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Forgotten Realms chronology, 1000 - 1099

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

c. 1000
  • "The More Things Change..." (Realms of Infamy Story II) begins.
  • The dwarven realm of Dareth is found to be in shambles. The remaining dwarves fled to Mount Sundabar, where they are shattered by white dragons.
  • The archmage Ultham creates the Magical Chessmen of Ultham-Urre in Chessenta.
1000Year of the Wailing Winds
  • Riatavin established as a trading post and temple city with the backing of the Spulzeer, Krimmevol, and Coprith families.
  • Construction begun on the Herald's Holdfast by a cabal of sages, loremasters and powerful mages.
1001Year of the Awakening
  • Many ruins discovered and old magic and undead released.
  • Tuelhalva Drakewings encounters Gargauth trapped in a pit in Peleveran. Gargauth's words inspire Drakewings to plot a break from the Sembian Cult of the Dragon cell.
  • The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa begins to corrupt High Old One Dagan, son of Belgin, blood of Jangarak, by whispering to him in his dreams.
1002Year of the Heavenly Rock
  • Centuries of long skirmishes between Durpar and Ulgarth come to an uneasy halt as the two nations finally reach a balance of power.
1003Year of the Labyrinth
  • The Kamaar Slaughters. Below the waves of the Inner Sea, what was a territorial skirmish over one of the lower kelp beds along the coastal slopes of Voalidru and Mount Teakal becomes an infamous lesson in Eadraal's history. Five war parties comprised mainly of Clan Kamaar warriors willfully ignore the Laws of Battle and destroy an entire ixitxachitl city with their ignoble ambush. For their crimes, merfolk King Kosul I exiles the clan to the site of thier crimes among the ixitxachitl reefs west of Eadraal; the exiled merfolk eventurally turn the ixitxachitl cavern town into Thuridru, named after their former home.
1004Year of the Oracle's Carcass
1005Year of the Pillaged Crypt
1006Year of the Second Son
  • Felbarr, the last remnant of Delzoun, is deserted by the dwarves.
1007Year of the Bold Barbarian
  • The city walls of Waterdeep expand, absorbing the ruins of Halaster's Hold (the walls run along the lines of what are now the northern borders of Dock and Southern Wards). Ahghairon builds his tower out beyond the city walls, and he also places magical barriers around the ruins of Halaster's tower, preventing many dangers from escaping into the city.
1008Year of the Treacherous Path
1009Year of the Broken Spear
1010Year of Three Signs
  • Laborers finish the extensive harbor fortifications at Midsummer, and the Free City of Waterdeep is officially established.
  • Laroun becomes the first Warlord of Waterdeep.
1011Year of the Defiant Mountain
1012Year of the Flamboyant Coif
1013Year of the Hunted Whale
1014Year of the Grimacing Sage
1015Year of the Maid Enraged
1016Year of the Roaring Tempest
  • "In the Bleak Deepwinter" (Dragon 242)
  • Cathakay dies in battle against a gold dragon. Her nice Melanith becomes Queen of Dambrath.
1017Year of the Stone Rose
1018Year of the Dracorage
  • Chapter 22 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Death(?) of King Tchazzar, unifier of Chessenta, in battle against the sahuagin. His body is never found.
  • Tuelhalva Drakewings frees Gargauth. A horde of abishai baatezu summoned by Gargauth allows Drakewings to take over the realm. Drakewings' faction breaks from the Cult in Sembia and relocates to Peleveran. Less than one month later, Algashon incites a Rage of Dragons and destroys the entire nation of Peleveran. Both Drakewings and Algashon perish.
  • Rage of Dragons in Faerûn and the Heartlands.
    • The cities of Lheshayl and Ormath are heavily damaged, and four dragons are killed in the Shining Plains (including the great wyrm Andraxis).
    • A great flight of dragons assaults Zhentil Keep. The old Keep is destroyed, but the city is saved by its wizards, and priests of Bane. The Cult of the Dragon is widely blamed for the devastation, and the inhabitants of the Keep first take note of the Cult as a recognized enemy (as opposed to a dimly perceived nuisance).
    • The blue dragon Alasklerbanbastos contacts the Cult of the Dragon for additional power in hopes to rival the apparent ascension to godhood of Tchazzar.
    • The wyrm Sapphiraktar the Blue joins in the massive flights of dragons ravaging the Realms. He emerges from his normal Calim desert habitat and destroys much of Calimport and Keltar in Kythorn and Flamerule.
