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Forgotten Realms chronology, 700 - 799

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

700Year of the Slain Raven
  • The forests of Moondale, founded shortly after the raising of the Standing Stone, are completely cleared by this date even though no living tree was ever felled by its people.
701Year of the White Jonquil
702Year of the Clutching Death
  • Orc raiders from the High Forest inflict great loss on the splinter 'kingdoms' of Delimbiyran, sweeping many of them away in fire and slaughter. The orcs are eventually defeated by the humans of Calandor, previously one of the strongest noble houses of the Kingdom of Man.
703Year of the Shambling Ice
704Year of the Emerald Citadel
  • The Ildacer clan, due to the internal machinations of the Ruling Council and other factions (specifically Lord Venali Starym and the Guild of Wizards, Conjurers and Enchanters), loses much of its holdings, monies, and social status in Myth Drannor. While the Ildacers lose all their estates, they move into and maintain four inns and taverns within the city. With the loss of Riirose, the Eternal Srinnala moves their base of operations into some old abandoned mages' towers north of the city, which are owned by another member.
705Year of Watchful Eyes
  • Ecamane's final apprentice miscasts a find familiar spell and mixes his form with that of a cat. Ederan Nharimlur now has light gold fur covering his skin and the green eyes of a cat.
  • The beholder Magister Quaervaxthanus is slain by the human Almer Galarthund. Almer becomes Magister (reigns 705 to 709), but is horribly maimed in the battle.
  • The mages of the Covenant begin to secretly manipulate and influence the Uthgardt tribes of the North by means of their Art. By season's end, the tribes stand united against the goblinkin of the Savage Frontier.
706Year of the Realmsrage
707Year of Portents Perilous
708Year of Bound Evils
  • High Mages and three battalions of Akh'Faer mages battle a resurgence of evil beasts and cultists of the fallen god Moander near the site of his fallen temple. While the cult is dispersed, numerous "lost spells" of Moander's clergy are recovered from the ruins by the elder priests and restored to use.
  • Three nycaloths escape their dimensional pocket prison that floated invisibly high above Cormanthyr. Their freedom depended on a "red dragon that never held malice or greed in its heart [flying] over the Coronal's throne". As Saeval Ammath and his adopted dragon-mount Garnet flew above Myth Drannor, they weakened the dimensional prison enough for the nycaloths to escape.
709Year of the Earnest Oaths
  • The three nycaloths and their summoned yugoloth allies spend 29 months drawing together their forces amid the mountains and hills north of the Dragon Sea. In all, their army consists of orcs, ogres, bugbears, hobgoblins, gnolls, flinds, trolls, and an ever-growing assortment of lesser yugoloths.
  • Start of the Tenth Serôs War. This is the start of more than seven separate civil wars that tear apart the nations under the Inner Sea, putting nearly all the other races against each other, with conflicts spanning merman vs. merman vs. shalarin vs. sea elf.
  • The Night of Twelve Magisters: Cloning himself a dozen times, the ambitious archmage Zunroun Ilber of Calimport attacks the Magister Almer Galarthund on the 4th of Eleasias. Almer dies in the attack, leaving all nine surviving clones to become Magister. The clones quickly go insane and slay each other. The original Zunroun, having survived the chaos, is killed by his apprentice, Illinge Hardraw. Illinge is killed in turn by the local archmage Belmer of the Six Thunders, who dies soon after under the hands of his own apprentice, Turnrock Draether. After the night's chaos, Turnrock emerges as Magister (reigns 709 to 762).
710Year of the Toppled Throne
  • Drow attacks in Cormyr claim the lives of three noble families of the realm. While believed dead, most of the nobles survive as slaves in the Underdark.
  • Full summoning of the Army of Darkness begins north of the Dragon's Sea, and they march by year's end.
  • A gate to the Abyss opens above the palace of Westgate, and a large host of tiefling warriors flee through it, hotly pursued by a small company of tanar'ri. Much of the royal palace is destroyed in the resulting conflagration, and King Thartryn Ilistar I perishes under mysterious circumstances during the blaze. Although eventually the fiends are banished back to the Abyss and the gate closed, the bulk of the tiefling army survives the battle, in far better shape than the city's own forces. Within a fortnight, the leader of the tieflings, Iyachtu Xvim, seizes the throne of Westgate and the surviving scions of the royal house of Ilistar are driven into exile. Once the throne is his, the Fiend King imposes his draconian rule over the entire city, a reign of tyranny in keeping with his claim to be the Son of Bane.
