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Forgotten Realms chronology, 500 - 599

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

500Year of the Flame Tongue
  • Citadel Amnur is completed and garrisoned this year.
  • Josidiah Starym mounts a campaign to recover the lost Soldier's Blade of Cormanthyr after nearly 800 years; he does this as way to prove to Coronal Eltargrim that the heir of House Starym is noble enough to marry his niece and heir. The opening gambit of this search sees a temporary fall of the garrisoned drow at the Twisted Tower, since that was where the Soldier's Blade was lost to Cormanthyr. Josidah and his troupe of bladesingers and akh-faern venture into the Underdark beneath the Tower, vowing to return in a century with the lost treasures.
501Year of the Lost Bird
502Year of the Crawling Vine
503Year of the Galloping Gorgon
  • Fishermen and fur traders begin to settle within Silver Village.
  • Seven halfling scouts of the akh'velahrn destroy a large encampment of Moander's faithful near the ruins of his temple and his entombed remains. This septet becomes heroes of Myth Drannor, their deeds celebrated for much of the winter among their kin. Two of the seven also become the first halfling armathors of Myth Drannor at the bidding of Coronal Eltargrim.
504Year of the Eclipsed Heart
  • Teth and Nethra declare independence.
  • Unther begins long campaign against North Coast cities.
505Year of the Humble Knight
506Year of the Opaque Eye
507Year of the Rotting Pox
508Year of the Stony Terror
509Year of the Thunder Lizard
510Year of the Unwavering Glare
511Year of the Fortress Scoured
  • Most of the lands of Elembar fall to an orc horde this year, which is in turn destroyed when it attempts to sack the House of Stone. Elembar's capital, Delimbiyran, and the lands around it, survive the onslaught.
512Year of the Wyvernfall
  • Orc Hordes rampage out of Vastar and other strongholds, engulfing many lands in war.
  • Turmish is invaded by a huge orc horde from the Orsraun Mountains.
  • The Coronal's Court receives the first of many visitations by spelljamming elves of the Imperial Elven Navy at Shadusk and Green Monachs' Glade northeast of the city.
  • Otaehryn Hawksong is born.
  • Esmeltaran is completed and established as the new capital for the kingdom of Amn during the second year of the reign of King Imnel, grandson of Esmel.
513Year of the Blood Price
514Year of the Elk
  • The aged Bellabar Huntinghorn leads many halflings of Mieritin north to join others of their race, so as to escape persecution at the hands of the Duke of Cortryn, ruler of the lands east of Amn.
515Year of the Frivolous Exchange
  • Settlers from Ascalhorn found the settlement of Everlund and re-furbish the remnants of the dwarven keep known as Besendar's Blockhouse. Over time, the settlement thrives as human traders and elf merchants of Eaerlann bring prosperity to the town.
516Year of the Haunting Hawk
  • The Magister Eldrus Wands dies of natural causes in the winter snows near present-day Hill's Edge. The archmage Thardon Ilvynner accepts the office of Magister (reigns 516 to 522).
  • Halflings of the area around the River Delimbiyr and humans from Delimbiyran establish the settlement of Secomber at the location of ruined Hastarl, once capital of Athalantar. The halflings send out a call to their remaining brethren in Mieritin to come north and join them.
517Year of the Oaken Glade
  • Mount Andrus erupts in the Orsrauns; little damage is done to Turmish, but the orcs of the mountain are further decimated.
518Year of the Pendulous Tongues
519Year of the Phoenix
  • Sammkol Thistlestar, one of the two halfling armathors, is found dead on Gondim's Ride. While there is no wounds on him, later examinations find that his heart and lungs and other internal organs are missing. A culprit is swiftly found - a visiting necromancer from Cormyr - and an overzealous armathor slays him immediately without a trial. (The armathor is later well paid by House Selorn for keeping their part in the magical assassination of Sammkol quiet).
520Year of the Quiver
521Year of the Sea's Beauty
522Year of the Unmasked Traitor
  • The druids of the Gulthmere send a delegation to Alaghon to halt logging. The druids are ignored.
