
  • King Emyr of Tethyr dies without issue; end of the Cormal Dynasty and beginning of the Korrunhel Dynasty.
  • Matamid Korrunhel (180 to 251), Former Vizier and Regent, King of Tethyr.
  • Plague hits the cities of Keltar, Volothamp, and Manshaka. Named the Ashes Plague for the skin tone of those infected.
  • The Magelords of Athalantar are defeated in spellbattle by Dorgon "Stonecloak" Heamiiolothtar, the Magister of Mystra.
230Year of the Wailing Dryads
  • Trees are felled all over the human-held lands of Faerûn this year, and many roads begun, cutting into the heart of once impassable woodlands.
  • The Tathtar Wars: The fledgling realm of Tathtar in the Vilhon begins to expand into eastern Tethyr. Beginning of nearly ten years of warfare between the realms.
  • Dalagar "Longwalker" becomes king of Andlath (a vanished realm that flourished on what is now the Shining Plains), and begins construction of a trade road linking the Sword Coast lands with the Vilhon Reach.
231Year of the Mist Dragon
  • Boldovor "The Mad" (? to 242), King of Cormyr.
  • A gigantic dragon of this rare species appears in the lands around the Sea of Fallen Stars in the spring of this year, challenging and slaying any dragon it can find.
  • Ilhundyl the Mad Mage conquers Meiritin's largest settlement and declares himself ruler of the Calishar Emirates. Mild unrest farther south near Shoonach delays a military response from the Shoon Empire.
  • Emperor Shoon IV unleashes the Death Parade (a horde of skeletons and zombies) on rebels in Ithmong.
232Year of the Leaping Centaur
  • In Andlath, centaur herds break free of human slavery there, shattering that realm into small, besieged territories and outposts.
  • The underground city of Dolblunde is built in this year, north and east of Waterdeep, by several gnome and deep-gnome clans led by Olbrent Handstone.
233Year of Much Ale
  • A rich barley harvest this year makes beer plentiful and good in the lands around the Sea of Fallen Stars.
  • As a member of the Brave Blades adventuring band, "Elmara" (Elminster) is busy exploring old ruins, dungeons, and subterranean holds in the lands north and west of Athalantar.
  • The Brave Blades plunder the Floating Tower of the archwizard Ondil of the Many Spells.
234Year of Bloodflowers
  • A red-leafed wildflower, called the "Bloodflower" for its hue and prevalence on open plains that often become battlefields, seems to grow everywhere this year - until an alchemist in Calimshan discovers a magical use for its petals. In the decade that follows, the bloodflower is harvested so thoroughly that it disappears from Faerûn.
235Year of Drawn Knives
  • Intrigue, wars of succession, and assassinations are rife all across Faerûn; it is a time of defiance, violence, and short tempers.
  • Elmara (Elminster) is studying and adventuring with the sorceress Myrjala Dark-Eyes.
236Year of Plaque Clouds
  • A mage in Mulhorand devises a spell that creates clouds of poisonous gas that last several days. The wizard is slain by fearful neighbours and rival wizards, but not before someone steals at least one of the spells involved.
  • Elmara (Elminster) continues to study and adventure with Myrjala, traveling widely in Faerûn.
237Year of the Disappearing Dragons
  • Ansryn Tehvyae, a crazed hermit-mage who dwells in Tsharoon (a land since swallowed by the Quoya Desert) develops a new spell that teleports unwitting and unwilling dragons from place to place, from afar. At the end of Year, Tehvyae is identified by the wisest, most furious surviving dragons, and destroyed.
  • Elmara's magic grows to outstrip Myrjala's; they decide to part and Elminster reveals his true gender to his teacher.
238Year of Many Mushrooms
  • Damp, cloudy weather and widespread rotting diseases promote wild growth of mushrooms all across northern Faerûn.
  • Elminster goes mage-hunting across Faerûn, trying to defeat evil mages and gain their powers.
  • Myrjala and Elminster destroy Ilhundyl the Mad Mage of the Calishar. They reveal their love for each other, and decide to dwell and work together.
  • Dalagar "Longwalker", King of Andlath, completes his road linking Athkatla to Ormath.
239Year of the Wandering Leucrotta
  • A sudden increase in the numbers of leucrotta drives many of these nasty creatures to roam across the North, each seeking its own territory.
  • Elminster and Myrjala work together, building their powers for a planned assault on Athalantar.