711Year of the Despairing Elves
  • Late in the autumn of this year, the Army of Darkness overruns the mining and trading encampments on the western Moonsea (the site that will become Zhentil Keep). By early winter, the first incursions into Cormanthor have begun.
  • The Weeping War begins on the Feast of the Moon with the Northern Massacres campaign as the Army of Darkness engages many elf patrols and destroys many elf villages and clan enclaves.
712Year of the Lost Lance (NOTE: This Year is called the Year of the Moon's Tears in the Pool of Radiance computer game)
  • The Nameless Chosen is transported to Silverymoon Pass by the Silversgate Portal in Myth Drannor whilst fighting the mezzoloth host of Cvor and is sorely wounded. He is saved only by the aid of Ecamane Truesilver and other wizard allies from the Gem of the North who destroy the remaining mezzoloths and transport the Nameless Chosen to Silverymoon for healing.
  • Beginning of the nycaloth-led assault on Myth Drannor, the Woods of Cormanthyr, and the Lands of the Dragonreach by the Army of Darkness. The Weeping War continues throughout the year, resulting in the deaths of many heroes and the collective Harpers at Twilight, including the Lady Dathlue Mistwinter. There are four major campaigns this year, and Myth Drannor nearly falls prey to the Army of Darkness. The Nameless Chosen is near-mortally wounded at Silversgate, and the Chosen Elminster is lost among the planes for a time.
  • High Mage Truesilver dies, but names as his successor Aglanthol the Red, his great-nephew and head apprentice; High Mage Aglanthol adopts the Staff of Silverymoon as his symbol of rulership.
713Year of the Firedrake
  • The Monarch Mordent, an elven man-o-war, crashes into the Army of Darkness outside of Myth Drannor. The site of the crash becomes known as Monarch's Fall Glade.
  • The Weeping War rages on, though the allies manage to eliminate Malimshaer and Gaulguth, two of the three nycaloths leading the Army of Darkness. While three major campaigns rocked the forest for much of the year, there is a tense peace from Greengrass to Midsummer's Night. During this time, many Myth Drannan natives emigrate either to sister cities outside of Cormanthor or to Semberholme and Tangled Vale settlements; After more than 200 years, the Twisted Tower falls once again to the dark elves, marking the refounding of the Lands Under Shadow in western Cormanthor.
714Year of Doom
  • "Forsaken House" begins.
  • "Farthest Reach" begins.
  • Fall of Myth Drannor. The final campaigns of the elves and allies against the Army of Darkness see the reestablishment of Elven Court as a seat of elven power in Cormanthyr while Myth Drannor falls under siege by the Army of Darkness. With the slaughter of the army and cavalry, little can be done against the Siege of Shadow, which descends on Myth Drannor on the 21st day of Kythorn.
  • Battle of Burnt Ridge. Many of the city's mages fall here.
  • Lady Steel dies fighting the city's attackers; her contingencies trigger a massive explosion that slays many evil beings.
  • Druth Daern hides during the final battle and later emerges to ransack the ruins.
  • In Silverymoon, the group of allied warriors and mages known as the Seven of Silver open a gateway to Myth Drannor to aid in its defense, but they succeed only in allowing twelve elves and humans to escape. The Seven of Silver are immortalized by the bard's song "Seven Silvers Falling", sung by those wishing to commemorate a noble sacrifice.
  • The Banes' Duel: The climax of the war was the duel between the two final opposing army leaders. The Banes' Duel between the forces of Aulmpiter the nycaloth and Captain Fflar lasts for two whole days, and ends with the pair facing off in mortal combat on the 15th day of Flamerule. While neither body is ever identified, the magical blast that engulfs them robs both armies of their commanders.
  • The Siege lasts until the Final Flight in Flamerule, as the now-direction-less hordes of the Army of Darkness simply swarm over Myth Drannor's last defenders by savagery and sheer weight of numbers. Only 200 elves allies out of the 3000 who remained to defend the City of Song escaped to tell of the city's passing, among them, Zaor Moonflower. Among the casualties were Josidiah Starym, who nobly sacrificed himself with the destruction of the Artblade. His remains were never recovered.
