Forgotten Realms: The Library

Forgotten Realms chronology, 600 - 699

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

c. 600
  • Bunko Battlehammer leads 13,000 dwarves to Mithril mines.
  • Clan Ironshield leaves Andalbruin and founds the city of Settlestone.
  • At this time, little remains of the dwarven realm of Delzoun.
  • Open sea travel becomes common in the Inner Sea with the development of better ships to sail farther from the coasts. Trade lanes established within twenty-five years.
600Year of Fire and Frost
  • The red dragon Hoondarrh attacks and slays all of the members of an expedition into the Spine of the World, thereby gaining himself the magical gem known as the Ongild.
  • Minsorran's four cities are mysteriously abandoned after being snowbound by a freak midwinter blizzard.
601Year of the Desolate Warrior
  • The Magister Ozgor "The Black Scourge" is killed in spellbattle with the adventurer-mage Velgorn Kataclath. Velgorn becomes Magister (reigns 601 to 607).
602Year of the Glimmering Sea
603Year of Frigid Ghosts
  • The red dragon Hoondarrh slays the white dragon Naroun the Great White Ghost in a battle high above the peaks north of the Cold Coast.
604Year of the Immured Imp
  • Mayor Durind of Silverymoon is found beheaded under mysterious circumstances. Torus, a rich cattle-and-sheep merchant with much local influence, buys the mayorship.
  • An orc horde marches down the Unicorn Run from the depths of the High Forest and lays siege to Secomber. Gathering its forces swiftly, the armies of Phalorm converge on that settlement and beat back the orcs with great loss. The elven King Ellatharion of Phalorm and a contingent of elves and halflings pursue the retreating orcs into the High Forest and are never seen again.
605Year of Many Serpents
  • More than twelve mysterious deaths occur in Silverymoon or in the forests around it, including the burning of the Oakfeller estate and the deaths of Bynan, his wife, and four children.
606Year of the Kindly Lich
  • Tara "Two-Blades" Oakfeller returns to Silverymoon to discover her family dead. She reveals the culprit is Mayor Torus, who was killing off any financial or political rivals by sacrificing them to dark gods. Tara kills "the Butcher Mayor" and is elected mayor herself.
607Year of the Crystal Vambrace
  • Weary of the strife and destruction that accompanied his years in office, the Magister Velgorn Kataclath petitions Mystra for release. She agrees, and he is transformed into the artifact known as the "Haunted Flagon".
  • Velomar "The Roaring Mage" Dauntcastle becomes Magister (reigns 607 to 612).
608Year of Failed Daggers
609Year of Old Bones
610Year of the Spellfire
  • Dwarves conquer the lands of the Vast, overcoming Grimmerfang and his orcs, and they found the Realm of Glimmering Swords.
611Year of the Normiir
  • Draxius (? to 643), King of Cormyr.
  • Amlaruil Moonflower is born on Evermeet.
  • Low cobblestone defensive walls are erected along the northern trail leading to Silverymoon, replacing a section of the wooded palisades.
  • The rampaging Everhorde erupts from the Spine of the World and engulfs the North. Illusk is one of the first settlements to fall to this huge orc army and is left in total ruin save for the Host Tower of the Arcane whose magical defences render it impervious to physical harm.The horde then assaults the realm of Yarlith. The armies of Phalorm march north but are too late to prevent Yarlith's fall. They do succeed however in raising the siege of the independent trading city of Neverwinter, thanks to the aid of Palarandusk the Sun Dragon, and for the next year, in pitched battle after pitched battle, the warriors of Phalorm with the aid of other communities of the North strive desperately to defeat this huge army of orcs.
612Year of the Jester's Smile
  • The armies of Phalorm and other allied settlements of the North led by the Helmite priest Helbrace, shatter the Everhorde at the Battle of Firetears, south of Triboar, at the cost of much of their strength and the life of the elven King Lathlaeril "Leafspear". The warriors of Phalorm spend the next two years hunting down the surviving orc bands that roam the area.
  • The Magister Velomar Dauntcastle dies in a trap, stabbed through by over sixty sword- thrusts. The Moonshaen sorceress Irithra Dawntanthra accepts the office of Magister (reigns 612 to 641).
613Year of the Glaring Eye
614Year of the Shattered Scepter
  • Hlondeth finally becomes independent of Chondath.
