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Forgotten Realms chronology, 400 - 499

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

c. 400
  • The city of Escalaunt is founded by Unther.
400Year of the Blue Shield
  • Northkeep sank beneath the waves by a horde of over 40,000 humanoids and dragons. The city of Phlan is leveled.
  • Chondath aids the cities of Chondathian (Saerloon) and Chauncelgaunt (Selgaunt) against orc and goblin hordes. After the hordes are driven off, Chondath keeps soldiers in the two cities.
401Year of the Serous Fist
402Year of the Banished Bard
403Year of the Black Dagger
  • Silverymoon Ford becomes a permanent stone bridge with carvings of unicorns along its length.
  • Fall of the Barony of the Steeping Falls. The site of Morlin Castle is avoided by all nearby inhabitants in the region due to tales of terrible beasts, undead and other evil creatures said to lurk in the ruins.
404Year of Withered Flowers
  • Last recorded expedition to seek a time gate.
  • The Magister Arghorst "The Tall" is killed in duel with Anaslas "Doomwing" Raldimmar, one of his pupils. Anaslas becomes Magister (reigns 404 to 407).
405Year of the Blinding Locusts
406Year of the Catoblepas
  • Galaghard I (? to 416), King of Cormyr.
407Year of the Ebony Cudgel
  • The Magister Anaslas "Doomwing" is killed by the sorceress Eleedra Nathchant. Eleedra becomes Magister (reigns 407 to 409).
408Year of the Goblin King
409Year of High Eyes
  • The Magister Eleedra Nathchant is killed by the mage-for-hire Eldrus Wands. Wands becomes Magister (reigns 409 to 516).
410Year of the Sun Crystal
411Year of the Wavering Shadow
412Year of the Burning Blazes
413Year of the Beholder's Grin
414Year of Omen Stars
  • On Higharvestide in Myth Drannor, Arielimnda, a human ranger, fellow Harper, and wife of Arun Maerdrym, delivers a human son. Since he is human, the boy is not allowed to bear the Maerdrym name. Arun follows an ancient elven custom and does not name the boy, allowing him the freedom to earn a name (and perhaps a place in the clan) later. The boy becomes simply known as "Arun's Son". His green elf friends call him "Bhin", meaning "young human" in elvish.
  • Ecaeris Aunglor is born.
415Year of the Fiend's Kiss
416Year of the Striped Moon
417Year of the Brilliant Plan
418Year of the Eagle's Flight
419Year of the Hale Blacksmith
  • The small realm of Emberden is established on the banks of the Dessarin south of the Evermoors and its founder Arthangh, son of Mierra, becomes its self-styled High King.
420Year of the Last Breath
421Year of the Peerless Foe
422Year of the Murderous Mire
423Year ofthe Velvet Night
424Year of the Ambitious Sycophant
425Year of the Argent Shafts
426Year of the Black Dawn
  • Arun's human son joins students of the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor as a pupil of Mentor Wintercloak. At age 12, he remains unnamed, though he has a number of nicknames some elves give him: Biit ("garbage", used by commoner elves) or Zenar ("Less than half", as a nobles' double insult against himself and his half-breed father). His few green elf friends can him Bhin, a word for "young human".
  • The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa is born to Shhuusshuru in the Far Hills .
427Year of Violet Fungi
  • Duar (? to 449), King of Cormyr.
428Year of the One's Tears
429Year of the Cat's Eye
  • King Duar of Cormyr defeats an orcish army near the King's Forest.
  • Mulsantir Illistine, a Chondathan mercenary lord distantly related to the royal family of Chondath, overthrows the last of the Pirate Kings of Westgate. Mulsantir's expedition is backed by a consortium of merchants in the city of Chauncelgaunt (later Selgaunt) seeking to improve prospects for trade with lands to the south and west.
  • Mulsantir besieges the city during the winter months, and wizards in his employ freeze Westgate's harbor solid with ice. When spring arrives and harbor finally unfreezes, the pirates, greatly reduced in number, flee the centuries-old port, and Mulsantir claims the throne of Westgate. As king, the newly crowned monarch restores Westgate's role as the preeminent port of the western Inner Sea. He does not accede to the commands of the merchants of Chauncelgaunt, but he does grant them very favorable trading terms.
