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Forgotten Realms chronology, 1100 - 1199

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

c. 1100
  • Searching for a way to immortalize his songs, Finder Wyvernspur dabbles in magic that brings about the deaths of two of his apprentices. A tribunal of Harper judges decrees that Finder's music and name are to be forgotten. He is exiled to a solitary existence on another plane for almost 300 years.
1100Year of the Bloodrose
  • "The First Notch": Early tale of Bruenor (Dragon 152)
  • The moon elves of Loudwater and its surrounding environs begin a Retreat to Evereska in the face of an increasing human and half-elven presence.
1101Year of the Maelstrom
  • The Spires of the Morning, the abbey and temple to Lathander, becomes part of Waterdeep as the walls expand to accommodate more settlers. (The perimeter approximates the current paths of Trader's Way and Andamaar's Street.) The plateau north of the city is all irrigated farmland.
  • The city of Treshla is destroyed by the spells of an aroused colony of beholders from the Thornwood.
  • The Covenant leaders Presper and Grimwald resolve to leave Faerûn through a series of portals, drawing as many Red Wizards as possible after them into a series of magical traps and ambushes. The remaining Covenant membership goes underground and the arrogant Red Wizards believe they have shattered this cabal of mages.
1102Year of the Chaste Maiden
1103Year of the Consuming Glory
1104Year of the Dark Dawn
  • Birth of the Zulkir Szass Tam of Thay.
  • The sage Aldiber of Memnon writes the widely quoted chapbook, A Year of Sorcery: Wizardly Doings in the Year of the Dark Dawn.
  • The noted explorer Vanrak Moonstar returns to Waterdeep from a disasterous expedition to the Black Jungles, a pale shadow of his former self.
  • Vanrak Moonstar becomes head of the Moonstar clan in Waterdeep after the mysterious death of his father, Andvarran. Vanrak cuts the House's ties with the High House of Stars.
  • In Silverymoon, warehouses, inns, and some homes are built on the south shore of Rauvin, marking the first nonmilitary buildings placed in this part of the city.
  • The Magister Immue Dathril runs afoul of something in Undermountain, possibly a phaerimm, that leaves her little more than a pain-wracked head and upper torso. The office of Magister soon passes to the mage who gave her a painless death - the drow Nelnfaen Sauntarae (reigns 1104 to 1126).
  • Felbarr is attacked by an orc horde led by the orc chieftain Obould, which defeats the warriors of Silverymoon at the Battle of Many Arrows. The fortress falls into orcish hands and is henceforth known as the Citadel of Many Arrows.
  • The Magister of Mystra, Immue Dathril is slain whilst on a foray into deep caverns connected to Undermountain.
1105Year of the Guardian
1106Year of the Solemn Halfling
  • Auril's faith is first introduced to Calimport by Thaulatiiya, First Frostmaiden of the Chill Goddess.
1107Year of the Skulk
  • Felbarr falls to an orc horde at the Battle of Many Arrows; its garrison is slaughtered and the fortress is re-named the Citadel of Many Arrows.
  • Amnwater, once a tavern and trail stop, becomes a village of local farmers and caravan drovers.
1108Year of the Open Chest
1109Year of the Lover's Eyes
1110Year of the Bloody Fields
  • As prophesied, many battles were fought this year.
  • The city of Hulburg is sacked by giants.
1111Year of the Old Giant
  • Roadaeron Lorndessar succeeds his long-lived granduncle, Sarvyn Eorn, as King of Westgate and founds the Lorndessar Dynasty.
1112Year of the Perilous Storm
  • Shalgreth of the Wings bequeths the Crystrum of Tranquility to the rangers' adventuring society known as the Men in Green.
1113Year of the Outcast Prophet
1114Year of the Last Enclave
1115Year of the Haunted Herald
1116Year of the Empty Scabbard
  • The Heralds break from the Harpers.
1117Year of the Twelverule
  • Mordulkin defies the King of Cimbar and Chessenta breaks up into squabbling city-states through 1154 DR.
  • Alzurth, Mage Royal of Westgate, seizes King Roadaeron's crown after imprisoning his predecessor and former lord in his own throne room before a host of assembled courtiers. As king, Alzurth imposes his reign of terror on the populace of Westgate through his command of sorcery and his absolute mastery of the Knights of the Silent Skull, a company of twelve armored warriors who stalk Westgate's streets at night in search of opponents of King Alzurth's rule.