  • Nessmara, a lamia noble skilled in the Art who dwells amidst the ruined city of Illimar in the Gulthmere Woods, recovers the broken fragments of the Maguscepter. Once reassembled, the sentient scepter twists its mistress's desires towards its own ends: ruling the city of Westgate.
  • Eleasias: A great orc chieftain, Grunnig "the Red", unites the nomadic orc bands of the vast grasslands known as the Fields of the Dead, south of Phalorm and marches them north. With most of its warriors away to the north, Phalorm empties its garrisons and fortresses and sends an army south to give battle under the dwarven King Oskilar, son of Fauril. The savage fighting around present-day Dragonspear Castle, known as the battle of Sodden Fields, sees Phalorm emerge victorious, though her battle strength is sorely damaged.
  • Uktar: In the waning days of this year, northern-eastern Phalorm is invaded by the Horde of the Wastes, a great orc army originating in the High Moor and southern Greypeak Mountains. King Oskilar is slain whilst leading a desperate rearguard action to gain time for the armies of the realm, Dolblunde is sacked and pillaged and the House of Stone is besieged.
  • Nightal: The armies of Phalorm move south to succor the kingdom. The orc horde moves north, leaving some of its strength behind to maintain the siege of the House of Stone. The horde splits into two, with one army moving up the west bank of the Dessarin and the other marching up the east bank toward the Stone Bridge. South of present-day Westbridge, the armies of Phalorm meet the westerly force of orcs and give battle. Just as Phalorm's warriors seem to be gaining the upper hand, the eastern orc army charges into their flank and rear after crossing the Dessarin at the Stone Bridge. Phalorm's army is routed and flees west seeking to rally at Iniarv's Tower, a fortress of the allied, seacoast realm of Uthtower.
615Year of the Lamia's Kiss
  • Hammer: The armies of Phalorm are defeated once more at Iniarv's Tower by the Horde of the Wastes, as the battle rouses the ancient lich from crypts deep beneath the fortress. The lich attacks both the orcs and the armies of Phalorm in his fury, and the fortress is reduced to ruins. The warriors of Phalorm seek refuge within the seacoast realm of Uthtower, hotly pursued by the orcish horde. Alarmed at the horde within their lands, the ruler of Uthtower beseeches the Iniarv to save the realm. With cruel humour, he unleashes great magics that cause the seas to rise up and flood the surrounding lands, bringing the realm to an end and devastating the armies of both Phalorm and the Horde of the Wastes. The remaining orcs flee into the Sword Mountains and the area becomes a large swamp known as the Mere of Dead Men.
  • Alturiak: The remnants of the horde laying siege to the House of Stone perish in a last, futile assault on that fortress.
  • Mirtul: The realm of Phalorm falls apart as the elves, sickened by the endless warring, abandon the alliance and take ship to Evermeet. Ardeep remains an elven realm in name only. The dwarves of Phalorm, their numbers greatly reduced, retreat to isolated holds deep beneath the Horn Hills or travel east to Ammarindar. The humans take council with the remaining gnomes and halflings in the region, and clear Phalorm's borders of orc raiding parties.
  • The Winter Sphinx of Westgate falls to prey to the charms of Nessmara, who has assumed the guise of a gynosphinx using the powers of the Maguscepter. Within a fortnight, Westgate has its first queen in nearly two centuries.
616Year of the Ensorcelled Kings
  • The remnants of the realm of Phalorm are re-founded as Delimbiyran, the Kingdom of Man.
  • The adult shadow dragon Aurgloroasa establishes her lair within the Thunder Peaks.
  • A visiting wizard from the north, who identifies himself only as the Handweaver, is one of many individuals granted a public audience with the monarchs of Westgate on Midsummer's Day at the annual Commoner's Court. Despite numerous wards protecting the monarchs, the Handweaver's spells shatter Queen Nessmara's charms, revealing her true nature to all. The ensuing combat pits the aged androsphinx king of Westgate against the lamia noble, resulting in both of their deaths.