  • The Magister Thardon Ilvynner is killed by the Shiertalan mage Morglord Iltriune. Morglord becomes Magister (reigns 522 to 577).
523Year of Trials Arcane
  • Meiritin is abandoned due to abuses and enslavement at the hands of the Duke of Cortryn.
  • Founding of Phalorm, one of many realms referred to as the Fallen Kingdom over time.
  • Younger moon elven members of the Starym clam return from Earlann, Illefarn, and elsewhere to Myth Drannor. Their arrival restores House Starym as a social power in the city and the new arrivals usurp the House lordship, as its heir Josidiah Starym is absent on a quest. As a test of their renewed loyalty to the Coronal and as a stalling maneuver to prevent Josidiah's loss of status, the Coronal demands that the current lord Starym draw his family's moonblade, long held in trust and undrawn since it forging, to attest the loyalty and worthiness of the clan and its lord.
  • Lord Illitran Starym undergoes a Cleansing march, a three-month-long trek out into the deepest woods of Cormanthor intended to purify his spirit and ready him for the responsibilities of wielding a moonblade. Unknown to all, Illitran's trek takes him to the ruins of Moander's temple in the northern forest. There, he forges a pact with the imprisoned god of corruption and gains the power to cancel the moonblade's retributive powers against undeserving wielders and corrupt it to a sword designed to slay humans and half-elves. Upon his return, he easily draws the blade, "proving his and his family's loyalty to Myth Drannor".
  • Second confirmed sighting of the artifact known as the "Crown of the Mountain", in the Underdark near Chessenta.
  • The Vastan city-state of Proeskampalar is re-named Procampur.
  • The elves of Ardeep and the dwarves of Dardath invite the humans and gnomes of the region, as well as displaced halflings from Mieritin to the Council of Axe and Arrow at the Laughing Hollow. Phalorm, the Realm of Three Crowns, is established. A minor moon elf branch of the Starym clan and other xenophobic elves abandon Ardeep for Myth Drannor in disgust.
524Year of the Arcane Cabal
525Year of the Cracked Bell
  • Hachaam Selorn is born.
526Year of the Besieged Keep
527Year of the Tatters
  • Hlondeth is invaded through its sewers and attacked by kobolds. The city falls, except for the walls of House Extaminos. The kobolds are repulsed by Extaminos' serpents.
  • Growing bored of his duties and of grasping, petty human mages, the Magister Morglord asks Mystras for release from his office. She agrees, and Morglord is transformed into a sentient gate. The mage Tsjancy Yildree accepts the office of Magister (reigns 528 to 531).
528Year of the Burning Sky
  • The Howltusk orc horde marches on Phalorm from the Trollmoors and is met by scouts of the armies of Phalorm in the hills south of the ruined Halls of the Hunting Axe. The orc horde pursues the mounted warriors of Phalorm and is cunningly led to the House of Stone where it is utterly destroyed by the defenders of that fortress. The human King Javilarhh "the Dark" Snowsword is slain whilst leading the force that draws the orc horde to its doom.
529Year of the Evening Tree
530Year of the Gluttonous Otyugh
531Year of the Lily
  • The Magister Tsjancy Yildree is killed in spellbattle with the mage Urboltar Highymhelver. Urboltar becomes Magister (reigns 531 to 537).
532Year of the Perceptive Judge
533Year of the Shattered Manacles
534Year of the Spitting Viper
535Year of the Upright Man
  • Milvarn founded with the settlement of Milvarune by Aubayreer the Mage-King.
536Year of the Laughing Lich
  • Hlontar, the realm of Alokkair the Wizard-King, is forged out of remnants of Teshar and the Netherese survivor states.
537Year of the Basilisk
  • The now-mad Magister Urboltar Highymhelver is killed by the mage Tyvbolt Arsurath. Tyvbolt becomes Magister (reigns 537 to 544).
538Year of the Amethyst Axe
  • Bryntarth I (? to 581), King of Cormyr.
539Year of the Borrowed Crown
  • Tellshyll the Aged becomes the first known wizard to live in Silverymoon.