  • The Dark Horns temple to Beshaba is destroyed by an orc horde that raids and sacks the Seat of Beshaba. The Black Book of Beshaba is lost in the battle.
1118Year of the False Bargain
1119Year of the Sharn Suitors
1120Year of the Perplexing Sphinx
1121Year of the Shameful Plea
1122Year of the Rose Pearls
  • Imbrar is king of Impiltur.
1123Year of the Shattered Chains
  • A violent series of storms known as the "Teeth of Talos" ravages the coast of Tethyr, smashing fishing fleets and sinking the Dragonstail Peninsula, a low-lying serpentine spit of land stretching out from the Purple Hills.
  • Roadaeron escapes his magical tomb deep beneath the surface of the earth when an archmage in the Gulthmere Woods miscasts a freedom spell. The deposed monarch flees westward before King Alzurth of Westgate discovers his escape.
  • In Irieabor, Roadaeron reunites with Blaervaer, his youngest son and the only other member of the royal line to survive Alzurth's bloody purge. Blaervaer, who had been fostered in the home of a simple shopkeeper, follows his true father into exile in the Rockshaws, the broken country of the northeastern High Moor, after Alzurth's assassins track down the exiled king in Irieabor.
1124Year of the Shared Sorrows
1125Year of the Lupine Torque
1126Year of Azure Blood
  • Azuth appears to the mage Olohmber "Old Thunder" Starnardyn of Arrabar and offers him the office of Magister (reigns 1126 to 1153).
1127Year of the Luminar Procession
  • Imbrar and his guard are lost in the Giantspires; Ilmara is crowned queen of Impiltur.
  • Rhigaerd (? to 1132), King of Cormyr.
1128Year of the Peryton
  • Althon is king of Aglarond.
  • The red dragon Gotha is imprisoned under a mountain of ice north of the Endless Waste and the Icerim Mountains. After 237 years, Gotha emerges as a red dracolich.
1129Year of the Gilded Cormorant
1130Year of the Howling Moon
  • By this time, House Moonstar of Waterdeep is in open schism. The Lords of Waterdeep attempt to arrest Lord Vanrak Moonstar, the Dark Ranger, but he mysteriously disappears.
  • Lady Alatheene becomes head of House Moonstar.
1131Year of the Seven Kings Horde
  • The wizard Authrar Harpell, grandson of Shardra, single-handedly destroys an onrushing orc horde with his spells, thereby saving Longsaddle from destruction.
1132Year of the Talking Spiders
  • Creation of Long Portage.
1133Year of the Persuasive Voice
1134Year of the Sylvan Winds
1135Year of the Petulant Dragon
1136Year of the Shadowkin Return
1137Year of the Falling Menhirs
  • Rise of Zhengyi the Witch King in Vassa.
1138Year of the Sharpened Teeth
1139Year of Shining Waves
1140Year of the Knight
1141Year of Eyes
  • A contingent of evil mages from Vassa constructs a castle of ice at the base of Mt. Okk. They develop much unique cold-based magic that they plan to use to conquer their homeland.
  • The Monocle of Bagthalosis created by Bagthalos Deszhummer, High Priest of Helm, in Zazesspur, Tethyr. In 1142, the Monocle is stolen by the skeletal finger.
1142Year of the Sword's Oath
  • Redsail the Pirate retires to Aglarond.
  • The Bandit Lord Rivior has a hold built for him north of Eveningstar by the dwarves.
1143Year of the Talisman
1144Year of the Giant's Maul
  • The venerable blue dragon Thoklastees is slain over the Shining Sea in an aerial battle against beasts summoned by the Halruaan archmage Ootheraum Deirin. It is said that seeing this struggle and the airship in which Ootheraum sailed the skies inspired the Lantanna to begin their long (and continuing) researches into flying ships.
c. 1145
  • The Book of Bats is first mentioned as being among a satrap's treasures in Calimshan.
1145Year of the Smiling Flame
  • Coram III (1112 to 1181), 3rd great-grandson of Alemander I, King of Tethyr.
1146Year of the Tardy Guests
1147Year of the Glad Tidings
  • Battle of the Ford of Goliad. Zhengyi's forces rout the Damarans. King Virdin of Damara is killed.
1148Year of the Angry Sea
  • A massive earthquake rocks the Great Glacier, swallowing the ice castle of the Vassan wizards. They are presumed dead.
  • Halaster quits the underground caverns which soon become the pirates-city known as Skullport.