  • The city of Delimbiyran and much of the southern Delimbiyr are devastated by a huge explosion caused by the magical backlash unleashed when the Warrior's Gate, in far off Myth Drannor, is destroyed at the Battle of Two Gates' Fall. Many of the surviving splinter 'kingdoms' of the Kingdom of Man go into decline.
  • The Nameless Chosen wakes from his healing slumber in Silverymoon and is introduced to High Mage Aglanthol as Khelben Arunsun.
c. 715
  • The civil wars of the Inner Sea flare again with the interjection of Myth Drannan refugees into the sea elven population. These migrations saw a sudden backlash of concern that the elves were trying to restore the 1,000-years'-fallen Aryselmalyr empire.
  • The Uthgardt hunt down and slay no less than a score orcish chieftains in the next five years preventing the formation of an orc horde.
715Year of the Hungry Jaws
  • The elves of Cormanthor spend this summer and the next hunting down and killing the remnants of the Army of Darkness, until the woods are cleansed. This work takes all the magic they have, and most of their best warrior blood.
716Year of Reaching Regret
717Year of the Druid's Wrath
  • The young boy Rhyester, blind from birth, sees the dawn on the first day of Ches and has his sight for the first time in his life. By year's end, he and other folk faithful to Lathander have constructed a crude temple to the god of the dawn in Silverymoon.
  • Turmish is routed by the druids of the Emerald Enclave. The druids establish themselves in Ilighon, the Chondalwood, and the Winterwood.
  • End of the Dukars. The Dukars have remained outside the Hmurran civil wars aside from protecting bystanders and innocents and upholding the Laws of Battle. During this year, of which few facts are known, the Dukars slowly withdraw from all political sectors of Serôs. By year's end, the Dukars vanish, and their schools either disappear or remain mute behind massive, impenetrable shields of magic.
c. 718
  • Founding of the elven settlements of Lake Sember and Tangled Trees as areas to begin training their young in the arts of war.
718Year of the Painful Price
719Year of the Lost Lord
  • High Mage Aglanthol dies at the hands of rogue tanar'ri brought to Silverymoon by a reckless wizard wishing to open a portal to the ruins of Myth Drannor; his successor is the noble Ederan Nharimlur, named High Mage Catseye after his most common nickname.
  • Lurskas becomes Milvarn's new Mage-King.
c. 720s
720 to 1358
  • The Age of Humanity: With the elven and dwarven empires in decline, this era marks a dramatic increase in human expansion on Toril. The High God Ao opens Realmspace to races from other worlds. With these immigrants, came their faith in new gods. This era started and concluded on two prominant events involving the Faerûnian pantheon of gods, The Dawn Cataclysm and The Time of Troubles.
720Year of the Dawn Rose
  • Gathering of the gods at the Dancing Place.
  • Refounding of the Harpers at the request of some elves from Elven Court. In attendance are all 15 of the Harpers at Twilight who survived the previous decade, including Lady Alais Dree, Elminster Aumar, Khelben Arunsun (once the Nameless Chosen), and Meil "Darkhunter" Araeln.
  • The sylvan community of Elventree is founded as a site for the elves of Elven Court to continue interaction with their allied races (since Elven Court now is prohibited to the presence of non-elves) and as a trading site.
  • Myth Lharast is overrun by evil lycanthrope hordes; the city is blasted out of existence by "lightning bolts from the moon".
  • With the Dukars absent, sahaugin rading parties slaughter the remaining sea elf and merfolk guardians and look to destroy as much of Myth Nantar as possible, though they soon abandon the city due to the uncomfortable nature (for them) of the mythal.
721Year of the Hungry Pool
722Year of the Last Hunt
723Year of the Underdark Afire
724Year of the Prisoner Unfettered
  • Turmish wizards attack Ilighon and are killed.
c. 725
  • Reinhar IX "The Foolish" reigns in Dambrath.
725Year of the Shorn Beard
726Year of the Dowager Lady
  • The blue dragon Olothontor destroys the adventuring company known as Glaerikim's Band after it attempts to lure him with song and ambush him.
727Year of the Purloined Throne
  • Rise of Keryvyr. Unnoticed during the Tenth War, sea elves clear and resettle a portion of the cliffs above the haunted Plains (the Bay of Yhaunn off Sembia). Within twenty-five years, the settlement grows into a string of cities and outposts spanning the western cliffs.