  • One unintended consequence of Mulsantir's successful siege is that the surviving pirates need a new port to call home. Within a matter of months, King Duar of Cormyr loses the city of Suzail to Magrath the Minotaur, the most prominent of the surviving pirate lords.
430Year of the Floating Rock
431Year of the Hearth
432Year of the Sea Princess
433Year of the Rebellious Youth
434Year of the Stallion Triumphant
435Year of Willing Sacrifice
436Year of Steelscreaming
437Year of Silver Holly
  • By this time, all the rivers and lakes in Anauroch have dried up, leaving an ever-expanding desert.
438Year of the Bitter Root
439Year of the Child's Tear
440Year of the Festering Heart
441Year of the Haggling Merchant
442Year of the Relic's Vigil
  • Ithlom Dhaunart pens the book "To Serve Fair Fortune", a narrative of his adventures. It is sold as popular entertainment in the Vilhon Reach area henceforth.
  • The Swarming: Huge numbers of kobolds emerge from subterranean tunnels in the region of the Evermoors and migrate south. They are attacked and destroyed by a number of swooping dragons who gorge themselves in a feeding frenzy that results in at least one fatal dragon duel.
  • The lands of Emberden are abandoned as a result of the Swarming and dragon assaults. The realm's people take river south and eventually settle in the farmlands around Deepwater Harbor. Their leader Arthangh dies of wounds sustained in fighting off kobold raiders and is interred in Undermountain.
443Year of the Thousand Enemies
444Year of the Infamous Wizard
445Year of the Beardless Dwarf
446Year of the Unblinking Eye
447Year of the Awakening Treant
  • The Moonsilver Inn is built at the northern end of Silverymoon Ford.
448Year of the Haughty Fiend
449Year of Killing Ice
  • Silvyr, rightful heir to the throne of Tethyr, raises an army and marches on Ithmong, capturing it. He takes the crown offered by the abdicating King Priam, and restores the rightful monarchy of Tethyr.
  • The son of Arun finishes his tutelage under Mentor Wintercloak and leaves Myth Drannor to learn of the world and teach it of the ways and magics of the City of Song. Secretly, he also plans on proving his worth to his father's clan and becoming one of the first Harpers outside of Cormanthyr and the eastern lands. He takes the only name he has been balled of which he is proud: Arun's Son. He vows to claim his place among the Maerdrym once he has earned a true name.
c. 450s
  • Shoon empire collapses in what is now Calimshan.
  • Many corrupt wizards and officials from the Shoon Empire flee to the Inner Sea lands, settling everywhere. Many of their ships are sunk by vengeful folk, resulting in hoards of treasure sinking into the Inner Sea.
450Year of the Solitary Fist
  • King Silvyr of Tethyr invades Shoonach. After a ten-day of skirmishing and destruction, a reluctant truce is called. King Silvyr and Emperor Amahl VII meet in single combat in an area, where King Silvyr is slain by the Emperor's foul treachery. Amahl VII is killed by Silvyr's son, Strohm.
  • The Great Fires of Shoonach rage as the imperial family is killed.
  • Tornamm Dynasty ends; beginning of the Strohm dynasty (end of the Shoon Traitorum).
  • Strohm I (275 to 662), 1st elf son of Silvyr, King of Tethyr.
451Year of Unleashed Fears
452Year of the Rolling Heads
  • Myntharan the Magus, one of the many courtiers fleeing the collapse of the Shoon Empire for the Inner Sea region, arrives in Westgate, at the time ruled by King Mulsantir Illistine II. Before year's end, the Magus King is firmly ensconced on Westgate's throne, and his unfortunate predecessor's skull is affixed to the end of the Maguscepter. In the decades that follow, King Myntharan assembles the largest army ever seen along the Dragon Coast in his bid to form the realm of Mynth with Westgate as its capitol. At its greatest extent, Mynth encompassed the Dragon Coast from Starmantle to Teziir, skirting the northern edge of the Gulthmere Forest and the Lake of the Long Arm.
453Year of the Lady's Palace
454Year of the Glorious Windfall
455Year of the Dryad's Dowry
456Year of the Swift Heart
457Year of the Unfurled Flag
458Year of the Beast's Redemption
459Year of the Blooded Dagger
  • Settlements at Silverymoon Ford, the bridge over the river Rauvin, grow into Silver Village as a logging camp is built around the inn and bridge.
460Year of the Scorching Suns
  • The wyrm Hoondarrh, the Red Rage of Mintarn, is born in the eastern Sword Coast North.