    • Westgate's harborside district is set aflame by a red wyrm of the Thunder Peaks, Thungarbarath Flamegout, and the royal family and much of the populace is slain in the resulting conflagration that engulfs the city, bringing the Campion dynasty to an end. Thungarbarath is eventually slain and the fires extinguished thanks to the heroics and able leadership of Sarvyn Eorn, a mercenary lord visiting the city in search of his next commission.
    • Uruth Ukrypt suffers greatly at the hands of the green dragon Claugiyliamatar and the black dragon Shammagar as both wyrms plunder the orcs' amassed wealth and destroy their food sources.
  • As the surviving inhabitants begin to rebuild their city, Sarvyn Eorn is crowned as King of Westgate by acclamation. King Sarvyn holds his throne for many years, widely recognized for his wisdom, craftiness, and principled nature. The Bane of Thungarbarath forges a strong relationship with the monarchy of the Forest King, and several years after his coronation, Sarvyn marries Lady Ardine Huntsilver of Cormyr, a favored second cousin of King Arangor and a granddaughter of Prince Tanalar, the second son of King Galaghard III.
  • Early in his reign, Sarvyn of Westgate reverses the long-standing royal edict banning temples from the city proper. In the years that follow, numerous temples are constructed in Westgate proper, and the shrines and secret temples west of the city dating back to the Campion Dynasty are abandoned. Over time, the seven hillocks become known as the Shrines of the Seven Lost Gods, even though several of those faiths are still venerated in Westgate. (Curiously, the term 'Seven Lost Gods' has its roots in antiquity. It more properly refers to seven demipowers that bowed down before Bane long ago: Maram of the Great Spear, Haask the Voice of Hargut, Tyranthraxus the Flamed One, Borem of the Lake of Boiling Mud, Camnod the Unseen, and two whose names have been forgotten.)
1019Year of the Sure Quarrel
  • Assassin wars in the South; many satraps killed by crossbow-wielding thieves.
  • The Dragon's Plague, named for the scaly appearance of those infected, hits the cities of Calimport and Keltar.
1020Year of Smoldering Spells
  • Thay develops much of its unique fire magic.
  • House Extaminos gains control of Hlondeth.
  • The Harpers destroy the Wearers of the Skull, an elite circle of wizards sponsored by the priesthood of Myrkul, in their tower, south of present-day Yartar.
1021Year of the Howling Axe
  • Azoun II (? to 1046), King of Cormyr.
  • Thay strikes against the Harpers.
  • Bhaalian liches walk the Heartlands.
  • Elminster and Khelben agree to re-form the Harpers; the Harpers go underground.
1022Year of the Wandering Wyvern
  • Refounding of the Harpers; Elminster recruits an adventuring group led by Finder Wyvernspur to become the core of the new organization.
  • The half-elven hero Aglauntaras builds the Tower of the Rising Moon in Deepingdale.
  • Haedrak (988 to 1059), 1st cousin on father's side, King of Tethyr.
1023Year of the Pirates' Trove
  • Durpar and Ulgarth reach an armed peace settlement.
  • An attempt to clear a road through the Quivering Forest leads to the death of the last surviving Great Prince of the Valjevo family of Phlan.
  • Grand Prince Galnorn of Illusk leads an army east to conquer Mirabar, but is unable to take the city. After many months of siege, Galnorn and the warriors of Illusk are forced to retreat ignominiously back to the coast.
1024Year of Lathander's Light
  • Amid some protest over tradition, though none over the young man's ability, the 35-year-old Orjalun is named Keeper of the Vault of the Sages in Silverymoon.
  • The Cult of the Dragon's cell in western Unther is driven out by the repeated attacks by the faithful of the well-established followers of Tiamat.
  • Uruth Ukrypt whelms the Broken Bone orc horde which emerges from the Sword Mountains bent on destroying the city of Waterdeep. The attacks of Lhammaruntosz, the "Claws of the Coast", substantially weaken the horde allowing the armies of Waterdeep, led by Warlord Lauroun, to destroy it at the Battle of Falling Scales.
1025Year of Screaming Princesses
1026Year of Crimson Magics
  • Warlord Laroun dies in a series of massive raids by the Black Claw orc tribes. Raurlor, leader of Waterdeep's army, becomes Warlord.
  • Black Claw orc horde defeated at Stump Bog.
  • Fall of the orc realm of Uruth Ukrypt.
  • Ahghairon creates the magical axe, Azuredge.