240Year of the Chosen
  • Elminster achieves his destiny and shatters the rule of the magelords, slaying King Beluar and the malaugrym Undarl. El then crowns the outlaw Helm Stoneblade king of Athalantar. Myrjala reveals herself as the goddess Mystra; Elminster becomes one of Mystra's Chosen, and is sent to Cormanthor.
  • Peace treaties signed between Tathar and Tethyr end nearly ten years of war between the two realms.
241Year of the Hippogriff's Folly
  • "Elminster: Making of a Mage" ends.
  • "Elminster in Myth Drannor" begins.
  • The Lord-Speaker Ildilyntra Starym of the Starym Clan attacks the Coronal Eltargrim. This act causes the fall in power of the Starym Clan in Myth Drannor. Ildilyntra dies when she transforms herself into a blood dragon to attack the Coronal.
  • In late autumn, the former and sole-surviving Prince of Athalantar, Elminster Aumar, enters the city of Cormanthor both to serve Mystra's will and return the kiira (lore-gem) of House Alastrarra. He becomes both the first human to walk the city, and the first ever human Armathor.
  • The Magister Dorgon "Stonecloak" dies in spellbattle with the mage Sirdan Aulauger of Shussel. Nelorth "Firefists" Broamshoulder becomes Magister (reigns 241 to 242).
242Year of the Hunting Horn
  • The Srinshee, once a baelnorn, is reborn as an elfmaid. This is rumored to have been done at the behest of the human goddess Mystra.
  • The Magister Nelorth "Firefists" dies in spellbattle with his third challenger for the office. The arrogant mage Weldrarn Orblin becomes Magister (reigns early 242).
  • Weldrarn dies in spellbattle with Tsanbrin Auleroevler, after a tower falls on him. Tsanbrin becomes Magister (reigns 242 to 244).
  • Iltharl, King of Cormyr (? to 245).
243Year of the Sad Orm
244Year of the Elfsands
  • Evereska's existence is uncovered by N'Tel'Quess for the first time, though the secret is kept for centuries by the human tribes of the Greycloak Hills.
  • Brymmyn Thorl becomes Magister (reigned 244-246DR).
245Year of the Dun Dragon
246Year of the Sepulchre
  • The Magister Brymmyn Thorl is killed in spellbattle with Corthas Mulheer. Corthas briefly becomes Magister before being killed in turn by the crazed mage Galeerie Mulurkrath. Galeerie becomes Magister (reigns 246 to 249).
247Year of the Moaning Maiden
248Year of Tumbletowns
249Year of the Crystal Casket
  • The Magister Galeerie Mulurkrath is hit over the head with a shovel and killed. Talana Brakuularn of Shoonach, founder of the first MageFairs, is awarded the office of Magister (reigns 249 to 256).
c. 250
  • Halaster Blackcloak makes Undermountain his domain.
  • The gold elves of Siluvanede begin a retreat to Evermeet in the face of increasing human settlement of the regions bordering the High Forest. Within two hundred years this realm is no more as the last of its citizens raise a mythal that places them and their city of Adofhaer in stasis, causing it to leave the bounds of Faerun.
250Year of the Storm Crown
251Year of Strange Seedlings
  • Xandar (224 to 260), 3rd son of Matamid, King of Tethyr.
252Year of the Bloody Spider
253Year of Somber Smiles
  • "Guenhwyvar" (Realms of Magic Story II)
  • The panther Guenhwyvar is transformed into a unique figurine of wondrous power by Andres Beltgarden, a human settler of Cormanthyr. The figurine is granted to the young bladesinger Josidiah Starym.
  • The dwarves of Thornhammer Hold and the humans of the Mlembryn lands unite to destroy a troll army at the site of present-day Calling Horns.
254Year of the Ghost Horse
255Year of the Magethunder
256Year of the Thousand Snows
  • The Magister Talana Brakuularn is killed at the second ever MageFair. After a dozen or so mages attending the Fair were killed by rivals, the mage Eirl Rauthantannar, the "Whisperer in Shadows", becomes Magister (reigns 256 to 276).
257Year of the Speaking Mountain
  • The eruption of Mount Ugruth indirectly leads to the fall of the Croam dynasty in Westgate and the end of the rule of the Croamarkhs. The volcano blackens the skies above Hlondeth with ash for months, leading the various churches of the city-state to conclude that the gods are displeased. The fall of House Gestin in nearby Chondath leads to the abrogation of a treaty between the city-state of Hlondeth and the pirates of the Inner Sea that grants the latter group safe harbor. Before the arrival of winter, a vast fleet of pirates descends on Westgate, determined to seize it as their new home and replace their base in Hlondeth.