  • The Western Emirate of Amin becomes the country of Amn under King Esmel Torlath (also known as Serrus the Great), an ex-Shoonite general and native of the area. Amn exists as three major city-states west of Lake Esmel.
  • Major droughts bake southern Faerûn and cause many forest and brush fires along the Sword Coast.
  • Demron of Myth Drannor is commissioned for another Baneblade, though this one is for the Spell-Major to replace the lost ary'faern'kerym elfblade lost a decade ago by Zaos Durothil in battle with the red wyrm Edallisufanzar.
461Year of the Lissome Apprentice
462Year of the Empty Helm
  • Within two centuries of the Opening of Myth Drannor, objecting nobles and crowded conditions force the Coronal to end both the building of new homes and settlements within the city limits and curb the N'Tel'Quess migration and allay the fears of his capital's Elder Houses.
  • Demron completes Faervian, the fourth Baneblade and the only one for the Akh'Faer.
463Year of the Burning Sands
464Year of True Names
  • "Blackstaff" begins
  • While wandering across Anauroch, Arun's Son saves a trio of Evereskan elves from a phaerimm ambush nearly at the cost of his own life. Retrieved from death by Mystra, he becomes her Chosen, "As he whom magic, duty, and honor defines." As the Nameless Chosen, he becomes the first human ever to stay among Evereska's glades.
465Year of the Dawn Blades
466Year of the Burnt Spear
  • Deadly disease brought to Great Glacier by Treasure Hunters from Sossal. Hundreds of Angulutians and caribou succumb to the sickness.
467Year of Four Winds
468Year of the Bared Sword
469Year of the Dusty Library
470Year of the Merciful Shadow
471Year of the Sundered Tower
472Year of Full Cellars
  • A bountiful harvest year across the Realms. The halflings of Myth Drannor claim this year's ales were hearty enough to warrant a visit from their goddess Arvoreen in the warrens of Brewers' Havens!
  • Ulbaerag Bloodhand and his people conquer the settled humans of Deepwater Harbor, uniting them as one. Irrigation of the farms starts and extensive building begins around the harbor area.
  • A plague wipes out the city of Mussum. More than 75% of the population are killed, and the plague lurks in the ruins to this day.
473Year of the Crowned Knave
474Year of the Goblin Battles
475Year of the Maiden's Tears
476Year of the Raging Hunter
477Year of the Owlbear
478Year of the Coarse Wool
479Year of Forestsfrost
  • Prince Imnel Torlath of Amn and his armies clear the ogre-held passes through the Small Teeth, reopening trade between Murann and Crimmor. The major battle-sight, once called Imnel's Scar, is now the town if Imnescar.
  • The realm of Teshar falls.
480Year of the Winter Sphinx
  • King Myntharan of Westgate's attempted conquest of the entire Dragon Coast region comes to a sudden end along the eastern shore of the Lake of the Long Arm in the Battle of the Winter Sphinx. The Magus King is slain and his army defeated by a disparate array of forces assembled under the command of Lyonarth, a white-furred androsphinx from Nathlekh, City of Cats. Lyonarth claims Myntharan's crown, although the Maguscepter is not recovered, and the androsphinx rules Westgate wisely for many years thereafter.
481Year of the Eversharp Axe
482Year of the Blighted Vine
  • Delthuntle and Laothkund break free of Unther.
483Year of the Soaring Galleon
484Year of the Lawless Hunt
485Year of the Arcane Image
486Year of the Bleeding Altar
487Year of Hidden Relics
488Year of the Empty Hall
489Year of the Foaming Tankard
490Year of the Crone's Council
491Year of Faltering Fires
  • Unnatural heavy precipitation falls all year long.
  • Cortryn is founded by Tethyrian and Calishite immigrants and a powerful noble family of Calimshan to restore the Shoon Empire's lost glory. Cortryn absorbs and consolidates the bulk of the former realms of Valashar and Meiritin while extending its northern border up through the Troll Mountains. Eshpurta is founded as Cortryn's northernmost city and fishing center.
492Year of Azure Darkness
493Year of the Ecstatic Priest
  • The drow abandon Undermountain due to the depredations of Halaster.
494Year of the Ghost Ship
495Year of the Listening Ear
496Year of the Ravaging Dragon
497Year of the Spear
498Year of the Unstrung Bow
499Year of the Wager

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