  • The elder red wyrm Maerithryvvin slays the reclusive mage Artabranth, and destroys his tower in Eshpurta.
1027Year of the Tempest
1028Year of the Wistful Nymph
1029Year of the Bold Strides
1030Year of the Warlords
  • Zulkirs established in Thay.
  • Aencar becomes Warlord of Battledale.
  • Raurlor increases the size of Waterdeep's standing army and navy to a size unseen since the Fallen Kingdom. His rulership turns Waterdeep into a garrison and military encampment "to protect Waterdeep from her many, jealous enemies".
1031Year of the Comforting Hand
  • Internal strife in Thay as the Zulkirs continue to establish their rule until 1074 DR.
0 NR
  • Raurlor announces his plans to establish the Empire of the North. Ahghairon defies him and causes Raurlor's death. The wizard takes the Warlord's seat, declaring himself the first Lord of Waterdeep. He restructures Raurlor's armies and navies into the city guard (army and navy), and the watch (city police), bringing order to Waterdeep.
  • Allussus Korolx and Miliredarr Wardh, two ancient sages and trustworthy comrades of Ahghairon, become two of the first Lords of Waterdeep.
  • Year 0 of Northreckoning.
1033Year of the Dreamforging
1034Year of Bane's Blood
  • Bowgentle of Silverymoon is born on the last day of this year to a fisherman and his wife. Guards on the city walls later reported the sighting of exactly 21 shooting stars at the time of his birth.
  • High Old One Dagin, a dwarven priest of Dumathion, becomes King of Thunderholme. The death of the old king and his son were caused by the Sibilant Shade, who had corrupted the priest.
1035Year of Falling Stars
  • Waterdeep grows under Ahghairon's and the Lord's rule, the walls expanding again (to the current area of Waterdeep Way and River Street) to handle the increased population. The system of Wards comes into being, initially creating Castle Ward, Trades Ward, Temple (later Southern) Ward, and Dock Ward.
1036Year of the Final Test
1037Year of the Immortals
  • Otherplanar creatures spill out of Undermountain into Waterdeep, but are turned back by Ahghairon and Kherris, a masked Lord wielding Azuredge. Ahghairon refortifies the magical and physical defenses around the ruins.
1038Year of Spreading Spring
  • Rotational Shift of Toril.
  • Global warming; lands of Narfell, Vaasa, and Damara are fully free of ice. Large-scale immigration begins to these lands.
  • Aencar begins to unify the Dales, taking the title of "Mantled King".
1039Year of the Haunted Haven
1040Year of the Lion's Heart
1041Year of the Mistmarch Soldier
1042Year of the Reaching Beacon
  • Longsaddle founded by the fiercely independent Shardra Harpell, an escaped Calishite slave turned mage.
1043Year of the Dark Rider
  • Bowgentle begins to learn magic at the feet of Quintas Uhlawm the Kind, an enchanter and Harper.
1044Year of Singing Shards
  • Aencar the Mantled King dies; Dales split up into independent, though allied, communities.
  • Mt. Ugruth erupts on the last day of the year, doing little except to blanket Hlondeth in a layer of ash.
  • By this time, Chondath has become little more than a collection of loosely allied city-states.
1045Year of the Singing Mushrooms
1046Year of the Twilight Campaign
  • Illusk launches an expedition north into the Ice Lakes region to scour the area clear of kobolds. After initial success, the army is defeated by a series of cunning ambushes and only a handful of the warriors of Illusk return to their homes.
1047Year of the Vitriolic Sage
1048Year of the Chevalier
1049Year of Auril's Absence
c. 1050
  • The noted conjurer Ulcaster founds a short-lived school of wizardry on the future site of Beregost.
1050Year of the Keening Gale
  • High Mage Threskaal passes away after the longest rule of any High Mage of Silverymoon; Orjalun is named as his successor.
1051Year of the Dogged Search
  • Ahghairon of Waterdeep visits Longsaddle, forging strong ties with Shardra Harpell and nurturing its growth into a small but stable farming settlement.
1052Year of the Frozen Kingdoms
1053Year of Lashing and Torment
  • King Selkarin of Estagund mounts a failed naval invasion of Dambrath.
1054Year of Tolling Terrors
  • The regent Dagan dedicates the newly completed temple of Dumathoin to Null, the draconic deity of death and undeath. The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa is summoned and soon Thunderholme falls to the dragon's power.
  • High Mage Orjalun of Silverymoon notes Bowgentle's skills in magic and teaches him for a short time.
