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Forgotten Realms chronology, 300 - 399

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

c. 300
  • Tyr enters the Realms.
  • Asram and Hlondath recorded as having been destroyed by the desert.
  • Ilgostrogue Sstar leaves Citadel Adbar with 35,000 dwarves, of which 12,000 survive to found the settlement of Ironmaster.
  • The arching stone bridge in Loudwater is built by the dwarf Iirikos Stoneshoulder for the elves of Earlann.
  • During this time, the name of Neverwinter comes into common usage for the settlement of Eigersstor as traders begin to realize the benefits of its year-round ice-free harbor.
300Year of the Late Sun
  • A bardic college called the Academia Vilhonus is founded, and starts the Turmish custom of painting dots on the foreheads of learned men.
  • The theocracy of Minsorran, the "Lands of Balance", consecrates its lands.
301Year of the Argent Cape
302Year of the Deep Bay
  • The Magister Malkith Undree is killed by an exploding scepter. Oldo Tappard, a crafter of animated toys and golems, recieves the office of Magister (reigned 302 - 316DR).
  • Tavaray is abandoned as the surrounding marsh rapidly expands.
303Year of the Crimson Tiara
304Year of the Questing Raven
305Year of the Barrows
306Year of the Fanged Horde
  • The Karsus Overwash is renamed the Winding Water.
  • The settlements of Illusk and Neverwinter are assailed in turn by the Thousand Fangs orc horde which is eventually blunted and scattered by a mercenary army led by Grauth Mharabbath, "the Knight of Many Battles".
307Year of Sundered Sails
  • The Seven, Halaster's apprentices, abandon Halaster's Hold and enter the dark ways of Undermountain. The tower and surface holdings fall into decay and ruin. All settlers avoid this walled "cursed" enclosure.
  • After decades of debate, the elves allow N'Tel'Quess to join the Akh'Velahrn after training in the Cormanthyran methods of battle. More than 400 humans and 100 dwarves eagerly join up.
308Year of Promise
  • The Crown Against the Scepter Wars end as Cormanthyr makes it clear the Hlondathans are to cease or be destroyed by the elves. Until this year, little loss of life occured during the war, though the Hlondathans were sorely outmatched in weapons and skills.
  • Aloevan of Ardeep descends into madness and death as the silver fire of Mystra consumes her. She is succeeded by Ruardh Lightshiver as Laranlor of Ardeep.
309Year of the Cascade
  • Halaster establishes his complete rule over the Underhalls of Undermountain.
c. 310
  • Chondath organizes the practice of each Vilhon realm sending troops every four years to Southsands, to engage in a mock war.
310Year of the Amber Hulk
  • End of the Korrunhel Dynasty; beginning of the Tiiraklar Dynasty.
  • Karaj (267 to 315), son of Vajra, King of Tethyr.
311Year of the Lupine Embrace
312Year of the Aurum Bramble
313Year of Regretful Births
314Year of the Stammering Apprentice
315Year of the Carnivorose
  • Karaj II (290 to 345), son of Karaj I, King of Tethyr.
316Year of the Vibrant Land
  • The Magister Oldo Tappard dies of a wasting disease. The sorceress Iolaeden "Firedragon" Stonehallow becomes Magister (reigns 316 to 318).
317Year of the Riven Shield
  • Thargreve "The Lesser", King of Cormyr (? to 334).
318Year of the Hero's Lament
  • The Magister Iolaeden "Flamedragon" is killed in spellbattle by the mage Loaradden Derviir. Loaradden becomes Magister (reigns 319 to 321).
319Year of the Unforgotten Fire
  • Fire engulfs all Calishite cities and towns, as Qysar Shoon VII sets the sewers aflame to root out criminal elements.
  • Start of the Eighth Serôs War under the Inner Sea.
320Year of the Bright Plumage
  • The cities of Nleeth and Amah are founded as training centers for warriors competing in the Vilhon games.
321Year of the Blessed Sleep
  • The realm of Valashar is added into the Shoon Empire. Ruled by the mad king Ashar Tornamn, Valashar spent the next fifteen years expanding northwards towards the High Moor. This expansion brought it into conflict with King Azoun I of Cormyr, who crushed Valashar's armies in 336DR.
  • Valashar begins a series of border skirmishes with the halfling realm of Meiritin.
  • It becomes general knowledge in Cormanthyr that the Vale of Lost Voices is protected by baelnorn. Treasure seekers stop visiting the tombs there as often.