  • The death of the Winter Sphinx and his unmasked mate throws Westgate into chaos, disrupting trade and undermining the profits of the city's merchants accustomed to over a century of relative stability. Most expect the Handweaver to proclaim himself the city's next king, but the wizard, who many suspect to be an avatar or proxy of Azuth, demonstrates no such intentions. After several months of instability, a group of prominent merchants approaches the Handweaver regarding the empty throne. The sorcerer declines their offer, suggesting his most senior apprentice might be more suitable. Before the year's end, Farnath Ilistar has been crowned king of Westgate, and his mentor, the Handweaver, has vanished from the city.
617Year of the Needless Slaughter
618Year of the Seige Tower
619Year of Orcsfall
  • An orc horde pours into western Cormanthyr and the Dales, threatening to overrun Semberholme and the southern Dales. The ballad "Battlestars at Tilver's Gap" tells the tale of the destruction of the orcs from Thunder Peaks by the combined Dalesmen militia and elven armies.
  • After a dozen years as mayor of Silverymoon, Tara dies from a fever. The town elects the popular wizard and sage Donal "the Wise Bear" Ethen as mayor.
c. 620s
  • The Sword Heralds of Cormyr begin their activities about this time, creating many extradimensional hideaways during the next century and beyond.
620Year of the Mountain Crypt
621Year of Nineteen Swords
  • Chief Umggok of the Granitefang tribe establishes a small but permanent orc settlement at the foothills in the Moonwood.
622Year of Soaring Shadows
  • Donal "The Wise Bear" steps down as mayor of Silverymoon to return to his studies and the building of a public library. His suggestion of an elven comrade to replace him sees the election of Mayor Paulorin Felinaun, later known as the "Elf Mayor".
623Year of Nightsilver
624Year of the Journey Home
625Year of the Torrents
626Year of the Eagle and Falcon
  • The settlement of Mirabar is founded by the aged, wanderer Prince Ereskas of Amn, who fled the intrigues of his homeland over twenty years previously. Building upon the remnants of the long destroyed Iron Tower, the capital of the dwarven realm of Gharraghaur, Ereskas soon attracts many settlers from the Kingdom of Man and the cities of Silverymoon.
627Year of the Bloodcrystals
  • Ecmane Truesilver and his nine apprentices arrive in Silverymoon. Claiming five goddesses (Eldath, Mielikki, Lurue, Mystra, and Sehanine) drew them here, the mages create a school of magic patterned on elven teachings.
628Year of the Kobold Hordes
  • In Silverymoon, Mayor Artus Natek, a rich fish merchant, is elected after Paulorin "Elf Mayor" elects to travel west to Evermeet. Ecamane and his apprentices help rout a Granitefang attack against Silverymoon; this marks the first orc attack with no casualties suffered by town natives.
  • The Far Horns Forest shrinks to about its current location in modern Faerûn.
629Year of the Empty Hearth
  • Chapter 18 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • The Silver Lady's Library, named after Mielikki, is established adjacent to Ecmane's manse; Ecmane donates his collection of rare tomes from Myth Drannor to the library.
630Year of the Winking Jester
631Year of the Lone Lark
  • The Granitefang orcs attack Silverymoon from both north and south sides, fighting across the bridge and actually entering the city, but they are repelled by the militia and the mages. Due to constant troubles with the orcs, Mayor Artus Natek passes the mantle of leadership to his army commander, Warlord Kieth.
  • Warlord Kieth is appointed leader of Silverymoon in response to constant troubles with orcs.
  • The crumbling ruins of Uthtower and its catacombs are seized by the old black wyrm Chardansearavitriol "Ebondeath". Ebondeath uses the ruins as a base to extend his rule over the Mere of Dead Men.
632Year of Burning Skies
  • The Ice Queen's Winter descends on Myth Ondath starting in Eleint. The seige army of the Ice Queen is led by the lich Vrandak the Burnished, and the army is accompanied by magical winter storms that last out the year.
633Year of Chasms
  • Myth Ondath is destroyed, mythal and all, by the Ice Queen's use of the artifact known as the Gatekeeper's Crystal.
  • After toiling for years, Demron completes Keryvian, the Arms-Major's Foebane and the greatest of the Baneblades. Demron succumbs to exhaustion due to his work on the blade, dying two days after the final magics are set into the sword. In honor of his work for the city of Myth Drannor and his magecraft, House Ammath and numerous other contributors fund a temple to Demron's patron god Azuth, which is built on and around Demron's Tower over the next four years. Once complete, Demron's remains are the first interred in the temple's crypts.