540Year of the Colorful Costume
541Year of the Etched Chevron
542Year of the Grasping Claw
543Year of the Lyre
544Year of the Killing Rose
  • After besting a pair of red dragons and a treacherous assisstant, the Magister Tyvbolt Arsurath is killed by the mage Annath Sunfall. Annath becomes Magister (reigns 544 to 576).
545Year of the Pernicon
  • Reinhar, a great warchief, rises to lead the Arkaiuns of Dambrath. The Arkaiuns invade the realm of Luiren, conquering the halfling inhabitants.
546Year of the Rusted Sabre
547Year of the Simpering Courtier
548Year of the Eloene Bride
549Year of the Unstoppable Ogre
550Year of the Zealous
551Year of the Barren Chamber
  • Estagund is conquered by Reinhar I, warchief of the Arkaiuns of Dambrath.
552Year of the Dead
553Year of the Gnashing Tooth
554Year of Waving Wheat
  • Purskul is founded as an Amnian granary clearinghouse and caravan stop.
555Year of Dances Perilous
  • Ondathel's High Mages recreate their city once again as Myth Ondath upon raising a mythal.
  • Ecmane Truesilver is born in Suzail and his parents arrive in Myth Drannor by the year's end.
556Year of the Green Man
557Year of the Melding
  • An army of hobgoblins marches north from the forests south of the Serpent Hills and devastates the dwarven Duchy of Hunnabar centred on the underground city of Kanaglym near present-day Dragonspear Castle. Gathering its strength, Phalorm marches two armies south and destoys the hobgoblins at the twin battles of Notched Axes and Blunted Fangs. The elven King Ruardh Lightshiver is slain whilst leading Phalorm's armies.
558Year of the Mithral Eagle
  • Amn begins external trading.
559Year of the Scarlet Dagger
560Year of the Unknown Truth
561Year of the Three Setting Suns
  • The Guild of Naturalists (the "Beast-Tamers") forms in Myth Drannor and builds its hall within two years.
562Year of the Waking Feyr
563Year of the Sable Basilisk
564Year of the Brandished Axe
565Year of the Encrusted Pendant
566Year of the Ghasts
567Year of the Martyr
568Year of the Pernicious Hauberk
  • The armies of Phalorm march north and west out of the kingdom to aid the realm of Yarlith, which is under attack from an orc horde led by frost giant named Horthgar. The warriors of Phalorm arrive unexpectedly on the battlefield and lead Yarlith's sorely pressed foresters to a great victory at the battle of Silent Arrows. The elven King Ellatharion of Phalorm pledges his kingdom's aid if Yarlith should ever be attacked again.
569Year of Tumbled Bones
  • Fall of Hlontar and the disappearance and presumed death of Alokkair the Wizard-King.
  • Ecmane Truesilver becomes an apprentice of Deynriir the Silver Sorcerer. Unknown to to him at the time, Ecmane also secretly becomes an acolyte of Windsong Tower under his moonelven tutor.
c. 570
  • First mention of Olothontor, the Minstrel Wyrm, in trail-lore books of the North.
570Year of Bright Fangs
  • Iymrith "The Dragon of Statues" is first mentioned in an adventurer's journals.
  • The young blue dragon Olothontor attacks traders encamped in the present-day Rat Hills.
571Year of the Scholar
572Year of Writhing Darkness
  • The orcish realm of Vastar falls into chaos with the death of Ologh the Overking at the claws of the black wyrm Iyrauroth.
  • Zoar Moonflower is born in Semberholme.
  • The Runemistress, Shyressa, becomes a vampire.
573Year of the Sable Spider
574Year of the Gored Griffon
  • Once Vastar destabilized, orcish populations began to rise in northeastern Cormanthyr. In preparation, Pirphal commissioned Demron for a fifth magical blade to serve as the Baneblade for the Arms-Major of the Akh'Velahrn. In this year Dragathil is finished.
  • Silver Village grows to become Silverymoon and is one of the few thriving trading posts in the North; Bynan "Two-Axes" Oakfeller becomes the first mayor.