  • End of the Eighth Serôs War. This war destroys the ixitxachitl kingdom of Paolan Reef off Impiltur's southern and Thesk's western shores. The reef continues to exist as a geographic point, but is no longer a political border.
  • Fallen from Mystra's grace, the Magister Loaradden Derviir is swiftly killed by the mage Onsilur Maerdrathom of Shiertalar. Onsilur becomes Magister (reigns 321 to 326).
322Year of Seven Scales
323Year of the Miscast Shadow
324Year of Freedom's Friends
  • The Harpers at Twilight are formed in secret deep in Elven Court woods by Dathlue Mistwinter, the Lady Steel, whose family crest (a silver harp between the horns of a crescent moon, encircled by stars on a black field) becomes the badge of the Harpers. Among the early members were elf, human, and half-elf warriors, rangers, druids, thieves, and mages (including Ruehar Oakstaff, Ioelena Audark, Lyari Pholont "the Shadesilk", and Elminster).
325Year of the Silken Whisper
326The Year of Secret Slaughters
  • The cities of Ormath and Lheshayl meet on the Field of Tears over a land dispute. The two sides battle for more than a week before the Tenpaw wemic tribe drives both sides from the field.
  • Halaster Blackcloak discovers the Crystal Labyrinth of Undermountain, and begins to change it to his own ends.
  • After being trapped inside an elven kiira by the mage Ansel Burwyth, the Magister Onsilur Maerdrathom goes insane and loses the office of the Magister. Gelthin Hornreach becomes Magister (reigns 326 to 337).
327Year of the Sullen Grimalken
328Year of the Ermine Cloak
329Year of the Closed Scroll
  • Hlondath's grain fields are consumed by the expansion of Anauroch, and the city-state is abandoned, its folk migrating east beyond the Moonsea or south into the Dales and beyond. Once Hlondath itself is overrun by the desert, Anauroch ceases its spread, much to the relief of those in Cormanthyr. Hlondath's people flee east to the Moonsea or south to the Dales and beyond.
330Year of Roused Giants
  • Arun Maerdrym is born, the first half-elf among the senior noble houses of Myth Drannor; to the surprise of many elves, he is accepted by the patriarch and allowed to retain his name and position in the family and clan.
331Year of the Cold Clashes
  • Elminster leaves Myth Drannor for the first time in seventy years at Mystra's insistence.
  • The orcs of Vastar launch an unexpected attack on eastern Cormanthyr late in this year, and occupy some of the lands east of the Old Elven Court for the next few years. The orcs spend the next years both solidifying their forces here and exploring the ruins of the ancient elven temple-city.
  • Kelvhan Olortynnal is born in Cormanthyr.
332Year of the Crashing Steeple
333Year of the Drawstring
334Year of the Humbled Fiend
335Year of Seven Stones
  • Ashar's March: Lord Ashar Tornamn, acting without orders from the Shoonite Emperor or the king of Tethyr, moves his armies north, reaching the High Moor by late summer. He claims the Sword Coast from the Moor to Shoonach for the Shoon Empire.
  • King Azoun I of Cormyr find trade routes to the west blocked by Shoonite troops demanding tariffs for "passing through the empire's lands'. Azoun orders the creation of the sword Ilbratha, "Mistress of Battles".
  • Aquatic elves begin to appear in a temple of Deep Sashelas in Myth Drannor and the Old Elven Court.
  • The Darkwoods Massacre: The fourth major foray by akh'velahrn forces against the invading orcs occurs within the Darkwoods east of the Old Elven Court's ruins in high summer. The battle is lost as the orcs surround over half of the allied forces and decimate them in their sleep; as the human guards were also among the slain, no explanation is apparent for their negligence. In all, more than 1,000 soldiers die that night, although only 100 of them are elves.
  • Captain Fflar of Myth Drannor comes to Semberholme for the next eight years.
c. 336
  • First reliable mention of the artifact known as the "Crown of the Mountain", then wielded by the mage Larbrand in the Tashalar.
336Year of the Whipped Cur
  • Cormyr defeats the army of Valashar on the Fields of the Dead, then advances into Amn, Valashar, and Tethyr.
337Year of the Chosen's Blade
  • The Magister Gelthin Hornreach is killed by the veteran warrior mage-for-hire Hortil Droone. Droone becomes Magister (reigns 337 to 345).
338Year of the Envenomed Bolt
339Year of the Vanished Foe
  • Human and elvish forces rout the orcs in eastern Cormanthyr. Instrumental in the battles is the human warrior Velar. Velar and his human (and some elven) allies resettle the land around the coastal forest. This area soon becomes known as Velarsdale.