  • The Storm Prophet Tothur displays the Chanting Chain, a spellbook holy to Talos, in the Great Bazaar of the Master of Gargoyles in western Shaar.
634Year of the Darkspawn
  • Warlord Kieth leads the fledgling army of Silverymoon and a cadre of mages to victory over the Granitefang orcs in the Battle of Brokenfang.
635Year of the Soldier's Forfeit
636Year of the Luminous Tabard
637Year of the Silver Sun
  • Silverymoon elects Ecmane Truesilver as its first High Mage to rule the city; stone walls are constructed around the city's perimeter.
638Year of the Menial Phrases
639Year of Ire's Immolation
640Year of the Fanged Beast
  • First mining and trading encampments at Zhentil Keep.
  • The cities of Ormath and Lheshayl come under constant attack from saber-toothed tigers until the beasts are driven off.
  • The archmage Tallrunner Tigris, later known as Tulrun, is born.
  • The Sword Heralds of Cormyr create an extra-dimensional labyrinth for the amusement of the jaded young nobles of House Auantiver and stock it with all manner of monstrous creatures.
641Year of the Necropolis
  • The adventurer-mage Dathchaunt Sandrach becomes Magister (reigns 641 to 657) after accidentally slaying Irithra.
642Year of the Sifting Sands
  • Nytholops takes the throne as Mage-King of Milvarn.
  • Sundryl Aeravansel dies.
  • Bellodar III, crowned king of Old Impiltur (? to 922).
643Year of the Nesting Harpy
  • The wizard Nezram leaves his tower on the shores of Azulduth, the Lake of Salt.
644Year of the Gleaming Gates
645Year of the Costly Gift
  • The wizard Maskyr gains Maskyr's Vale from the dwarven King Tuir "Stonebeard" by plucking out his right eye as the cost of gaining the vale. Humans soon begin making their first permanent settlements in the Vast.
646Year of the Tormented Souls
647Year of the Wayward Heart
648Year of the Dancing Daggers
  • Death of Baron Hurst Amadin in an orc attack on his High Castle west of Semberholme.
649Year of the Bloody Crown
  • The dwarven Realm of Glimmering Swords falls to the orcs in the Battle of Deepfires. A number of dwarven clans flee under the earth, while other craftsmen and noncombatants migrate to Myth Drannor. Humans remain and fight the orcs to retain their new homes.
c. 650
  • The noted mage Rathdaen roams the Realms.
650Year of the Falling Tower
  • Travelers frequently pass between Ascalhorn and Silverymoon, and trade opens with the dwarves.
651Year of the Waning Sun
  • The Fourth Shalarin Passing.
652Year of the Viper
  • Zaor Moonflower becomes one of the youngest officers of the Akh'Velahr in Cormanthyr.
653Year of the Killing Blow
  • Start of the Ninth Serôs War under the Inner Sea.
654Year of the Coveted Briars
  • Many druids' enclaves, both human and elven, are established this year throughout both Cormanthyr and the Realms at large.
  • Battle of the Haunted Plains. After their defeat here, more than 80% of all merrow in the Inner Sea flee or are driven south, behind the Sharksbane Wall. The remainder survive within the Hmer Plateau or among the ruins on the Haunted Plains.
655Year of the Volanth
  • Three years of war destroys the two Axe Kingdoms along the coastal waters of the Dragon Coast and Sembia. The Axe Kingdoms of Khuur and Nmalk are the last pretenses of "civilized" merrow in Serôs (the Inner Sea).
656Year of the Peaceful Seas
  • The Circle of Flames completes the Scrolls Ardentym this year. Akh'Faer scholars and strategists receive six incomplete fragments of the Scrolls, but only the Circle and the Srinshee have complete copies of them.
  • End of the Ninth Serôs War. Dure to merrow invading their territory and adding to their enemies' populations, sahaugin send massive raiding parties storming over the Sharksbane Wall. All this serves as retribution for the other races invading Aleaxtis, and that continues the Ninth War for another year.
657Year of the Nine Stars
  • The Magister Dathchaunt Sandrach dies in a violent summer storm while experimenting with a ball lightning spell. Jhesiyra Kestellharp, an ex-apprentice of Halaster Blackcloak, accepts the office of Magister (reigns 658 to 667).