  • Shradin Mulophor establishes Skullport amidst the ruins of the Sargauth Enclave in Undermountain.
  • The first surface-dwelling agents of the Kraken Society begin to operate in the coastal lands of the North.
1149Year of the Persuasive Trees
c. 1150
  • The drow queen Nathglaryst of Undraeth clashes with the Harpers along the coast of Turmish. The Harpers disrupt the slave trade between Undraeth and the Red Wizards of Thay.
1150Year of the Scourge
  • Due to Hellgate Keep's forces fouling the waters of the River Rauvin further upstream, a virulent plague strikes Silverymoon, resulting in the death of nearly half its population. Soon after, a resurgence in attendance at the groves sacred to Mielikki, Lurue, Shiallia, and Silvanus also sparks the construction of a number of new temples.
  • Plague throughout the Sword Coast. Worship of Talona and Loviatar soars.
  • Chondath regains control of Hlath.
  • Khelben Arunsun the Elder arrives and settles in Waterdeep, building Arunsun Tower (later known as Blackstaff Tower).
  • The Flame of the Spirit resurfaces in Calimport as a means of murdering a number of satraps and several powerful shaleiras.
  • About this time, Halaster grants Skullport to Shradin Mulophor.
  • Waterdeep is hit hard by the plague throughout the Sword Coast, the situation made worse by attacks by trolls and orc tribes, worship of Talona and Loviatar soars.
  • The calishite Ibun Rensha and a group of family members lead a force of mercenary warriors and take control of the settlement of Loudwater, laying claim to much of the Delimbiyr Vale.
1151Year of the Molten Man
1152Year of the Portentous Waters
1153Year of the Remembering Stones
  • The Magister Olohmber "Old Thunder" is slain in an ambush by the mage Horgyl "Stonebeard" Tusselvarr. Horgyl becomes the new Magister (reigns 1153 to 1204).
1154Year of the Sun Underground
  • Siege of Cimbar by the Lords of Akanax and Soorenar. The king is unable to get assistance from his allies and is forced to sign a pact imposing harsh limits on his power. Akanax refuses to sign, recognizing its lord as the true king.
c. 1155
  • The Halruuan conjurer Akhlaur is overwhelmed by his experiments, creating the swamp that now bears his name.
1155Year of the Tyrant's Lament
1156Year of the Winged Gift
1157Year of the Wizened Mage
1158Year of the Blood Tusk Charge
  • The Flame of the Spirit surfaces in Elturel, where it comes into the posession of the mage Helgarth.
1159Year of the Cloven Stones (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of Tattered Banners)
  • Zulkir Szass Tam of Thay becomes a lich after being seriously wounded in a failed invasion of Rashemen.
  • After years of dwelling in his simple cottage in the Rockshaws, Roadaeron chances upon a sword-hilt with an invisible blade, later revealed to be Zeladazar, the Ghost Sword, an event which rekindles the sense of injustice he has long held close to his heart. Over the course of the next three years, faced with the inevitability of his own mortality and a desire to grant Blaervaer his birthright, the exiled king uses the magical weapon as a symbol to rally about him an army to retake the throne of Westgate for his son. Members of Westgate's merchant nobility who chafe under Alzurth's nightmarish reign secretly fund many of Roadaeron's mercenaries. Blaervaer goes along with his father's plans, despite his preference for the quiet life that they had forged in the Rockshaws.
1160Year of the Swimming Lass
1161Year of the Quiet Earth
  • Merith Strongbow, eldest of the Knights of Myth Drannor, is born.
  • The Karanak Clan become lords of Luthcheq under suspicious circumstances.
  • Battle of Manyswords: The final defeat of an orc horde led by Krautharr Longfangs.
1162Year of the Prancing Centaur
  • Death of the bandit lord Rivior.
  • Roadaeron and Blaervaer lead an assault on Westgate, with the father wielding the Ghost Sword. The long-suffering citizens of Westgate rise in revolt as do many of Alzurth's own soldiers, and the invading army quickly overruns the city. King Alzurth is slain by Zeladazar and his phantom image is captured by the blade's magic. As Alzurth's undead status is a closely held secret, the exiled king is left defenseless when the Ghost Sword vanishes immediately after the lich's destruction. The elderly Roadaeron is then slain by Alzurth's elite company of armored knights - later revealed to be skeletal warriors - before Blaervaer can reach his father. In the aftermath of the two kings' deaths and after the posthumous restoration of his father's throne, Blaervaer is crowned as Westgate's next sovereign.