728Year of the Sleeping Princess
  • High Mage Ederan marries the elven princess Elenaril, one of the few escapees from fallen Myth Drannor.
729Year of the Twisted Horn
  • The Black Lion, Sky Pony, Red Tiger and Thunderbeast Uthgardt tribes destroy the Twisted Horn orc horde as it masses at the headwaters of the Surbrin.
720Year of the Jovial Mage
731Year of the Visions
  • 2nd Great flood of the River Alamber devastates Unthalass.
  • Gilgeam orders a small group of his scribes to create a permanent archive of his triumphs in the Citadel of Black Ash.
  • The Ring of Eyes, a group of beholders and beholder-cultists originally from the Lake of Steam, destroys the ruling house of Cortryn and conquers its territories. The elves of Shilmista fight the Ring constantly from this year until the Ring's end in 757.
  • King Strohm II repulses the invading armies of Lower Tathtar, and the fallen duchy of Elestam is officially recognized as part of Tethyr.
732Year of the Proud Father
733Year of the Sad Refrains
734Year of the Splendid Stag
  • Due to overcrowding, the walls of Silverymoon are moved outward to almost twice the size of the city at that time (and almost the walls' current location). The space behind the walls is used for garrisons and grazing lands for the cattle of the city. The walls of the Old City are left partially standing for people to use as partial foundations and support for new buildings.
  • On the eve of Greengrass, the reign of the Fiend King comes to an abrupt end following the sudden appearance of the Handweaver in the throne room of Westgate. The legendary wizard and the king claiming to be the Son of Bane battle from dusk to dawn, laying waste to a great swath of the port city, as sheets of brilliant green flame race through entire city blocks. The Handweaver never emerges from the wreckage their battle has wrought, but, although his body is never found, few believe the sorcerer truly dead. King Xvim emerges from the ruins of his palace bearing horrifying wounds and proclaiming a magnificent victory. However, the Fiend King's continued claim to Westgate's throne is proven hollow when he and his most loyal troops are forced to flee in the face of a host of mercenaries, who had been assembled outside the city walls while the conflict unfolded the night before. Led by Farnath Ilistar II, a great-great-grandson of King Farnath Ilistar I descended from King Belhendar's younger half-brother, the army marches into Westgate in the face of token resistance. Farnath II is proclaimed king by acclamation of the populace, refounding the Ilistar dynasty in the process.
  • Raulbaera "the Maiden King", a descendant of Ulbaerag Bloodhand, claims the lands near present-day Amphail and establishes a settlement there which she names Rowan Hold.
735Year of the Prophet's Child
  • Strohm III (715 to 769), Strohm II's human great-great-great-grandson, King of Tethyr.
  • Ilbratha becomes the heir sword for the mer-kingdom of Eadraal. Rise of the merfolk kingdom of Eadraal. Selana the Peacemaker brings some merfolk back into harmony with Serôs as she founds Eadraal on the city of Voalidru just off the plateau. The rise of Eadraal does not end the war, as Eardraal exists for the next fifteen years as but one city, an idea of peace among all races and merfolk, and a line of noble merfolk whose drive to restore peace rises above all the chaos of war.
736Year of the Gleeful Noise
c. 737
  • King Strohm III of Tethyr battles the remnants of Tathtar's fading might.
737Year of the Purple Worm (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of the Winded Herald)
738Year of the Gliding Man
739Year of the Staggered Minotaur
740Year of the Netherese Lai
  • Galaghard II (? to 751), King of Cormyr.
741Year of the Shandon Eyes
742Year of the Wavering Voice
743Year of the Snowy Addax
744Year of the Jeweled Aerie
745Year of the Proud Menhir
746Year of the Somber Dancers
747Year of Stagnate Water
  • Flostren's Hold built at the site of present-day Zhentil Keep.
  • High Mage Ederan and High Mistress Elenaril of Silverymoon are blessed with their second and third children, a boy (Ederan the Younger) and girl (Lynnasha) who share the fur and cat eyes of their father.
748Year of the Coin
  • Flostren's Hold is bought out by a consortium of Sembian merchants who are later known as the Twelve Lords.