658Year of the Dangerous Game
  • Rathdaen, a Cormyrean mage and Realms-wide explorer of note, arrives in Myth Drannor after a decades-long absence. While never a native, he is close friends with many practitioners of the Art in the City of Song, and remains as a guest for years at a time.
  • A gate is secretly established between the Hall of the Naturalists in Myth Drannor and the Underhalls of Mount Melairbode (Undermountain).
  • During this time, it becomes fashionable among the adventuresome scions of Cormyr's noble houses to run the gauntlet of beasts dwelling in the Sword Herald- created Auantiver Labyrinth.
659Year of the Hunting Ghosts (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of Mages' Dawning)
  • Over two-score wizards from Myth Drannor and other parts of the Realms migrate to Silverymoon and begin establishing that city as a sister to the City of Songs and a center of learning.
  • Tallrunner Tigris travels to Silverymoon and High Mage Ecamane Truesilver arranges for him to be apprenticed to the Seven Wizards in far off Myth Drannor. The elves of Myth Drannor name him Tulrun.
c. 660
  • The archmage Maskyr gains his vale from Tuir Stonebeard, King of the dwarves of the Vast.
660Year of the Morning Horn
  • Due to the death and destruction of the just-ended Ninth Serôs War, the Laws of Battle are drafted by the merfolk, shalarin and Dukars to avoid that kind of genocidal violance from ever fouling the waters of Serôs again.
661Year of the Bloody Tusk
  • Height of Myth Drannor.
  • The Coronal Eltargrim of Myth Drannor, at dawn on the last day of Midsummer festivals, passes on to Aravandor, leaving only the Ar'Cor'Kerym, his Ruler's Blade, hovering in mid-air atop the Rule Tower. Aravae Irithyl, his niece and heir, proclaims a city-wide period of Mourning for the next five years. Thus ends the Sixth Rysar of Cormanthyr after 866 years.
  • Ogres from the Cloud Peaks and Small Teeth sack the towns of Imnescar and Trademeet, and nearly lay seige to Esmeltarann until stopped by the army of General Rashturl.
662Year of the People's Mourning
  • Strohm II (520 to 735), 2nd halfelf grandson of Strohm I, King of Tethyr.
  • The mage Rathdaen dies peacefully in his sleep, to the sorrow of many of Myth Drannor's inhabitants. He leaves the Tome of Rathdaen to his apprentice, a foolish braggart by the name of Narsel, who fears attacks by jealous rivals trying to steal his master's legacy and immediately leaves for parts west.
  • The heirs of the Cormyrean houses of Bleth, Crownsilver, and Truesilver die in the monster-filled interdimensional Auantiver Labyrinth.
663Year of the Baleful Song
  • Pyraan the Grim and Peridar Snowbrows secede from the faculty of the Incanistaeum, reducing the "Seven Wizards" of Myth Drannor to five.
664Year of the Falling Petals
  • The Heir's Passing: Aravae Irithyl, the heir of the Coronal of Cormanthyr, and all of her personal guard are found dead under mysterious circumstances the morning after Cinnaelos'Cor. The Srinshee and the High Court Mages insist on maintaining the Mourning Days and add the funeral of Aravae to the solemn times while staving off a succession war among the noble Houses of Cormanthyr.
  • Everlund continues to grow as a rough trading settlement until elves severely slow development by formally and forcibly claiming surrounding lands and keeping them 'wild'.
665Year of Ashen Tears
  • Due to political pressure amid his family, Taeral Olortynaal discontinues his long association with the Incanistaeum of Myth Drannor.
  • The wizard Narsel is slain in the sky above Ironmaster by the mage Sapphail who claims the Tome of Rathdaen from Narsel's charred corpse.
666Year of Stern Judgement
  • "Final Gate" begins.
  • The Claiming Chaos: The end of the Mourning Days demands an immediate decision on the succession of the Coronal. A claiming Ceremony is convened to determine the next Coronal of Myth Drannor and Cormanthyr. After 40 elves and the Rule Tower itself are destroyed, the Srinshee steps in, easily swinging the elfblade free of its perch. As it is brandished before her, the golden light of the blade crystallizes around her in a massive diamond-shaped energy field that engulfs and restores the Rule Tower. Finally, with a whirl of magic, the Srinshee, the magical field, and the weapon all disappear.
