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Forgotten Realms chronology, 1500 - 1599

All dates are in Dalereckoning, and year names are given where appropriate.

1500Year of the Sea's Secrets Revealed
1501Year of the Shining Mythal
1502Year of the Pox Plague
1503Year of the Haunted Inn
1504Year of the Conquering Queen
1505Year of Ogres Marching
1506Year of the Discarded Shields
1507Year of the Glowing Onyx
1508Year of the Legend Reborn
1509Year of the Sea Lion
1510Year of the Treasure Abandoned
1511Year of the Lion Rampant
1512Year of the Shattered Mirror
1513Year of the Tawny Feline
1514Year of the Lost Wagers
1515Year of the Howling Ghouls
1516Year of the Hangman's Joke
1517Year of the Coward Rewarded
1518Year of the Adomal Tapestry
1519Year of the Deceitful Brother
1520Year of the Arcane
1521Year of the Moon Harp Restored
1522Year of the Bored Phylls
1523Year of the Brownie's Delight
1524Year of the Captive Harper
1525Year of the Drawn Line
1526Year of the Hazy Coast
1527Year of the Hoard Retaken
1528Year of the Insufferable Mystic
1529Year of the Horseman's Triumph
1530Year of the Long-toothed Tiger
1531Year of the Oozing Bog
1532Year of the Locked Crypt
1533Year of the Mishapen Mage
1534Year of the Pale Lords
1535Year of the Laurel Wreath
1536Year of the Mirrored Face
1537Year of the Jungle's Vengeance
1538Year of the Stalking Tiger
1539Year of the Thoughtless Suitor
1540Year of the Lifeless Archdruid
1541Year of the Mirthful House
1542Year of the Painted Grin
1543Year of the Sacred Sceptre
1544Year of Shadow Fiends
1545Year of the Undying March
1546Year of the Winter Rose
1547Year of Dungeons Reclaimed
1548Year of the Handsome Deal
1549Year of the Meandering Archipelago
1550Year of the Scarlet Tabard
1551Year of the Misty Grave
1552Year of the Overflowing Cup
1553Year of the Request
1554Year of the Dark Chosen
1555Year of the Argent Scarab
1556Year of the Stone Steps
1557Year of the Murdered Sage
1558Year of the Watchful Guardian
1559Year of the Shepherd's Son
1560Year of the Trees' Receding
1561Year of the Wild Hunt
1562Year of the Pointing Finger
1563Year of the Starlit Necklace
1564Year of the Slaughtered Lamb
1565Year of the Unkindest Cut
1566Year of the Weasel
1567Year of the Sacred Lash
1568Year of the Studious Enchanter
1569Year of the Turned Page
1570Year of the Vacant Cairn
1571Year of the Red Mantle
1572Year of the Stingray
1573Year of the Wicked Jailor
1574Year of the Rebuked Storm
1575Year of the Twin Pavilions
1576Year of the Vanishing Throne
1577Year of the Whispering Hood
1578Year of the Steadfast Patrol
1579Year of the Underking
1580Year of the Widow's Tears
1581Year of Rings
1582Year of the Howling Winds
1583Year of the Decay
1584Year of the Skirling Pipes
1585Year of the Bloodied Manacles
1586Year of the Pax Draconomica
1587Year of Long Silence
1588Year of the Swarming Ravens
1589Year of the Watching Ancestors
1590Year of the Coming Twilight
1591Year of Skeletons
1592Year of the Dying Hate
1593Year of Rising Stars
1594Year of Fragrant Orchards
1595Year of Raging Baatezu
1596Year of Heavenly Scriptures
1597Year of the Stolen Gold
1598Year of the Doom Cauldron
1599Year of the Black Pearls

A. Jason Antokas, George Krashos, Olaf Krusche, Jan Stephan Lundquist

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