340Year of the Uncrossed Bridge
341Year of the Black Wing
342Year of the Cantobele Stalking
  • Fall of Athalantar to an orc horde from the High Moor. The dwarves of Dardath array for battle and destroy the remaining orcs with the unlooked for aid of the elves of Ardeep. The last Council of Illefarn is called and the green elves of that realm decide to retreat to Evermeet in the face of continuing conflicts with the orcs and the ever-growing presence of humans in the area. Moon elven Ardeep and dwarven Dardath strike an accord beneath Mt. Illefarn, and begin discussing a possible alliance with the humans. Their union is later known as Illefarn, to the confusion of historians.
343Year of Fraying Blinds
344Year of the Loom
  • Construction of the House of Stone by the dwarves of Dardath led by Turgo Ironfist begins in this year.
345Year of Flying Daggers
  • End of the Tiiraklar Dynasty, beginning of the Tornamn Dynasty.
  • Kallos (324 to 380), 3rd nephew of Karaj II, King of Tethyr and Tethyrian loyalist.
  • The Magister Hortil Droone is killed in spellbattle with the sorceress Phambra "The Laughing Doom" Chalyphar. Mystra transforms Hortil into the Crown of the Undying Flame, a royal crown of Westgate, and Phambra becomes Magister (reigns for six months in 345).
  • The Magister Phambra is killed in spellbattle with Arghorst "The Tall" Talandor. Arghorst becomes Magister (reigns 345 to 404).
346Year of Blushing Stars
  • Seven senior and junior akh-velarhn officers (five gold, two moon elven) are exiled from Myth Drannor and Cormanthyr after their court-martials reveal that they subjected their non-elven soldiers to barbarous treatment while under their commands, whether in training or under patrol conditions. The blame for the Darkwoods Massacre falls on their shoulders, due to biased troop placements, failures to maintain communications or deliver orders among encamped forces, and a willing sacrifice of non-elven troops in favor of elven ones.
  • Penitent over his failure to detect bigotry among his troops (especially his second-in-command), major Pirphal Faerondaryl offers his resignation to the Coronal, which is refused, as Eltargrim bids him to solve the problem rather than avoid it. Major Pirphal commissions the first three baneblades as weapons for his new lieutenants (one each: halfling, dwarf, and human); the blades are dwarven forged, the hilts elven-crafted, and finally enchanted by the human mage Demron.
  • Saeval Ammath returns from an excursion into the western mountains, and immediately sequesters himself in a House Ammath tower holding outside the mythal. While many find this curious, none suspect that he has found and claimed a dragon's egg.
347Year of the Sage's Fervor
348Year of the Dagger
  • Northkeep, the first human settlement in the Moonsea North, is founded.
  • A group of outlaws, fleeing the justice of Mulhorand, settle in and found Ulgarth.
  • Saeval Ammath hatches his foundling red dragon egg. Due to the many enchantments he placed on the egg, the dragon's shape is more similar to a blue dragon, though its tone is still red. Saeval names the hatchling Garnetallisar.
349Year of the Toad
c. 350
  • Shoonish warriors battle on the Fields of the Dead.
  • Citadel Adbar built by King Adbarruns of Delzoun.
351Year of the Dancing Deer
  • Yrlaancel grows with an influx of refugees and becomes Ondathel, Eldath's City of Peace.
352Year of the Dancing Piper
  • The Great Fire of Alaghon.
353Year of the Gold Band
354Year of the Fleeting Pains
355Year of the Mourning Horns
  • Shoon VII slaughters the unicorn herds of Shilmista to create his Book of Shoon.
  • The aged Grauth Mharabbath falls in battle defending the settled farms around Deepwater Harbor from barbarian raiders. He is entombed within Undermountain by his battle companions and grateful local humans.
356Year of the Errant Kings
357Year of the Pendulum
358Year of the Battle Talons
  • Emperor Shoon VII fights the blue dragon, Iryklathagra "Sharpfangs", on the plains of Valashar. The dragon flees but Shoon VII loses his Staff of Shoon to the dragon.
  • Demron completes the first three Baneblades of Demron, and they are presented to their wielders amid great ceremony.