667Year of the Austere Cerimonies
  • By early summer, the Council of Twelve now rules over Myth Drannor, crafting a new form of representative government. The city is without a Coronal for the first time in it's existence.
  • After the disappearance of Jhesiyra Kestellharp, the office of Magister passes to the mage Nerren Prentiyuel (reigns 667 to 669).
668Year of the Telling Tome
  • Wizards begin mysteriously disappearing this year from Myth Drannor and all of Cormanthyr. The only clue is that all the visible gates throughout the city crackle ominously and flash blue lightning within their boundaries. (In truth, Halaster Blackcloak of Undermountain is abducting wizards at random and banishing them to the Underhalls.)
  • The mad Halaster of Undermountain begins abducting wizards at random from the environs of Myth Drannor and banishing them to the Underhalls of Undermountain.
669Year of the Brutal Beast
  • Abarat the Alabaster, an elf archmage with a reputation for plane-walking, resigns as head of the Six Tyryl Towers wizards' school and announces plans to build a tower north of the city and Cormanthor in the western reaches of the Beast Marches (soon to be called Thar).
  • The Magister Nerren Prentiyuel is slain, along with his five attackers, in a spellduel. The office of Magister passes to the moon elf Filverel Donnathlascen (reigns 669 to 694).
c. 670
  • The monument to the dwarven hero Karlyn of House Kuldelver becomes known as the Wailing Dwarf.
670Year of Many Floods
  • Entering the Vault of Ages for the first time in years due to an outbreak of drow within the northwestern forests, the Spell-Major Paeris Haladar finds it empty, the greatest and oldest treasures of Cormanthyr all gone!
  • Drow infest the northern forests, seeking to build a stronghold over the ruins of Moander's temple. The Akh'Velahr clears all the drow out within 20 months.
671Year of the Shrouded Slayer
  • Travelers become frequent between Ascalhorn and Silverymoon, and trade opens up with the dwarves of the North.
  • Twenty months after building an ivory tower north of Cormanthor, the moon elf wizard Abarat contacts former associates for aid against a besieging army of monsters. Though some arrive within hours of receiving the magical message, they discover that both Abarat and the monsters are all missing, as are any external signs of anything amiss. Abarat was never found or heard from again, but his unfinished tower of pure ivory, thereafter known as Abarat's Folly, still stands as a monument of elf wizardry and as a beacon to adventurers seeking gates to the planes that many claim to have seen inside.
672Year of the Angry Caverns
  • Many dwarf settlers of Myth Drannor, most of them refugee clans from the fallen Realm of the Glittering Swords, leave the city and move north to the southern shores of the Dragon Sea. They reopen the westernmost mines of Sarphil, known as the Lost Ways, which honeycomb a lengthy escarpment (known as the Scarp) that looms over the eastern reaches of Tailings Bay.
673Year of the Covenant
  • The fledgling town of Hillsafar, named in honor of the dwarf clan of the same name, is founded by elves, half-elves, and humans on the western shore of Tailings Bay to trade with the dwarves of the Scarp. Some found this settlement to both keep drow out of the area and maintain some vigilance over Moander's Crypt. Within a few decades, the town's name is corrupted and shortened to Hillsfar.
  • Many of Myth Drannor's less-established craftsmen migrate to the new city in search of new opportunities.
  • The Covenant, an alliance of mages founded to enforce a peace between Delimbiyran and other small realms of the North, is formed. The Covenant seeks to build the collective power and prosperity of the Northlands against the future confrontation with the orcs and their kin.
674Year of the Nomad
  • Soldier's Blade, but the Akh'Faer's Artblade, retrieved from a deep dragon's lair far beneath the Storm Horn Mountains. Unfortunately, his reward is personal heartbreak as he realizes that all he worked for is gone with the passings of both the Coronal and Aravae.
  • Josidiah does not take up his rightful place as Lord-Speaker of House Starym, but he does (by right of the elf-blade he restores to Myth Drannor) take over the leadership of the Akh'Faer and thus rise to a seat on the Council of Twelve. Josidiah refuses to discuss it, but many notice that he no longer walks with his magnificent cat Guenhwyvar, and some whisper he had to trade the cat's figurine of power for the blade. Of his 12 original comrades, only one survived: Onas Ulondarr, an elf bladesinger of House Ulondarr. Returning to the city married to Maira Shieldark, a human wizardess of Arabel, they bring with them four adult half-elf children (three women, one man; all rangers): Alupiira, Vaeala, Shaeia, and Rahsil.