  • The arrival of the pirates in Westgate leads in short order to the death of the reigning Croamarkh and much of the city's nobility. Thus began the reign of the Pirate Kings in Westgate, a period in which no less than 77 pirate lords rule the city in rapid succession. Some of the pirate lords reign no more than a few hours, and the longest-serving pirate king lasts only a little more than five years. During this period, Westgate's role as a trading hub declines precipitously, and much of the city falls into disrepair.
258Year of the War Wyvern
259Year of the Magedirge
260Year of Sunless Stones
  • Chondath establishes the frontier towns of Timindar and Orbech. The Grand Druid of the Gulthmere issues several warnings to Chondath regarding the continued cutting of the Chondalwood, but is ignored.
  • A gold and silver rush in the Deepwing Mountains begins. Lachom is founded, and is swiftly controlled by Chondath.
  • Vajra (244 to 310), sole heir of Xandar, Queen of Tethyr (married Karazir Tiiraklar).
261Year of Soaring Stars
  • "Elminster in Myth Drannor" ends.
  • Laying of the Mythal at Myth Drannor. Myth Drannor created for all races. Cormanthor change its name to Myth Drannor (The City of Might, Bards, Song, Beauty, Crowns, Love).
  • Lady Symrustar Auglamyr is re-born as a Chosen of Mystra, the first of the elves to have this honor.
  • Elven and human mages devise spells needed to sail the skies in this year, and new skyships are seen in Faerûn - the first such craft outside of Halruua since the fall of Netheril.
  • A group of elven generals allied with human rangers and druids found the Harpers. Lady Steel (an elven noble named Dathlue Mistwinter) agrees to head the organization.
262Year of Pages Perilous
  • While numerous members of many elven clans quit Myth Drannor rather than share it with the N'Tel'Quess, only minor families and the five major Houses of Bharaclaiev, Hyshaanth, Rhaevaern, Starym, and Tellynnan abandon the city for other purely elven settlements in Cormanthyr and elsewhere (though a limited number of each clan remain in the city). Only the Starym were a senior clan, and in respect of that, their lands were left to be vacant for 300 years; if not claimed by the clan again, the manors and holdings would return to the Coronal.
263Year of the Worn Pages
264Year of the Vanishing Cat
265Year of the Masterful Plan
266Year of the Black Buck
  • Starting in early spring, a number of murders in the eastern quarter of Myth Drannor turn many immigrants against each other. The eight victims (all humans) died of various poisons (to which all elves are immune). By the year's end, armathors apprehend a bigoted servant elf of House Ammath, who confesses to the crimes. (Secretly, the servant spied for House Symbeam, political enemies of the Ammath, and this gambit paid off well in social and political damage to their rivals, though the Coronal never found the family guilty of any wrongdoing.)
267Year of Bane's Shadow
  • Battle of Fallen Trees. The Chondathian logging towns of Timindar and Orbech are destroyed by elves attacking from within the Chondalwood.
  • The Crushed Helm Massacre. Chondath forces are led into a trap inside the Chondalwood. Of 10,000 men, only about 200 survive and escape the elves and wood giants.
268Year of Cruel Storms
  • The duergar exhaust the mithral mines of Undermountain.
269Year of the Wild Roses
270Year of the Unheeded Warning
  • Chondath troops begin massing at the southern border of Turmish. The squabbling merchant houses unite behind the rule of Alesam Mischwin. The two forces reach a stalemate, and Chondath retreats.
271Year of the Port Stormed
272Year of the Weeping Kingdom
  • The sovereigns of Uthtower and Yarlith both die peacefully in their sleep and are succeeded by their respective heirs.
273Year of the Delighted Dwarves
  • The first migration of dwarves arrives at Myth Drannor in three small clans from Ammarindar and Citadel Felbarr.
274Year of the Vested Vigil
275Year of the Wrath Sword
  • Queen Gantharla, King of Cormyr (to 289).
  • Halaster discovers the Lost Level of Undermountain.
276Year of the Burnished Blade
  • The forges of the dwarven clans Snowsbattle and Honedaxe produce three great gifts in gratitude for their new homes in Myth Drannor; the Beljuriled Belt of Battle for the Coronal; the Shield of Briars for the Arms-Major, and the Heralds' Horn for the Spell-Major of the Akh'Faer (which would become better known later by its primary wielder's name as The Harking Horn of Ishildé).