749Year of the Glass Eye
750 to 1369
  • The Fourth Epoch (Time of Tempering) of Serôs (the Inner Sea): This era ends with the Twelfth Serôs War, and is marked by the prophetic three great Forgers of Destiny; the rise to power of the tritons, the gods thrown into the sea during the Godswar, and the coming of Iakhovas.
750Year of the Dying Dwarf
  • First walls of Flostren's Hold are built and Elephstron becomes Lord of the Keep.
  • End of the Tenth Serôs War. This war destroys the last warring remnants of Hmurrath, though other casualties include an ixitxachitl baron's plan to take over the plateau. Eadraal, having absorbed all of fallen Hmurrath's territory, is now the largest nation to survive into the Fourth Epoch, followed by Keryvyr and its sea elf allies to the west and the north.
  • By this time, construction is completed on the great temple-complex of Tyr in Phlan.
751Year of Good Tidings
  • Zhentar comes to Flostren's Hold and becomes a Lord.
  • Cathtyr becomes the first Queen of Dambrath.
752Year of High Treachery
  • Zhentar kills all of the Twelve Lords of Flostren's Hold who are opposed to him.
  • Thieves steal Aubayreer's Workbook from the royal libraries of Milvarune.
753Year of Strife
  • Flostren's Hold renamed Zhentil Keep; the Dark Shrine, temple to Bane, is built. Zhentar and Lord Elephston kill each other in a duel.
  • The Goblin Wars: Mirabar is overrun and plundered by goblin hordes that stream south out of the Valley of Khedrun. Their numbers are thinned by the savage ferocity of the Uthgardt tribes who battle them day and night for the better part of a season before the goblins are eventually annihilated by the whelmed humans of the Dessarin Valley at the twin Battles of Muddied Shields and Five Arrows.
754Year of Mid-Summer's Dreams
  • Zhentil Keep starts a program of expansion, erecting new walls and the first bridge across the Tesh.
755Year of the Enigma
  • Construction of Castle Spulzeer begins. Keczulla becomes a ghost town after its mines play out.
756Year of the Leaning Post
  • The first fisherfolk settle in Milvarn and the area that will later become Aglarond (mainly colonists from Chessenta). Velprintalar, Corth, and Indal's Arm are built.
757Year of Lost Wayfarers
  • A Chessentan mage, Tashara of the Seven Skulls, slays the five beholders of the Ring of Eyes and scatters their human lackeys. She then wanders north to the Tunland, where she is slain by Azuth.
758Year of the Scorched Sea
759Year of the Missing Blade
760Year of Drifting Stars (NOTE: this Year is also known as the Year of the Majesty)
  • The goddess Mystra, in the guise of the half-elven sorceress Elue Shundar, marries Dornal Silverhand, a nobleman and former Harper who lived near Neverwinter.
  • Amn conquers the former land of Cortryn, bringing its borders almost to their current state.
761Year of Laughter
  • Anastra Sylune Silverhand (Sylune) is born.
762Year of the Snow Sword
  • Endue Alustriel Silverhand (Alustriel) is born.
  • The Magister Turnrock Draether is killed by the Mulhorandi battle-mage Cauldyn Darthus Salanger. Salanger's reign as Magister lasted little more than a month before he was killed by Turnrock's vengeful apprentices. The office of Magister then passed to Veldrin "Bluehands" Daerivyn (reigns 762 to 797), the most dominant and effective mage of Faerun at the time.
763Year of the Sharp Edge
  • Ambara Dove Silverhand (Dove) is born.
764Year of Mistmaidens
  • Ethena Astorma Silverhand (Storm) is born.
765Year of the Cowl (NOTE: Dragon Annual #1 gives this as the Year of Dawn Blades)
  • Anamanue Laeral Silverhand (Laeral) is born.
  • Construction begins on the High Mages' Keep of Silverymoon, completed 16 months later.
766Year of Yearning (NOTE: Dragon Annual #1 gives this as Year of the Burnt Spear)
  • Alassra Shentrantra Silverhand (The Simbul) is born.
  • Construction complete on the High Mages' Keep of Silverymoon.
  • The Brothers of the Black Hand, a cadre of Bane-worshipping evil wizards exiled from Ascalhorn, steal powerful magical items from Silverymoon, including High Mage Ederan's Staff of Silverymoon, the chain mail Glove of Taarnahm the Vigilant, and Tasmia's Necklace. Their safehouse in Ascalhorn proves the Black Hand's undoing as it falls to wizardry and baatezu manipulations, and the Hand's slayers confiscate the stolen items.