675Year of the Bloodfeud
  • The scandalous House Ulondarr, by openly accepting half-elves among the direct succession, suffers censure and much grief (and not a few attacks by mercenaries and assassins) from the other Houses of Myth Drannor. The attacks and social intrigues last for the next 50 years.
676Year of the Gruesome Grimoires
  • Taeral Olortynaal returns to the Incanistaeum and to the "Seven Wizards", though they are still only five in number. Later this year, in a politically motivated spell battle among some noble elves and humans, gold elf students accidentally kill Taeral and two human students. These elves are never charged with the crimes, as they frame the only non-elf left, and the innocent Arlesn of Arabel is forever banished from Myth Drannor for a crime he didn't commit.
677Year of the Resonant Silence
  • Hym Kraaven, senior among the "Seven Wizards", uncovers the truth about Taeral's death and is swiftly killed in "an out-of-control tavern brawl" by agents and friends of the now-rogue and obviously power-mad magelings of House Faerondarl.
678Year of the Poignant Poniard
  • Lord Councilor Kharis Maerdrym and his hunting party, which included several humans of note, mysteriously disappear off the coast of Delthuntle during a Grand Hunt of a near-legendary greater quelzarn. Agents of Unther are suspected in the attack (as are some of Lord Maerdrym's usual political foes).
679Year of the Scarlet Sash
  • Unther forced to recognize independence of the North Coast Cities. Unther never recovers from this long, costly, and bloody campaign.
  • End of the second Untheric empire.
  • Hillsafar is nearly destroyed by an army of deepspawn-bred monsters emerging from the tangled, treacherous Beast Marches to the west. The Akh'Velahr reinforcements of Cormanthyr succeed in dispersing the beasts by the first snowfall of winter. A small garrison of troops remain stationed in Hillsafar for the protection of the northern forests and villages until Myth Drannor's Fall.
680Year of the Long March (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of the Storm Skeleton)
  • Many Chondathian mercenaries return home from the North Coast Campaign. Chondath begins to concentrate its efforts on fledgling Sembia.
  • Many human and dwarf stonemasons migrate from Myth Drannor to Hillsafar to aid that fledgling city in constructing its first encircling defensive wall.
  • After more than a decade, wizards of the Guild of Naturalists piece together the clues and realize that Halaster Blackcloak has been abducting wizards all throughout Cormanthyr in retaliation for their plundering of his monsters in Undermountain. The guild mounts a rescue expedition into the dungeon, which never returns, and they quietly end their sorties to Undermountain. Attempts to dispels or destroy the gate connecting their hall with Undermountain meet with failure.
681Year of the Zombie Lords
  • Nezram's tower destroyed by the green dragon Chathuulandroth. Nezram's children are scattered or slain.
  • During the festival of Greengrass, Achveult Tattercloak, a student of the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor, and his consort, Tlanchass, depart from the Sixstars intersection in a most spectacular fashion. The latter, who had long maintained the guise of a beautiful human female, revealed her true form by transforming into a gold dragon, and the pair then go off to the south and west.
682Year of the Howling
  • The Masked and Mentor Wintercloak effectively disband the "Seven Wizards" by leaving Myth Drannor with their last four students, all gnomes. Their departure, when one of Mentor's properties (an old stone tower) abruptly uprooted itself and flew up into the sky, heading north by northwest, was surprisingly open. The Incanistaeum now lies solely in the hands of Sakaala of the Seven Rings.
686Year of the Tainted Troll
  • The young but already learned mage Nezras arrives in Myth Drannor where he joins the Six Tyryl Towers to learn more of magic. The grand-nephew of Nezram the World-Walker, Nezras seeks knowledge that will restore his uncle's Unique Mageries tome to his keeping.
684Year of the Sundered Crypt
  • Dwarves of the clan Tarynstone are found digging deep tunnels under Myth Drannor despite the long-held prohibition against such actions. Furthermore, some elf Houses are outraged that the dwarves' tunneling in restricted areas collapsed some nigh-forgotten deep crypts of the elder or long-gone Houses. Clan Tarynstone and its 350 dwarves, despite a cry within the Ruling Council for death sentences and an equally loud cry for acquittal, are exiled from Myth Drannor and Cormanthyr. The clan emigrates west into the Thunder Peaks.