  • The Magister Eirl Rauthantannar, nearing the end of his days, transforms himself into Greentree Haven, an enchanted grove in the wilderlands of the Sword Coast North. The blustering mage Ergrith "Kingslayer" Klavulgrun becomes Magister (reigns 276 to 278).
277Year of Broken Flame (NOTE: Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves gives the name of this Year as the Year of the Whispering)
  • Discovery of a gold deposit in the Aphrunn Mountains creates the city of Aelor almost overnight.
  • The green elf warrior Tenyajn Haell is made a general in the Cormanthyran army, taking charge of the training of its ranks.
278Year of the Fallen Banner
  • The population of the Vilhon soars; many mercenaries are hired this year.
  • The Magister Ergrith "Kingslayer" is killed in spellbattle by the sorceress Adriyana "Leaf in the Wind" Voudsarr. Ardiyana becomes Magister (reigns 278 to 292).
279Year of Smiling Nyth
280Year of the Secreted Phylactery
281Year of the Weeping Flail
  • Thornhammer Hold is abandoned by the dwarves due to increasing orc attacks and the effects of a virulent plague.
282Year of the Watchful Hermit
  • The Aelor gold mines run dry.
283Year of the Skillful Tailor
284Year of Fallen Flagons
  • A great halfling migration hundreds strong arrives at Myth Drannor from Meiritin and Tethyr via the first open gates set up to bring folk to the city.
  • The city of Aelor is reduced to a ghost-town.
  • The mines of Undermountain are abandoned by the duergar.
285Year of Wasted Pride
  • The slave-nation of Nimpeth is founded and becomes the first Vilhon city-state to withstand the armies of Chondath.
286Year of the Jolly Mongrels
  • As most social clubs in Myth Drannor are privately owned and often held exclusive memberships, the halflings of the city surprise all by opening taverns to everyone, the first and most storied of which is the Treant's Treat, located in a warren beneath a great, petrified tree. Within a decade, even elven taverns, inns, and halls are lessening their strictures on patrons (though some places still discriminate by trade, wealth, or other prejudices). By 307 DR, only a few elite sites in the Kerradunath district restrict themselves to established elven club members.
287Year of the Warped Narthex
288Year of the Xorn's Dreaming
289Year of the Waking Dreams
  • Roderin "the Bastard", King of Cormyr (? to 317).
290Year of Full Cribs
  • This year marks the greatest number of births in Cormanthyr's history. While only half were elven babies, there are more full-blooded elves born in this lone year than in the previous decade. The Coronal deems this a sign of the realm's health and the righteousness of his quest for unity among all the races.
  • Death of Arkhenthus the Mage-Devourer, an ancient white wyrm, by the swords of six flying elves and humans. This marks the first Cormanthyran dragonhunt involving N'Tel'Quess.
291Year of the Vintner's Dagger
292Year of Frostfires
  • Gnomes walk the sylvan glades of Myth Drannor for the first time since escaped gnome slaves passed through Cormanthor in Netheril's time.
  • The Magister Adriyana, sickened by the magical devestation of her beloved woodlands, pleads with Mystra to be removed from office. She is transformed into the magical artifact Adriyana's Garter.
  • Aloevan, Laranla of Ardeep, embraces the service of both Mystra and Sehanine and is made Chosen.
293Year of Hounds
  • Tathtar is overrun by an orc horde led by the chieftain Thaurgarl "Greatmaw" and falls. Only Lower Tathtar survives the collapse.
  • Nasana Melnuthquel, princess of Procalith (a now-vanished city in the Tashalar), becomes Magister (reigns 293 to 297).
294Year of the Yak Men
295Year of the Wrathful Revenant
296Year of the Two Riders
297Year of the Wailing Mothers
  • The Magister Nasana Melnuthquel dies of heartstop. Her corpse is set afire by Sabral Faryre, a minor courtier, who proclaims himself Magister. Sabral then kills the King of Procalith and declares himself ruler.
298Year of the Scarred Wagon
  • Sabral Fayre, Magister and King of Procalith, is found dead on his throne, a huge harpoon driven through his torso. The Halruuan expatriate Malkith "The Smiling Cat" Undree becomes Magister (reigns 298 to 302).
299Year of the Vassan Knot

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