767Year of the Awakening Wyrm
  • "The Temptation of Elminster" ends.
  • Elminster comes to Silverhand Tower and cares for Dove, Laeral and Storm of the Seven Sisters.
  • Eresseae Qilue Silverhand (Qilue) is born.
768Year of the Prying Gods
  • A disguised Mystra brings Sylune and Alustriel to the holding of Bluetower where they are raised by the Harper Thamator the Old.
769Year of the Torm Cloak
  • Strohm IV (745 to 802), 3rd son of Strohm III, King of Tethyr.
770Year of the Diamond Sword
771Year of the Stalking Knight
  • Ederan the Younger, a ranger dedicated to Mielikki, disappears in the Lurkwood.
  • Rise of Naramyr. The depths of the Dragonmere off Cormyr becomes the new home of the sea elf kingdom of Naramyr, a former barony of Aryselmalyr. Sea elves resettle here after being denied permission to form colonies on the Hmur Plateau by Eadraal. Their best protection is the Haunted Plains, which keeps all but the koalinth and other monsters from their border. Alliances with Keryvyr also help.
772Year of the Giggling Ogre
  • The Harper Hauliyr, "the Old Witch", takes Sylune to his isolated steading near present-day Everlund to rear her and train her in magic.
773Year of the Aurumvorax
  • Rhyester dies of natural causes and is laid to rest in the crypt beneath the Lathander's Dawn temple in Silverymoon. Within a year, the temple is renamed Rhyester's Matins.
774Year of the Scowling Duchess
775Year of the Bloody Stone
  • The new walls of Zhentil Keep are finished.
  • The Uthgardt alliance defeats an ogre-led army of orcs and goblins that emerges from the Evermoors. The warriors of the Elk tribe fall almost to a man in a suicidal defence of Flintrock that leaves their proud tribe on the verge of extinction, and in time causes them to become little better than bandits.
776Year of the Crystal Ball
777Year of the Fortified Mind
778Year of Awaiting Webs
779Year of the Crying Sphinx
  • Folk begin emigrating from Ascalhorn due to the abuses of the town's archwizards.
c. 780
  • Jahorga, a realm that lay between the Nagawater, Nagaflow, and the Great Road, is captured by the High Temptress Endreira of Loviatar and turned into the pirates-realm of Endrara.
780Year of the Broken Crossbow
781Year of the Elven Fortress
782Year of the Gentle Hand
783Year of the Lizard King
784Year of the Shattered Tome
  • High Mage Ederan dies of old age after a long and peaceful reign; his daughter, Amaara "Goldentresses" Nharimlur, rises to the station of High Lady Mage and becomes Silverymoon's first female ruler.
785Year of the Manitcore Rampant
786Year of the Moaning Gorge
  • The Battle of Moaning Gorge: The Paladin-Princes Essys, Araln, and Nord of Impiltur foil the invasion plans of the demon lord Ndulu, but at the cost of two of the three Demonbane Shields.
787Year of the Rotting Orchard
788Year of the True Believer
789Year of the Flourishing Forests
790Year of Bend Sinister
791Year of the Sister's Battles
792Year of the Crimson Thorn
793Year of the Furious Horse
794Year of the Grimacing Elf
795Year of the Firehawk
  • Castle Spulzeer is finally completed south of the Tethir Road in the Purchase Lands.
796Year of Gray Mists
  • Merrydale becomes Daggerdale following vampiric infestation.
  • Lower Tathtar and its capitol city, Dajaan, finally vanish when a plague devastates the surviving populace.
797Year of the Hearthstone
  • Dornal Silverhand is slain by orcs and becomes the Watcher of Mystra.
  • The Magister Veldrin "Bluehands" lapses into insanity after developing a spell to link his mind with three other archmages and falls prey to a pack of wolves. The office of Magister passes to one of the mages he sought to spy upon, Kurtal of Sreve (reigns 797 to 886).
  • The Uthgardt's role as a human bulwark against the humanoids of the North begins to place increasing pressure on the manpower of the tribes. Within five winters they have returned to their nomadic ways and war on all who traverse their lands: orcs, goblins and humans, whether Uthgardt or not.
798Year of the Holy Aspergill
799Year of the Laughing Gull

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