685Year of the Wraithwinds
  • Two among the eight senior officers and one junior officer spilt off from the other armathors of Myth Drannor to join the resigning High Court Mage and Councilor Shyael Ildacer to pursue a new course as the "followers of the Srinshee's dream", the Eternal Srinnala.
686Year of the Unshriven
  • Nezras the Scholar weds the elf wizardess Raejiisa Sicafei after both graduate from their studies at the Six Tyryl Towers of Myth Drannor.
687Year of the Wandering Sylph
688Year of the Zephyr
689Year of the Eager Executioner
  • The displaced Archmage Paeris Haladar attempts to slay Josidiah Starym with spells, vowing vengeance for his loss of status. Josidiah survives four assassination attempts but is nearly slain in an Honor Duel called to settle the feud. When Paeris seizes the fallen Artblade, he is found unworthy of its power and responsibility. Forever after, dead magic zone surrounds and permeates Paeris Haladar, making him a pariah to all within Cormanthyr. Josidiah reclaims the elfblade and returns to his post as Spell-Major with honor.
  • Matron Aunrae becomes Matron Mother of ruling House Nasadra in Ched Nasad. Her power in the city is nigh absolute.
690Year of the Clashing Blades
  • Sakaala of the Seven Rings disbands and dismantles the Incanistaeum, the school of wizardry run by the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor. She and her three remaining apprentice-students (two elves, one half-elf) leave for parts unknown after growing wings from their backs and taking flight. At last sighting, they are headed to the northwest.
691Year of the Stricken Sun
692Year of Crawling Crags
  • Tulrun discovers the ruins of the Abbey of the Moon, and disappears from Faerûn.
  • The Tejarn Purchase: Tethyr, due to financial troubles, sells the lands between the headwaters of the Sulduskoon and the Tejarn Hills to King Brinnaq of Amn.
693Year of the Engimatic Smile
694Year of the Ominous Oracle
  • High Mage Truesilver and twenty-one other wizards cast mighty protections and enchantments on the walls of Silverymoon.
  • The elven Magister Filverel Donnathlascen is killed in a spellduel with the gold elf Larongar "Firehands" Veverell. Veverell becomes Magister (reigns 694 to 699).
  • The first divinations and portents of doom arrive via Darcassan, the diviner of Windsong Tower. He tells the Elders of Windsong Tower of the signs, but they keep the knowledge from the public to prevent a panic. Given the climate of distrust and factionalism, this news is also kept secret from the Council, as it is uncertain where the threat to Myth Drannor's security lies.
  • The Circle of Flames and the wizards of Windsong Tower begin spiriting magical items and tomes (including the Scrolls Ardentym and the Keryfaertel) safety. Many end up in Ascalhorn and Silverymoon in the trusted hands of colleagues there (in the cases of wizards not moving there themselves), though some wizards take off with their secrets for parts unknown over the next twelve years.
695Year of the Fanciful Feasts
696Year of the Great Escape
697Year of the Triton's Horn
  • Worshippers of Shar riot throughout the Sword Coast as the machinations of Lalondra, the Dark Mother, sweep away the power of the Sharran clergy overnight. King Davyd of the Kingdom of Man dies without a legitimate heir in the tumult. Kingdoms such as Calandor, Scathril and Loravatha are formed in the wake of the fall of the Kingdom of Man by nobles who once swore fealty to Delimbiyran. The majority of them lay claim to the empty throne of the Kingdom of Man but are not strong enough to seize power.
698Year of the Voracious Vole
  • The gnome city of Dolblunde is finally abandoned this year after a bloody assault by priests and followers of Urdlen sees much of the small population massacred.
699Year of Rampaging Raaserpents
  • The Magister Larongar "Firehands" is killed in a trap set by the beholder mage Quaervaxthanus. The beholder becomes Magister (reigns 699 to 705).
  • King Amarkos II of Impiltur and a host of mounted archers slay the great red wyrm Malagarthaul "Flaming Claws". To comemmorate the slaying, royal mages craft the blade Malagar, "the Burnfang".

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