575Year of the Breaching Bulette
  • Keczulla, a mining town, is founded by the Keczull family during the height of local gold fever.
  • Thennaris Trollbann discovers the secrets of the "Pyramid of Magar's Hill".
576Year of the Sunless Passage
  • The Magister Annath Sunfall, disillusioned with the failures of his experiments, renounces Mystra and all magic. He is stripped of the office of Magister. The half-elven sage Alvaerele "The Silent Chosen" Tasundrym becomes Magister (reigns 576 to 592).
  • King Thorodil of Impiltur orders the "Great Muster", a huge military inventory and cataloging of the realm.
  • The Red Pony and Golden Eagle Uthgardt tribes vanish into the Underdark after discovering a passage beneath the One Stone ancestor mound.
577Year of the Alabaster Mounds
578Year of the Floating Fish
579Year of the Cultured Rake
  • The dwarven King of Phalorm, Torghatar blood of Bharaun, falls to duergar assassins whilst on his way to answer a false call for aid in the vicinity of present-day Ironford.
580Year of Loose Coins
  • Ecamane Truesilver becomes one of the first humans to learn of the Quess'Ar'Teranthvar and gain knowledge from it. After ten months of meditation with the artifact, Ecamane leaves Windsong Tower, his hair prematurely white due to the magics and wisdom he gained from the transformed Nether Scrolls.
  • The Orc-King Grimmerfang claims the throne of Vastar after defeating his rivals, and ends the wars among the orcs for a time.
581Year of the Harried Harpies
  • After a hunting accident, the mayor's post of Silverymoon is turned over to Bynan "Son-Axe" Oakfeller, ranger and son of the first mayor.
582Year of the Deep Wound
  • The magical blade Ilbratha appears in the hands of Tarag, a merrow chieftan who uses it to carve the two Axe Kingdoms of Khuur and Nmaulk.
583Year of the Furled Sail
584Year of the Juggernaut
585Year of the Ogling Beholder
586Year of the Night's Dying
587Year of Radiant Rods
  • Mayor Bynan's younger sister, Tara, leaves Silverymoon to travel the North and becomes a ranger.
588Year of Dragons Dawning
  • Ecamane Truesilver leaves Myth Drannor with comrades and pupils of his own to restore proper studies of magic to the Savage North and redeem the ill deeds of the Netherese archwizards of the past.
589Year of the Splintered Oak
590Year of the Turning Leaf
  • Arms-Major Pirphal dies with most of his patrol in the western forest, victims of the black dragon Mrinabnahor. Dragathil is lost to the elves for the next four centuries, as the wyrm steals it away for its mountain hoard west of the Dragon Sea.
  • Myth Glaurach is established as a wizardly mythal is raised over the Eaerlanni city of Glaurachyndaar by elven and human wizards from Ascalhorn, Eaerlann, Evereska, Silverymoon and Myth Drannor.
591Year of Silver Streams
  • Oakengrove Abbey, a human stronghold dedicated to Silvanus, is founded roughly 70 miles west of the Standing Stone.
  • Cassius Durind, a popular, level-headed farmer, becomes Mayor of Silverymoon upon the retiring of Bynan "Son-Axe".
592Year of the Supreme Duelist
  • Growing weary of being Magister, Alvaerle Tasundrym is made a Chosen by Mystra. Ozgor "The Black Scourge" Hyelvel accepts the office of Magister (reigns 592 to 601).
  • Troll forces from the Troll Hills attack the south-western borders of Phalorm in force this year and do great damage before they are scattered and slain at the battle of Burning Leaves. The dwarves of the Duchy of Hunnabar are too few to retain their holdings in the area around present-day Dragonspear Castle and over the next decade relocate to the Duchy of Dardath to the north.
593Year of the Yellow Locus
594Year of the Couched Spear
c. 595
  • Jander Sunstar began traveling the Realms.
595Year of the Coven
596Year of the Flightless Eagle
597Year of the Hungry Anelace
598Year of the Pauper
599Year of the Scourged Fool

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