  • The dwarves of Felbarr abandon this fortress and travel to Citadel Adbar due to dwindling mining activity and numbers. Troops from Silverymoon garrison the citadel.
1055Year of the Grueling Story
1056Year of the Laughing Dead
1057Year of Azure Frost
  • The abandoned dwarf-hold of Felbarr is garrisoned by troops from Silverymoon.
  • Unther sends an army to reclaim Chessenta, but fails miserably.
1058Year of the Spider's Daughter
  • Bowgentle leaves Silverymoon to embark on a great career matched in scope only by the deeds of Elminster of Shadowdale.
1059Year of the Broken Pillar
  • Coram (1010 to 1065), 5th son of Haedrak, King of Tethyr.
1060Year of Fantastic Spectacle
  • Retreat of Great Glacier.
  • Dwarves of the Herlinga clan from Sossal sail across the Great Ice Sea and inhabit the Glittering Spires.
  • Bowgentle of Silverymoon expands the Herald's Holdfast by means of his growing powers of Art.
1061Year of the Pious Dance
1062Year of the Shattered Lance
1063Year of the Deluded Tyrant
  • Ilyykur, one of the Four Founders of the Covenant, is slain in a great spellbattle with the archlich Ruelve, a senior Covenant member gone insane.
1064Year of the Stranger
  • The city walls of Waterdeep swell (running along the current locations of Selduth Street and the Coffinmarch) to handle increasing numbers of people. A low wall abutting the city walls surrounds the eastern cemetery of the city.
  • Waterdeep's population surpasses 50,000 this year.
  • The wizard Melaeth Ashstaff of Neverwinter travels to Illusk to promote trade between the two communities. He discovers that Grand Prince Galnorn, age-old ruler of Illusk, is in fact a doppleganger and slays him in a wild spell battle that lays waste to Illusk's Royal Palace. Corigan Aveldon, a noble whose family has its origins in the vanished realm of Stornanter, assumes power and rules as Lord of Illusk.
1065Year of the Watching Wood
  • Battle of Ingdal's Arm, the Yuir half-elves defeat the humans. The founding of Aglarond.
  • Brindor, a half-elf with blood ties to Aubayreer of Milvarn, is elected first king of Aglarond. The nation retains close ties with Milvarn.
  • Coram II (1050 to 1070), 2nd grandson of Coram, King of Tethyr (slain by Teremir II).
  • Harpers in the North find the lair of the dracolich Alglaudyx and manage to destroy the undead creature, seizing its rich hoard for Harper coffers. With this newfound wealth, the Harpers invest in valuable properties and businesses in cities up and down the Sword Coast.
1066Year of the Lord's Dilemma
  • The Magister Sarndaen "The Opener" dies when he steps through a gate and is instantly crushed in an avalanche. The office of Magister passes to the half-elven sorceress Immue Dathril (reigns 1066 to 1104).
1067Year of the Minotaur Paladin
1068Year of the Seer Born
1069Year of the Thunder's Child
1070Year of the Spawning
  • Teremir II (1045 to 1071), Teremir I's great-grandson, King of Tethyr (slew Coram II and temporarily restored line).
  • The copper dragon Galadaeros is visited by the Waterdhavian adventuress Ranressa Shiard; the two eventually become friends and found the all-female Galadran Company.
  • The Chieftains of Gold, a long-time bandit plague on trade between Silverymoon and Sundabar, are slain by the orcs of the Nether Mountains.
1071Year of Lion's Roars
  • Alemander I (1038 to 1145), wizard and brother of Coram, King of Tethyr (slayer of all of Teremir's last heirs).
  • The copper dragon Galadaeros alights on Mount Waterdeep when returning the adventuress Ranressa Shiard to her home city, causing much consternation among Waterdeep's citizens.
1072Year of the Wandering Elfmaid (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of the Shattered Goblet)
  • Chapter 1 of "Vampire of the Mists". 1072-1102: Vampire of the Mist, p 5-16, i.e. 475 Barovia (p 267) up to 1232 DR at the end of the novel.
  • Jander Sunstar enters the Mists and the Demi-Plane of Dread.
1073Year of the Bottomless Ocean
1074Year of the Tightening Fist
  • Zulkirs quell rebellions and rule in Thay.
  • By this time, Bezantur is on its way towards becoming the mercantile and religious capital of Thay.