  • Saeval's dragon Garnet becomes known to the folk of Myth Drannor, as he takes to flying with the wizard astride his back. Despite much uproar, Garnet proves himself trustworthy and humble before the Coronal and others. Saeval's enchantments give this unique dragon a lawful good nature. The Coronal grants his trust by providing a means for the dragon and his master to live within the mythal, despite its normal defenses against chromatic dragons.
359Year of the Awakened Witch
c. 360
  • House of Stone built by Turgo Ironfist.
360Year of the Dusty Shelf
361Year of the Fearless King
362Year of the Greedy Altruist
  • Anglond, King of Cormyr (? to 379).
363Year of the Opal Key
364Year of the Selfless Knave
365Year of the Swift Sword
366Year of Molten Anvils
  • Construction of the House of Stone completed this year.
367Year of Shying Eyes
  • Phlan is founded.
368Year of the Bitter Smile
369Year of the Maiden's Fancy
370Year of Sleeping Daggers
371Year of Emerald Eyes
372Year of the Elder
373Year of the Pacifist
374Year of the Thoughful Man
  • The House of Silvanus is established on the isle of Ilighon.
375Year of the Woeful Resurrection
376Year of the Leaping Hare
377Year of the Ghoul
378Year of Autumn Drums
379Year of Seven Stars
  • Azoun I (? to 393), King of Cormyr.
  • A septet of notable mages of Cormanthyr form an alliance and build the first school of wizardry open to all the races of Myth Drannor whose teachers were not exclusively elves. This group soon becomes known outside the city as the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor.
c. 380s
  • Chondathan traders help establish the cities of Chondathan and Chancelgaunt (present-day: Saerloon and Selgaunt).
380Year of the Guarded Stance
  • Nishan (345 to 383), 2nd son of Karaj II, King of Tethyr and Tethyr loyalist.
381Year of the Broken Chalice
382Year of Steel Roses
383Year of the Quelzarn
  • Herakul (353 to 386), brother of Nishan, King of Tethyr and traitor/kinslayer.
  • Tales first spread throughout Westgate of a sea serpent haunting the harbor and sewers. The quelzarn, as the eel-like beast is known, becomes a nigh-legendary denizen of Westgate's underworld and the favorite subject of bard's tales.
384Year of Dreaming Dragons
  • Silverymoon Ford built as a rope-and-wood bridge over the shallows at the bend in the River Rauvin.
385Year of the Lady's Gaze
386Year of Dawn Moons
  • Priam (369 to 450), son of Nishan, King of Tethyr. A Tethyrian loyalist who secretly aided King Silvyr's return. His sole granddaughter later married Strohm I.
  • Arun Maerdrym, called the Half-Elven among Myth Drannan nobles, joins the Harpers at Twilight.
387Year of the River Candles
388Year of the Simoom
  • The city-state of Al-Anwahr is founded in the heart of what is now known as the Haunted Lands of Zakhara, by emigrants.
389Year of the Wooded Altar
  • Crown Prince Azoun I of Cormyr battles and kills Dima, the Djinni-Lord of the Chondalwood on a trade mission to the Vilhon Reach.
  • The sword Ilbratha, "Mistress of Battles" is lost in a shipwreck off the coast of Cormyr.
390Year of the Half-Moon
  • Myth Lharast established as a "purer" temple city, with worship dedicated solely to Selune rather than the orthodox theocracy of Minsorran.
  • First Selunite worship in Waterdeep.
  • The Srinshee goes into deep mourning for a decade, as her first paramour (and apprentice) in centuries dies in a hunting mishap. Hereafter, the young-appearing Srinsheee never appears clad in any color brighter than midnight blue, black being predominant. While she and others suspect that one of the noble Houses had a hand in poisoning the bear and driving it into a killing frenzy, no proof ever surfaced and the matter was dropped.
391Year of the Azure Cockatrice
392Year of the Firstborn
393Year of the Dying Bard
394Year of the Herald's Tale
395Year of the Narrow Escape
396Year of the Purring Tiger
397Year of the Swallowing Mists
398Year of the Warning Ghost (NOTE: Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves gives the name of this Year as the Year of the Nightsun)
  • The Night Dragon's Attack: Five black and two green dragons assault the mythal directly over Myth Drannor, testing its defenses against them. Lieutenant Itham, as commander of the dragonriders, brings their full compliment of six good dragons and 100 hippogrifs against them. While all the evil dragons were destroyed, they also killed one bronze dragon, half the hippogriffs and their riders, and four dragonriders, including Itham. The baneblade Morvian and the command of the Wing and Horn fall to lady Ahskahala Durothil.
399Year of the Frayed Rope

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