  • The Skeletal Finger guild is slain to the last thief by the venerable blue dragon Iryklathagra, in the guild's own hideaway, after the thieves disturb her rest. The dragon moves into the guild's vacated hold, keeping the Monocle of Bagthalos.
1163Year of the Shrouded Sky
  • Founding of a pirate base on the Dragonisle.
1164Year of Long Shadows
  • Palaghard I (? to ?), King of Cormyr.
  • Immurk "the Invincible" raids a merchant-ship of Procampur, capturing the coronation crown of Cormyr's new king, Palaghard I. This marks the rise of piracy in the Inner Sea from their hideouts in the archipelago that become known as the Pirate Isles.
  • The nations of the Inner Sea, including Cormyr, Sembia, Impiltur, and the city-states of Procampur and Starmantle begin building their own warships, seeking to defend their merchant fleets and hunt the pirates in their own lairs. Westgate, still struggling to rebuild its royal treasury and fleet of ships, does not participate. At the urging of his advisors, despite strong personal reservations, King Blaervaer issues a royal edict that defines piracy as a raid against a ship docked in Westgate's harbor. As a result, Westgate becomes a relatively safe port for pirates to visit, and the city's inhabitants need no longer fear pirate raids.
  • Voonlar founded.
  • The Champions Vigilant knightly order is founded in Tethyr.
  • Mithral Hall falls to the great shadow dragon Shimmergloom and his duergar allies of Clan Bukbukken. The dwarves of Clan Battlehammer are scattered and many flee west and north.
1165Year of the Obsidian Heart
1166Year of Countless Scribes
1167Year of the Parchment Heretical
  • Battle of Yonder Fields.
1168Year of the Leering Orc
  • The Arena Efreetum and surrounding slaves and gladiators barracks are set afire by a mage attempting to escape combat in the Calimport arena.
1169Year of the Earth Shaking
  • Imphras II is king of Impiltur.
1170Year of the Moonlight Tapestry
1171Year of the Dark Mask
1172Year of the Hoary Host
  • Ausitil Queen of Dambrath.
  • The dwarves of Mithril Hall are forced out by the great shadow dragon Shimmergloom.
  • Clan Battlehammer arrives in Icewind Dale.
1173Year of the Fledglings
1174Year of the Agate Hammer
1175Year of the Storm Skeleton
1176Year of Prowling Naga
1177Year of the Majesty
1178Year of the Secret Rider
1179Year of the Stalking Satyr
  • As a precursor to the Harpstar Wars, a group of Malaugrym attacks Arunsun Tower. They are defeated and banished from Faerûn by Khelben, Elminster, and a number of mages of Waterdeep (including Hamiklar Wands, the father of Maskar).
1180Year of Sinking Sails
  • Sembia loses fleet in Pirate Isles.
1181Year of the Shieldtree
  • Alemander II (1150 to 1202), 1st grandson of Coram III, King of Tethyr.
1182Year of the Tomb
  • Cities of Calimshan recognize the rule of the pasha of Calimport.
  • The Malaugrym appear in Faerûn.
  • The Harpstar Wars.
  • The Cult of the Dragon set several traps and managed to kidnap or slay several Harpers.
  • Talryn, the crown prince of Lyrabar, flees the court of his father and finds sanctuary with Immursk in the Pirate Isles.
  • Trade roads now link Amn and Tethyr to the Sword Coast cities of Baldur's Gate, Dragonspear Castle, and Ahghairon's city of Waterdeep.
  • The High House of Stars, Selune's temple in Waterdeep, is attacked and utterly destroyed by invaders entering from Halaster's Halls. Lady Alathene resigns as head of the Moonstar clan and throws herself into rebuilding the temple.
1183Year of the Grisly Ghosts
  • Paladins of Osiris clear River of Swords of were-crocodiles and Sebek worshipers. The were-crocodiles re-locate to the Adder River Delta.
1184Year of the Howling Hourglass
1185Year of the Immoral Imp
1186Year of the Mesmer Pool
  • Prince Talryn returns to Lyrabar upon hearing of the death of his father from ships the pirates attack. Talryn and his pirate companions are arrested in the city. The king's death was a ruse, and the young prince executed, his name struck from royal records. Talryn's younger brother, Lashilmbrar, is named as Impiltur's heir.