1075Year of the Bronze Banner
1076Year of the Defiant Salute
  • Waterdeep is attacked in the winter of this year by the Black Boar tribe of the Dessarin, led by their 'princess' Nalethra of the Winged Spear. Repelled from the city's walls, the princess and her bodyguard slay thrice their number of Waterdhavian fighters before they fall at the foot of present-day Maiden's Tomb Tor.
1077Year of the Friendly Jackal
1078Year of the Hierodulic Wolverines
1079Year of the Lazy Scribe
  • Andilber (? to 1088), King of Cormyr.
1080Year of the Misguided Archer
1081Year of the Disastrous Bauble
  • Agannazar of the Covenant is slain by the Red Wizards of Thay in their assault on the School of Wizadry in Neverwinter. By year's end, these two groups are engaged in a titanic wizardwar.
1082Year of the Prancing Korred
  • Building of the fortress of Emmech, at the mouth of the Umber river.
1083Year of the Sighted Hand
1084Year of the Tireless Lute
1085Year of the Vacant Plain
  • Building of Giant's Wall in Aglarond.
1086Year of the Seer's Fires
1087Year of Forgotten Anger
1088Year of Shambles
1089Year of Three Faces
1090Year of Slaughter
  • Followers of Malar led by the fanatical priest Belegoss Wolfwynd mount the Great Hunt. The Hunt permanently smashes the power of the southern Dragonreach cities. Elminster sets the Harpers to slaying every member of the Hunt.
  • The Great Hunt kills Lunaven Moonstar and desecrates Selune's Waterdeep shrine. In response, an army of Selunites falls upon the Hunt, driving the Malarites from the region following a great slaughter.
  • Construction begins on the first true temple of Selune in Waterdeep (completed in 1097).
  • The temple of Arlast Halungh is destroyed in the Battle of Slaughterwyrm. Thalaxas the Tyrant is killed in the confusion and the Black Book of Beshaba was lost for a while.
  • The Imnel Concession: Numerous monsters in the eastern grasslands and financial troubles (including paying the army) forces King Imnel IV of Amn to forge a treaty that returns all lands south of the Tethir Road to Tethyr in exchange for military and monetary support.
  • Battle of the Bones: A horde of 200,000 goblins and orcs arises from the High Moors due to extreme drought and attempted an invasion of the North. The Battle of the Bones marks the spot of the great battle that destroys the horde.
1091Year of Watery Graves
  • Aurgloroasa, a shadow dragon seen once before from Westgate's docks, sinks the treasure-laden Winsome Wyrm just outside Westgate's harbor, a long-popular tale in the city which is told and retold in the form of the "Ballad of the Shadow Storm"
  • The green dragon Dretchroyaster and the very old black dragon female Naxorlytaalsxar fight an aerial duel over the waters of Lake Sember. The fallout from this battle, which becomes known as the Battle of Falling Fishkill, poisons the lake killing fish by the hundreds and forcing a small colony of aquatic elves to return to their ancestral home in the Sea of Fallen Stars.
1092Year of the Aimless Mystic
  • The last members of the Great Hunt are slain. Belegoss Wolfwynd is killed.
  • A mages duel between Akham el Qaandan and Haneq el Fustaf sets part of Calimport aflame.
1093Year of the Bursting Song
1094Year of the Crested Thrush
1095Year of the Dawndance
  • "Black Arrow" (Realms of War Story IV) begins.
  • The Skeletal Finger thieves' guild wreaks havoc across Tethyr and Amn from hideouts in the Small Teeth.
1096Year of the Diverged Path
1097Year of the Gleaming Crown
  • "Black Arrow" (Realms of War Story IV) ends.
  • Founding of Impiltur. The city-states of Lyrabar, Hlammach, Dilpur, and Sarshel unite under the banner of Imphras to face hobgoblin hordes advancing from the Giantspires.
  • Imphras is elected 1st king of Impiltur and wears the Lost Crown of Narfell.
  • The High House of Stars (temple of Selune in Waterdeep) finishes construction.
1098Year of the Rose
  • Chapter 2 of "Vampire of the Mists"
  • Thay attempts 1st invasion of Mulhorand. Thay is defeated at Sultim and withdraws.
1099Year of the Restless
  • New trade routes forged. First modern contact with Kara Tur and Zakhara.
  • Lady Alathene Moonstar of Waterdeep founds the Maids of the Midnight Moon, an order of sorceresses dedicated to Selune.
  • By this time, the Moonstar clan has ascended into the ranks of Waterdhavian nobility.

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