  • Birth of Dhalmass Obarskyr, the future "Warrior King" of Cormyr (1186-1227DR).
1187Year of the Arcane Guise
  • Pryntaler (1164 to 1211), King of Cormyr.
  • Birth of Ardagast Falconhand, head of the King's Scouts and ancestor of Florin Falconhand (1187-1246DR).
1188Year of Soft Fogs (NOTE: Lands of Intrigue gives the name of this year as the Year of Dawn Moons)
  • Chapter 24 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
  • Wyvorlaa, Vizera of King Alemander II of Tethyr, discovered to be consorting with an ancient lich. The king's nobles force her execution.
  • The House of the Moon, a new temple of Selune, is completed in Waterdeep. The temple's founding corresponds with with a rebirth of the Moonmaiden's faith, and the ranks of Her followers swells over the course of the next decade.
  • The clergy of the House of the Moon declares the ruins of the High House of Stars, Selune's old temple, desecrated ground, and forbids any of the Moonmaiden's followers from setting foot on the site.
  • The magical artifact known as the Flame of the Spirit earns the name "Helgarth's Death" when an apprentice of Helgarth, Magathra of Baldur's Gate, thrust the gem into Helgarth's mouth and held it there. With the death of Helgarth, the servitors and other apprentices of the mage attempt to kill Magathra. The Flame of the Spirit is thrown into the streets and recovered by the owner of Amscoth's Ales, a nearby tavern.
  • Settlers travel to and establish the town of Quaervarr near the Moonwood.
1189Year of the Lynx
  • Elthond, 1st son of Althon, is king of Aglarond.
  • Priamon Rakesk, later known as "Frostrune", born in Waterdeep.
1190Year of the Poisoned Quill
1191Year of the Bone Helm
  • Having grown old, King Blaervaer of Westgate steals away from his throne back to the Rockshaws, embittered by the vicious struggles among his four sons for the throne. His sons, having been raised amidst the scheming nobles of Westgate, are nothing like their noble, if somewhat naive, father. In the aftermath of Blaervaer's sudden abdication, his eldest son, Roadaeron II, is enthroned as his successor.
1192Year of the Guide
  • The Cormyrean king Pryntaler founds the Order of Freesailors (the Freesails).
  • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun wins the artifact Yrix's ring of fire in a spellduel with a tiefling wizard while traveling the Planes.
  • The Flame of the Spirit is snatched from its place in an Elturian tavern by the dancer Falaera "Manybells" Drachan. She is killed soon thereafter, and the Flame vanishes.
  • King Roadaeron II of Westgate is murdered less than one year after his coronation, along with his queen and three young heirs.
  • Maeraedryn, Blaervaer's second son, is crowned as King of Westgate. Although suspicion of regicide falls on the newly installed monarch immediately, this tirelessly charming, darkly handsome master of intrigue quickly establishes himself as the true power in Westgate. His hidden investments greatly enrich the city, and Westgate flourishes. During King Maeraedryn's twenty-seven year reign, many members of the royal bloodline fall prey to assassins, but the bloodlines of Blaervaer's youngest three sons survive.
1193Year of the Peltast
1194Year of the Bloody Wave
  • Battle of the Singing Sands, Thay's first great battle against Aglarond. Aglarond wins, but Elthond dies in the battle.
  • Philaspur, 2nd son of Althon, King of Aglarond.
1195Year of the Midday Mists
  • Lady Alathene of Waterdeep becomes an arch-lich. She is publicly announced as dead by the family patriarch, Hormuk Moonstar.
  • Blaervaer of Westgate dies of old age in his cottage in the Rockshaws, unmourned and already forgotten by his descendants.
1196Year of the Shrike
1197Year of the Sundered Shields
  • Battle of Brokenheads; Aglarond defeats Thay.
  • Philaspur perishes at the fortress of Glarondar during the battle.
  • The twin wizards and Grey Sisters Ulae and Thara become joint queens of Aglarond at the age of sixteen.
1198Year of the Lean Purse
  • Three orders of Torm, Tyr, and Ilmater come together to form the Knights Kuldar of Barakmordin (Tethyr).
1199Year of the Baldric
  • In Elesisas, Thornstar's Company finds the Sceptre of Mystra in the lap of a trapped statue somewhere in the Sixth Level of Undermountain. Of that company, only Impaladus Nolorn makes it out of the dungeon alive. He later joins the Watchful Order of Waterdeep.

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